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A tablet is a mobile device with an internet connection that works in a similar way to smart mobile phones, lightweight, with touchscreens and free apps that can be easily downloaded. Most outstanding articles:

The best cheap tablets

Here is a selection of the best cheap tablets that you can buy right now.

To make this comparative table we have taken into account:

  • Only the best sellers: Usually, the products that are sold the most are because they meet the expectations of the users. For this reason, in the following table only the models most sold by users will appear, something that ensures you buy a tablet that has been thoroughly tested by thousands of customers with which you make sure you do not have a problem with it.
  • Positive feedback: linked to sales are ratings. If a tablet sells a lot, it will also have many opinions, so if they are positive it is a good sign. In the comparison of cheap tablets you will only see products with at least four stars, so the note is practically outstanding. In addition, in the file of each product you will be able to read the opinions of many users who have bought it and are happy with it.

With these two premises you can buy your new tablet with a total satisfaction guarantee:

Cheap tablet comparisons

If you are still not sure which one to choose, throughout this article we will explain what you should take into account when buying a cheap tablet:

Cheap tablets by size

Cheap tablets according to price

Cheap tablets by type

Cheap tablets per use

Cheap tablets by brand

If you're looking for cheap tablets, you can pay special attention to some brands that offer you precisely what you are looking for, but without disappointing. Those brands are:

CHUWI: This other Chinese manufacturer is also revolutionizing the networks for its quality products and low prices. In addition, the brand has also attracted a lot of attention by trying to imitate Apple with its design. These cheap tablets usually have good performance thanks to their powerful hardware, as well as 4G LTE technology, keyboards and digital pens in some of their models. 

No products found.

AMAZON: The online sales giant also has very cheap and quality mobile devices, such as its Fire tablets. You can find models like the Fire 7 (7 "), or the Fire HD 8 (8"). They are very compact models, with good performance, good autonomy, and a decent quality screen. They have a FireOS operating system, that is, a modification of Amazon based on Android (and compatible with their apps). This system comes with several pre-installed Amazon apps, so it will be ideal if you use these services regularly (Prime Video, Music, Photos,…). 

No products found.

HUAWEI: it is one of the most powerful and innovative companies in China, always offering the latest in technology, high performance, an updated operating system, a very careful design, and some features that you would only find in some premium ones, such as the aluminum casing. For little you can get all that, and with the maximum guarantees offered by such a brand, without the risk of choosing other cheap brands that generate mistrust. 

LENOVO: This other Chinese giant is also among the most important companies in the technology sector. That gives great peace of mind when selecting their products, knowing that you are really getting what you expect from such a manufacturer. In addition, their tablets have quite competitive prices, and with very good technical characteristics. In addition, they tend to have a careful design and their screen has hardly any frames, which is very positive to maximize the work surface while reducing the dimensions. 

SAMSUNG: It is one of the greats of technology in the field of mobile devices, along with Apple. The brand is synonymous with the highest quality and state-of-the-art hardware, as well as an operating system that can be updated by OTA to have all the updates and security patches. Of course, the South Korean firm is one of the leaders in the development and manufacture of display panels, so the display will be one of its strengths. And, although they are not the cheapest, you can find some models from last year or a couple of years ago for very little. 

APPLE: those from Cupertino stand out for their careful design and minimalism, as well as offering a very sophisticated hardware and system. Always at the forefront of technology, with highly optimized devices to achieve maximum performance and autonomy. In addition, they take care of every detail, and the quality control is excellent, so you will get a very durable device. And, despite being the most expensive brand, you can also find some older models at quite attractive prices.

The technicalities of tablets

If you are not very involved or involved in the subject of technology, it is likely that you want to quickly review some of the concepts that can appear in reviews or tablets of tablets both on our site and on others. Don't worry, it's just a few small tabs.


tablet screen

The maturation of technology has caused the panels to drop a lot in price, even more so when it comes to smaller sizes, such as those mounted on mobile devices. Therefore, that it is a cheap tablet is not an impediment so that you cannot have a quality screen or a decent size.

