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Microsoft, along with Apple, has a of the most interesting tablets and of the best quality on the market. In addition, these tablets have two characteristics that can make them powerful tools for business environments and for professionals who need a complete work platform.

These characteristics are the fact of having high-performance Microsoft SQ processors (ARM chips co-developed with Qualcomm and based on the Snapdragon 8cx), which improves energy efficiency, and gives them a great performance and compatibility, since there are already many native binary packages for ARM. In addition, to enhance the amount of software available, they also use the Windows 10 operating system, instead of Android or iPad OS.

Types of Surface tablet

Not only is there a range of Microsoft tablets, but there are three families available, with different characteristics and aimed at different types of users.

  • Surface Pro: It is one of the most versatile 12.3" to 13.5" tablets that you can use as both a tablet and a laptop, since it has a comfortable keyboard that can be detached from the screen to have the best of both worlds. It is a powerful and light tablet, and it comes with a Type Cover to use it in various modes. It is ideal for the majority of average users, those who want to take full advantage of the portability of this device, but with limitations for video games and other high-performance applications.
  • Surface GB: it is a smaller device, 10.5 ”, and lighter than the previous one, that is, although it also has a keyboard, this device is closer to a conventional tablet than the Surface Pro model. In addition, it is cheaper, but also has a lower performance. Therefore, it is aimed at less demanding users. It can be a great option for office automation, browsing, streaming, etc.

What is a Surface?

microsoft surface tablet

Microsoft Surface is a brand Registered from the Redmond company to designate a range of touchscreen devices. Among them are tablets, foldables, digital whiteboards and laptops.

It is a reaction of Microsoft to its competitor, Apple, creating similar devices, but with Windows 10 as the operating system in this case. Therefore, it is aimed at all those users and professionals who depend on the native software for this operating system and which is not available for other platforms.

In addition, as with Apple devices, Microsoft has also been very concerned that these computers have a careful design, high quality and durability, enormous autonomy, and a very slim profile, for those who love mobility. And, in the same way that Apple has done, Microsoft has also created a number of accessories such as the Surface Pen.

Do you have full Windows to install any program?

Surface GB

Yes, a Microsoft Surface tablet has a full Windows 10 operating system, both in its Home version for home use, and in its Pro version for business environments. That means that you will have all the options, functions and software available for this platform also on your tablet. A clear advantage over Android or iOS, since you can have all that software that is only available for Windows.

The only point would be to differentiate between Microsoft's Surface tablets with x86 chips and those based on ARM chips. The x86 offer you a system exactly the same as your PC. While ARMs need a special version of Windows 10 for this architecture. And that means software compiled for x86 will not work under ARM. But this should not be a major problem, because most of the programs that you use frequently are available, and you have more and more ...

In addition, you have to know another detail, and that is that, similar to Apple's Rosetta 2 for its ARM chips, Microsoft has also created UWP (Universal Windows Platform), that is, a project that you use to also add x86 apps compiled under this project with emulation, as well as the native ARM32 and ARM64. However, some x86s may have their limitations.

When to buy a cheaper Surface laptop?

Although Microsoft's Surface computers are priced higher than other models, the truth is that they provide flexibility, quality, and capabilities far superior to others from the competition. Therefore, it is a worthwhile option. However, for save you money, you can always buy cheaper by taking advantage of some notable events such as:

  • Black Friday: Black Friday is celebrated globally on the last Friday in November. On that day, a multitude of large and small surfaces, both in physical stores and online sales platforms, make significant discounts. Sometimes they could go up to 20% or more. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to buy technology.
  • Prime DayIf you have an Amazon Prime subscription, then you also have another great opportunity to find exclusive member discounts. The day can vary each year, but when it occurs, the offers can be similar to those of Black Friday. In addition, being a subscriber you will also have free shipping and the order will be processed on the same day so that it reaches you much earlier.
  • Cyber ​​Monday: It's the Monday after Black Friday. In this case, it is a special event for online stores. The discount percentages are usually quite succulent, and it can be a second chance if you couldn't find what you needed on Black Friday.
  • Day without VAT: it is another day of offers in surfaces such as Mediamark, Carrefour, Corte Inglés, etc. All these stores offer one day in which their products are reduced by 21%, coinciding with the VAT paid for each product. Therefore, another great possibility to buy much cheaper technology.

Microsoft Surface, is it worth it? My opinion

Several reasons to buy a Microsoft Surface it may be worth it. Some of them I have already numbered before. To clarify your ideas a bit, here are the points that you should keep in mind when deciding to buy one of these teams:

  • Some models may be cheaper than an ultrabook, but having Windows 10 and a keyboard, they can be a great alternative to these.
  • Its quality in terms of design and finishes it is far superior to other competing devices, as well as including the keyboard. Something that other brands do not include, and you should buy separately if you want to enjoy that comfort.
  • El performance is another of its strengths, since they are closer to a laptop than a tablet. Especially the models with Intel chips and with SSD.
  • Even with the keyboard cover, it is a very light device, more than other ultrabooks. That coupled with a great autonomy hours (9-17h), it can make it ideal for those who need maximum mobility to use while traveling or anywhere.
  • Being very similar to a PC, It will also allow you to do more things, such as installing other operating systems, such as a GNU / Linux distribution and even Android for x86, virtualizing them, etc.
  • Versions with Windows 10 Pro They can be ideal for business environments due to their extra features and greater security. And, if you are a developer, it may be one of the best alternatives.

Of course, not all are disadvantages, one of the most notable disadvantages is that it can be more expensive compared to some tablets. But since looks more like an ultrabookAs I have quoted, this could take a backseat.

Where to buy a cheaper Surface

Finally, in order to find a Microsoft Surface tablet, you won't have to look too far. It is a very popular brand that can be easily found in stores on the table:

  • Amazon- The favorite option in which to find all Microsoft Surface models, and with different hardware configurations. You also have the guarantees of a safe purchase, and usually have good prices. In addition, if you have a Prime subscription, you will enjoy free and much faster shipping.
  • El Corte Ingles: the Spanish chain also has Microsoft Surface devices in its electronics section, both on the web platform and in its physical store. That is, you can choose to have it sent home or buy it at your closest point of sale. In any case, you should know that the prices are not the lowest, except if you take advantage of the Day without VAT, or the Tecnoprices, or some type of promotion.
  • Microsoft Store: Microsoft's own app store, like Google Play and the Apple App Store, also sell hardware devices. In the case of the Redmond company, you can find these devices with interesting exclusive offers.
  • Media Markt: the German chain will also allow you to choose between buying in its physical stores, taking the product home immediately, or from its website to have it shipped to you. In any case, they have very competitive prices, you just won't find as much variety of models as in other stores.

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