Tablets with SIM card

Tablets are that device between the mobile and the computer that have changed the rules of the game. It is no longer necessary to sit at a computer to connect to Facebook or Twitter and it is not necessary to see everything on a small screen. A tablet allows us to do everything, on a screen larger than that of a smartphone, from our favorite chair. There are many types of tablets, but in this article we are going to talk about one of them: the tablet with a SIM card.

Comparison of tablets with SIM card

The best 4G tablets


The LNMBBS N10 is a tablet capable of connecting to the mobile network that includes Android 10, a more polished and smoother operating system than the previous version. Its Full HD LCD screen is 10 ", the standard size that allows us to see the content without having to look as much as in the" mini "of 7".

Regarding its performance and storage, it has 4GB of RAM, which is more than enough for most of the queries that we will carry out throughout the day. On the other hand, being an inexpensive tablet, it stands out for its 64GB (expandable) which, although it is true that it is not much, it is if we take into account the price for which we can acquire this device.

This tablet has a weight of 426gr where they have included a 5700mAh battery that promises 10 hours of uninterrupted use. It also includes a dual-box speaker that will offer stereo sound. Do you have doubts about the LNMBBS tablets? In the link that we have just left you, we will tell you everything about the brand.

Huawei MediaPad SE

The Huawei Mediapad SE is a cheap tablet from the Asian giant that has a 4G option. Being a well-known brand, we can expect better components than in other tablets, such as the Octa-Core Kirin 659 processor or that includes both the main and front cameras, the first being 8MP and the second also 8MP.

We are facing a standard size tablet, about 10 ″ with LED technology and IPS panel with resolution 1920 × 1200 that could improve, but not at the price of this tablet. Where it could also improve is in its 32GB storage, but Huawei promises us memory support up to 256GB.

The operating system it includes is probably your Achilles heel, a Android 8 It will not upgrade to a higher version, but that is the price to pay if we want a standard-size tablet from a well-known brand for a reduced price. If it fit you, you can take a look at all the Huawei tablets that are available as there are more options with a SIM card at a very competitive price.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

Another well-known brand 4G tablet is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A. Its screen is a 10'5 ″ LCD with a good resolution of 1920 × 1080 that offers the possibility of using the tablet as a photo frame while charging it. Samsung assures us that the internal components are of quality, since they are the ones who manufacture them and are one of the companies chosen by other brands for their internal components.

The Galaxy Tab A has 4GB of RAM, which will allow us to enjoy an agile experience. Its operating system will also contribute to this agility, an Android 12 that greatly improved the previous version in this regard.

A company like Samsung in a tablet like this also adds more advanced specifications, such as a 8MP main camera with Flash and a front of 5MP or possibility of adding external memory of up to 400GB. In addition, it contains all the sensors, such as accelerometer, compass or brightness sensor.

No less important is your 7.300mAh battery that will allow us to consume our content or work throughout the day.

It is clear that Samsung tablets They are a great option for those who want to bet on a well-known and quality brand with options in all ranges to adapt to any budget.

iPad Pro from Apple

The iPad is the most famous tablet on the market. It is a quality tablet, like everything the Cupertino company does, as long as you don't mind paying a little more or buying an older model. Regardless of what we choose, we are talking about devices with a good screen with which everything will be seen perfectly.

Even the oldest model that is for sale has a good processor that ensures that most programs and games on the App Store will run smoothly. Also, they have good cameras, which includes flash on their latest models.

But what is unanimous is in its strongest point: iOS. Apple's mobile operating system is always light, consistent in design and functionality, and receives regular updates. It is perfectly capable of going all day before draining its battery, which is always appreciated.

Do you want to see the rest of iPad models? In the link that we have just left you will find them all.

Best brands of tablets with SIM card

If you are looking for tablets with a SIM card, you should think about the best brands with this capacity, such as:


The Chinese brand has tablets with a quality of quite interesting finishes, in addition to a careful design, powerful hardware, and magnificent features. In addition, you will find models with mobile networks. Everyone its models stand out especially for their price, since you will not find too many models with these characteristics at those prices.


It is one of the telecommunications giants, and a pioneer in 5G networks. Therefore, their devices come very well equipped when it comes to connectivity. The Huawei tablets they have a great design, great quality, high performance, and reasonable prices. Of some of its models you can find both the normal WiFi version, as well as the LTE + WiFi, with which you can install your SIM to enjoy the latest generation mobile networks.


The apple brand also has models of your iPad with LTE connectivity for 4G. In these versions you can enjoy both WiFi connectivity when you are at home or office, and also Internet anywhere with coverage. The brand offers expensive models, but you get one of the best products on the market, with unparalleled reliability, quality, design, optimization, and warranty.


The biggest of Apple's rivals has also ranked some of its tablets among the best. If you want a great tablet that has fantastic performance, the latest technology, and quality, you should choose for one of these. There are versions of the Galaxy Tab with 4G LTE connectivity, in addition to WiFi. With a rate and SIM card you can be connected wherever you go ...

Advantages of a tablet with a SIM card

tablet with sim

A tablet with a SIM card has its advantages, such as:

  • You can connect to the internet from the tablet if there is 3-4G coverage.
  • Sometimes it is more powerful, which includes options such as the GPS antenna.
  • You can stay connected to Skype, Facebook or Twitter if you cannot access your mobile.
  • Your mobile battery will suffer less. I mention this because, if we have internet on the tablet, we can put the phone in airplane mode or deactivate the data to extend its autonomy.