  • You can find panels from 7 "to dimensions of 10", 12 "or more in some cases. 
  • The resolutions are usually very disparate, but generally they tend to range from the HD screens of some cheap devices, to some higher than 2K. Obviously, the larger the screen chosen, the higher the resolution should be in order to maintain a good ratio of pixel density, which is important when looking closely. 
  • As for the panel technologies, they will usually be IPS screens, with excellent brightness results and vivid colors, as well as being very fast in terms of refreshment and response times. On the other hand there are the OLEDs, which also mount some units. In this case, they have a magnificent contrast, with purer black, extraordinary viewing angle, and lower power consumption, to extend battery life more. 
  • It is also important to control the agility of the screen, especially if you want it to watch video or to play video games. The parameters to monitor in this regard are the refresh rate, which should be as high as possible (eg: 120Hz), and the response time, which should be as low as possible (eg: <5ms). The refresh rate indicates the number of times the image is updated in each second, while the response time is the time it takes for a pixel to change color (important to maintain good sharpness when there is movement in the images). Therefore, both affect quality. 


The processor is basically the operating center of the tablet's system. Everything we send him goes through him and therefore he executes our orders and instructions without asking why. The faster it is, the earlier these instructions will be carried out.

The brands that will sound will be Intel and AMD. And within the models the most normal will be ARM, MediaTek, Atom or Snapdragon. It is not something you have to worry about a lot since processors in general already give enough of themselves, and you do not have to look at it much unless you want to give a huge performance to your tablet, but for this, computers are already there.


RAM is "random access memory." It is used in our system to process data. The amount of RAM goes in Megabytes or Gigabyte (these seconds interest you more). It is used to process videos, games, programs. The processor we have talked about makes this RAM work as if it were a draft so that you can develop the rest of the instructions with greater speed and not worry about other issues.

What you are looking for is a tablet with more than 2GB of RAM, if you want something mid-range. Inferior to this would already be a tablet to use when browsing or very occasionally.

Internal Memory

sd card tablet key

Most tablets accept external memory cards, at least on Android, the iPad no longer. So if you want to buy one of these devices but from the Apple brand, it is something that you will have to take a good look at. Otherwise, if you want one with an Android operating system (from Google) you don't have to look at it so much.

Just keep in mind that you can expand the internal memory (where you store photos, videos and documents) with a microSD card that can be bought at a good price without looking for much.


Tablets usually have different types of connectivity

Wireless connectivity: technologies that do not require wiring.

  • WiFi: allows connection to the Internet wirelessly, as long as you are within the coverage of a router. 
  • LTE: they have a SIM card slot, thus adding a data rate, like mobile devices. That gives you the possibility of using 4G or 5G so that you can connect to the Internet wherever you are, without having to depend on any WiFi network. 
  • Bluetooth: This other technology allows you to link compatible devices. For example, you can use your tablet as a remote control for your smart TV, or connect wireless headphones to it, external keyboards, BT speakers, sound bars, share data between devices, etc.

Ports: for wiring connection. 

  • USB: MicroUSB or USB-C ports are generally used to charge the batteries. However, they sometimes support OTG, which allows you to connect external USB devices to these ports, as if your tablet were a PC. For example, you could connect an external USB stick. 
  • MicroSD- Memory card slots allow you to add more storage capacity as a supplement to internal memory. In addition, it allows you to extract the card with all your data if the device breaks down, something that you will not be able to do with the internal memory. 
  • Audio jack: is the connection for headphones or external speakers compatible with this 3.5mm AUX. 

Operating system

The OS or Operating System is the interface through which you can interact with your tablet. They are a set of software / programs prepared to be in operation while you are using your tablet. So we can say that it is the one that acts as a third person so that you can communicate with your device.

Android and Windows will sound familiar to you, but there are also iOS (made by Apple) and FireOS (created by Amazon). We honestly think that they are all good and are easy to use and get used to, but what has had the most thrown away has always been either Android or Windows.