Disadvantages of a tablet with 4G

But it also has its downsides:

  • They are more expensive. A tablet with a 4G connection is more expensive than a single WiFi. Depending on the model, there may be a difference of between € 100 and € 200 just for including this possibility.
  • Less autonomy. One of the problems that causes the highest energy consumption in mobile devices is their connection to the network, something that increases in areas with little coverage. Quickly explained, a device that can connect to the mobile network spends all the time looking for coverage, which makes the battery suffer more than if we are connected only to WiFi or we have the option deactivated.
  • They can be heavier. Although I do not think it is too important in most cases, that it includes a mobile antenna and sometimes the GPS can increase its weight.

Are there cheap SIM card tablets?

Tablets usually include WiFi connectivity to connect to the Internet, however, there are models that also give you the possibility of connectivity LTE 4G or 5G using a SIM card with a data or prepaid contract. So you can connect to the Internet wherever you are, as is the case on your mobile device, without the need for a nearby WiFi.

Those models with SIM They are usually more expensive than WiFi models, but there are some brands that have tablets with a SIM slot that are really cheap, like some well-known Chinese brands. Prices range from € 100 in the most affordable, to the most expensive premium models that can cost hundreds of euros.

Types of SIM card that you will find in a tablet

4g tablet


When it is called "SIM", we are talking about the physical card lifelong. But we do not have to confuse the types of physical cards as different, that is, both the SIM, the mini-SIM, micro-SIM and nano-SIM are all physical "SIM" cards. The only difference between them is how much area of ​​the plastic we use. The original SIMs were all card and were used in the 90's; later they cut the chip with a piece of plastic to finish leaving only the chip and a small excess for the card to fit well in its section.


The only card that contains the word "SIM" and is different is the eSIM. The "e" stands for "electronic" and is not actually a card, but a chip in which the information of the operator is entered. As advantages we have that we can use an eSIM with any operator, which facilitates portability, as long as it has already included support, which takes up less space and can be used in small devices such as smart watches or that will never be broken to do a bad use, something that does happen with SIM cards. In the worst case, something that does not usually happen, if the chip breaks, we can make use of the brand's guarantee.

Can you call from a tablet with a SIM card?


cheap tablet with sim card

With a tablet you can make / receive calls using certain apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, or Telegram, which also support voice calls when you are connected to the Internet, without having to pay a telephone provider or have an assigned phone number. That is also the thing about the models with SIM.

However, if it is a tablet SIM compatible, you will have an assigned phone number, as well as the data line, just like on your smartphone, only with a much larger screen ...

Is a tablet with 4G or better only wifi worth it?

tablet with sim card

It depends solely and exclusively on its owner and where it is going to move. If we are going to always use the tablet at home and we have WiFi, no, a tablet with 4G is not worth it. We will always take the connection from our WiFi and having a 4G would mean that we have paid the price difference for nothing. In addition, if we do not think about what we do and we add the card, we will also be paying the monthly fee to the operator, so the total sum of the extra expense can be hundreds of euros (or thousands if we never unsubscribe) .

Now if we move a lot, we do not know where we are going to be and our work depends on itYes, a tablet with 4G is worth it. I would not recommend it to anyone who does not use the tablet for work or, also, if you have significant purchasing power and do not mind the extra expense. In most cases, we can use the mobile to make our inquiries. In addition, speaking of the mobile, if we need to connect from time to time, our WiFi-only tablet can connect to the internet that the mobile offers with the option "Share internet", so, as I said, I would only recommend a 4G tablet to those who go to make professional use of it.

There is also one other thing to keep in mind: Are we going to use GPS? When we go to buy a tablet, we have to look at its specifications. Some, like the Apple iPad, include GPS only in its 4G version, so that is another point that we have to take into account and that can make us opt for one or the other. The idea is simple: if we are not going to use the SIM but use the GPS, we will pay more for the 4G (GPS) model, but we will not use the card.

If you have come this far, it is that you still do not have it very clear

How much do you want to spend ?:


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  1. Hello Nacho, the section seems very interesting to me. Congratulations on it. I would use the tablet among other things like gps in the vehicle for my trips. Updating the vehicle's gps is quite expensive. At the acquisition prices of the browsers (tomtom, etc.) it seems to me that a 4g tablet may be an option. What do you think? Or is it a real truism. By the way I am on the bad side of the digital divide. All the best

  2. Hello Jesus,

    Using the tablet as a GPS is a very practical solution and much cheaper than updating the car's GPS, as you have said.

    The only problem is that you will have to carry the tablet continuously charging and that it will get very hot since you will be using it all the time with the screen on at maximum brightness, the GPS working and if the sun shines during the trip, the In the end, it will reach extreme temperatures that can leave you lying in the middle of the journey (normally today's tablets have high temperature protection mechanisms that turn off the device to protect it until it cools down and reaches normal temperature).

    With this in mind, try placing it right in front of an air conditioning vent so that fresh air comes out and mitigates this problem.


  3. Hello, I want a tablet to be used as a cell phone too. With the basic functions and without too much storage. It is to work and have an alternative line. Which of the ones you mentioned do you recommend?

  4. Good information if I want to work with drive information or google documents and move to various areas which you recommend.

  5. I have the matepad pro and it has for the card but it has no signal I don't know why but I want to have a phone signal on my tablet too expensive to not be able to make calls or have plans on my tablet

  6. Hi Carlos,

    You have NOT told us how much you want to spend but if the main use that you are going to give it is with Google services, we recommend any Android 10-12 inches with 4G that fits you by price. Take a look at Huawei which has quite a few models that fit that and with good value for money.


  7. I needed a tablet, with the functions of the mobile, to play and to be able to talk, it is for a person who is mostly at home using Wi-Fi, what models that work well do you recommend, thanks

  8. Hello…they are offering me a huaweiT3 10, I really want one so that my daughter can take classes…we have one with Wi-Fi but when we go out there is not always access to Wi-Fi

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