Weight :

It is important that the light weight, below 500 grams for screens up to 10 "and about 350 grams for 7".

Depending on whether it is a larger or smaller size, that weight could vary, in addition to the materials used in the finish or the size of the battery.

It is important that it is light so that it is not uncomfortable to hold for a long time. And this factor becomes especially important if it is aimed at minors, since they tend to have less strength than adults. 

What do we do in Cheap Tablets?

Looking for cheap tablets? Then you are in the right place. This website sees the light of day to bring you the best analyzes and comparisons in the world of technology and, more specifically, of tablets. Our purpose and priority is to help you as well as advise you when buying a tablet, so that you save money with the purchase.

Our IT expert from Cheap Tablets He is a Computer Systems and Network Engineer, so he will try to explain to you as clearly as possible all the models that currently exist so that in this way it is much easier for you to buy your new cheap tablet, so you can make your decision with a full guarantee of that you are buying a product that suits your needs.

Of course, little by little we will improve and update our tablet buying guide with the best offers and new models launched by manufacturers. If you want to know more about us, don't miss our who we are section.

Which one should I buy?

You may be thinking which one you should choose. Then there are a series of things that you should ask yourself: If you want it with or without a camera, wireless internet connection (Wifi) or 3G, if you will use it at home or having a coffee, etc. Look for the one you are looking for on this site you will find it.

To go deeper into your choice we have made an article about what tablet to buy for people who are still not clear about it. You will see that there are tablets at a good price and with the features you are looking for and the use you want to give it.

Price ranges

We help you choose quickly. How much do you want to spend ?:


* Move the slider to change the price

The first mass market emerged in 2010 with the first launch of Apple iPad at a stratospheric price. Since then several competitors including Samsung, Google and Amazon have launched a wide variety of these devices.

You can currently buy a tablet for a price less than 100 euros although we recommend that they be around from 100 to 250 euros depending on the characteristics you need. Without a doubt there are also tablets of more than 300 euros although if you are not going to give it a very demanding use it is not necessary to spend so much.

Due to the current competitiveness in this market no need to spend a fortune in getting these little computers. There are cheap tablets with great features For your needs, for this we have made a comparison of prices of tablets in case your budget moves in a limited range. There is something for all budgets.

What can a tablet do for me?

It is easy and intuitive to use, comfortable to carry due to its small size and they turn on very quickly to offer you almost instant connection to the internet or applications.

These can be downloaded to add a extensive range of practical and entertaining functionsfrom drawing and playing games to work activities like Word or Excel.

The most common uses of one of these gadgets include: Reading books, newspapers and magazines, surfing the internet, playing games, watching television, sending and receiving e-mails, making video calls, writing ... You can have all these functions without sacrificing quality.

Are there good-priced tablets with good quality?

Undoubtedly! And you don't have to look for every feature in Wikipedia because here we provide you with all the information you need to buy a tablet. Also in our comparisons we are not going to include any of these devices that we ourselves would not choose. Buying tablets you will only have to worry about which one you want and we will already have the information organized so that you can search and find the best in the blink of an eye.

We can help you in more things

We not only review the most prominent tablets on the market, we also serve as a guide. We have several guides that we have been developing as we have encountered users who wrote to us in the comments. Here you have a small list, and remember that if you have any kind of question, we are always open in the comments to read your questions and answer you.

  • What operating system should my tablet have? With this publication we try to make you see that no matter what OS your cheap tablet has, although well, everything is said, those of us who administer this portal are not very in favor of algunos, but many users have had good experiences or are used to certain ones. Be that as it may, we offer you the best reviews of both Android, Windows, iOS or FireOS, but as a summary we can say that all of these are convenient, since they are very user-friendly.
  • Which children's tablet is best for my child? This was one of the most demanded publications. More and more families are betting on the use of tablets for the little ones in the house. However, so that this does not get out of hand and leave our children in the hands of technology, a good children's tablet has to have parental control and it has to have certain functionalities for the little ones. Accessing applications and blocking others is essential to ensure control of the use of the tablet by children, and in this case we once again meet expectations.
  • What is the best tablet? For those who want the best of the best. Not long ago we said how Chinese tablets are not the most reliable to buy, so we decided to bring an article that made reference to the opposite, that is, the best tablets that can be found on the market today. We have compiled them taking into account many factors both software and tablet hardware, so again, we leave it chewed so that there are no doubts about it and you have to use dozens of different sites to determine the best place or the best mobile device.

Buy a tablet or laptop?

When it comes to having to buy an electronic device that you can carry with you at all times, many users have a very common question: What is better to buy? A tablet or a laptop? On many occasions they are seen as two products that can replace the other. Although certain aspects should always be taken into account when buying one or the other.

Above all, the user must be clear about the use he wants to make of said device. This is something that will be of vital importance to you when making the decision to buy a laptop or tablet. But it is not the only thing to consider. There are a number of additional aspects, which we mention below.

The first thing to be clear about is what you want to use the device for. A tablet is generally viewed as a leisure product. Especially when browsing, downloading apps or games or watching series and movies with it. The absence of a keyboard in it usually makes it difficult for it to be a good option to work with.

Although you can buy keyboards or there are models that come with one, removable, included. That is why there are many models destined to study or work, although they are the least, in this sense. Consumers often choose a laptop first for work. Since it is more powerful, it has a keyboard, as well as having the right tools to work, such as a larger screen, among others.

The budget is a determining factor too. A laptop is noticeably more expensive than a tablet, in most cases. Therefore, the available budget can determine the purchase of one or another product at a certain time. Although luckily there are always offers, promotions or the possibility of betting on refurbished products, which allow you to save some money on the purchase.

But as long as you are clear about the use you want to make of the product, you will know if in your case it is better to buy a laptop or a tablet. Next we will talk about the advantages that each product has over the other.

Advantages of a tablet versus a laptop

On the one hand, tablets are a cheaper product, in general, compared to a laptop. If you are looking for something simple, it is possible to buy a tablet for even 100 euros or less. So it means less effort for the consumer's pocket in most cases. There are always high-end tablets, with prices of up to 600 euros. But the average price is lower than that of a laptop.

The size of a tablet is something that makes them especially comfortable. Since their design is usually thin, they weigh little and despite having a 10 or 12-inch screen in some cases, they are not too large. This means that they can be carried in a backpack at all times. Therefore, they are an ideal product to take on a trip, since they weigh and occupy less than a laptop.

On the other hand, tablets can be more comfortable when playing games, watching videos or downloading applications. It is a product intended in most cases for these functions. Therefore, they have a good screen to consume content, and it is easy to download games (free in most cases) to be able to play from a tablet.

One of the great advantages that a tablet usually offers is ease of use. Most of them use Android, which is an easy-to-use operating system. Its interface is simple, intuitive and has no complications. Which makes it very easy to use a tablet for all types of users.

When it comes to reading, a tablet can be more comfortable than a laptop. Many users use their tablet as an eReader. It allows you to open documents as PDF with total comfort. So you can read books, or study in it without too much trouble. In addition, being so light, you can take it everywhere with you, also on a day-to-day basis by public transport, for example.

Another aspect that cannot be forgotten in the case of a tablet are the cameras. Tablets today usually have two cameras, one front and one rear. This is something that allows many more uses of them. You can make video calls, as well as take photos with them. It is also possible to use the camera to scan documents, thanks to apps that are available.

Finally, the process of turning it on and off is very simple. This not only allows a better use of the tablet. It also allows that if at any given moment we want to consult something, we just have to press the power button and the tablet is active again. What allows to have it available whenever we want.

Disadvantages of a tablet versus a laptop

The absence of the keyboard makes a tablet not as suitable as a laptop when working. Since writing on a screen is not something comfortable, in addition to being exhausting if it is done for a long time. Although there are keyboards with which to use a tablet for this purpose, it is not the same. In addition to having to be connecting the keyboard whenever you want to write something.

Also, a tablet has less power and storage than a laptop. Therefore, if a user wants to have many files, of whatever type, in the case of a tablet, they will be more limited. Because another problem that occurs very commonly in tablets is that there are models that do not allow you to expand the storage. Something that further limits the user's possibilities.

Especially when it comes to having to carry out several tasks, this can be noticed. Since a tablet, especially the most modest ones, tend to crash or run slow if you have several applications or processes open. A laptop will allow you to carry out several processes at the same time without too many problems.

The battery of a tablet usually has more limitations. Although many tablets can be used for hours, consumption is usually high. So if you play a lot or are watching content on it, the battery consumption is usually high, which means that the battery will not last too many hours. Something that can cause you to enjoy it less.

A laptop also has better tools when it comes to working and related to productivity. Many of the programs that are used to get to work, whether they are an office suite or programs for professionals, work best on a laptop. There are even some that can only be used on a computer. Which means that you should not bet on a tablet in that case.

Audio is one of the weak points of tablets. There are still not many improvements in general, in some specific high-end models there have been changes. But this is something that can be noticed when watching movies, listening to music or playing games. Experience can be impaired in that sense.

We will continue as always expanding the information on the portal. We used to report on launches and to be more dedicated to a news portal, but finally due to the involvement of many users we have taken a different, more difficult and extended path, and we are dedicated to evaluating the tablets that are coming out. It can take weeks to get a new article out, but they already say that quality is waiting, and in our case we think it is totally true.

Thus, preferring to offer quality information with all the information and links available, we think that those who visit us do not need another site, since in a year we have created a website with hundreds of words referring to tablets.

Where to buy a cheap tablet

If you're looking for buy a cheap tablet, you have several options where you can buy the best brands and models, such as: 

  • Amazon: the online sales giant is positioned as one of the favorite options, since it has a multitude of offers and all the brands and models you can imagine. That gives you the possibility to find exactly what you are looking for. In addition, you have all the guarantees and security that this platform provides, in addition to the agility of delivery if you have a Prime subscription. 
  • Media Markt: the German chain allows you the possibility of buying your tablet at a good price both by going to the nearest point of sale, as well as from its website, so that it can be sent to your home. The biggest drawback is usually the limitation in terms of variety, since it does not have all the makes and models. 
  • El Corte Ingles: the Spanish store also has a selection of some of the most popular brands and models. Its prices are not the lowest, but it has some offers and promotions to be able to get these cheaper products. Of course, it also allows you to choose between buying in the physical store or ordering online. 
  • PC Components: This other Murcian technology giant has good prices and they tend to deliver quickly, in addition to offering good service. It has a large number of brands and models, since it acts as an intermediary for many other sellers, although not at the same level as Amazon. 
  • Worten: This other tech chain also has some cheap tablet models. In this case, you also have the possibility of going to the stores in your area to buy right there, or ask for it to be sent to your home. 
  • Carrefour: the gala chain has stores throughout the Spanish territory, in addition to the option to purchase online from its website. Be that as it may, you will find some brands and models of tablets, and with reasonable prices. In addition, eventually they also have some promotions so that you can save some euros. 

When is the best time to buy a cheaper tablet?

Finally, one thing is to buy a cheap tablet, and another is to buy an even cheaper tablet. In order to enjoy authentic bargains, you can wait for certain events where some models become bargains: 

  • Black Friday: Black Friday is celebrated every year on the last Friday in November. A date in which almost all establishments, both physical and online stores, offer a multitude of offers that can reach 20% or more in some cases. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to get technology at the best price.
  • Cyber ​​Monday: If you missed the Black Friday opportunity, or what you were looking for was not available, you have another second chance the following Monday after Black Friday. This event puts many products with huge discounts in the main online stores.  
  • Prime Day: this day is celebrated every year, and is exclusive for users who have an Amazon Prime subscription. All of them, in exchange for paying this subscription, will have access to special offers just for them and in a multitude of products and categories.