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When you search a cheap tablet, one of the cheapest brands you will find on the net is YOTOPT. That is precisely why it is one of the best sellers on Amazon in its price range. And it is so inexpensive that it can be a good option for those who are looking for something functional and simple without spending too much, or for those who are looking for a second tablet to carry out tests, experiments, etc.

This chinese manufacturer is especially dedicated to home technology products, such as tablets, headphones, and other similar devices. In addition, they promise innovative and quality products ...

Is Yotopt a good brand of tablets?

Yotopt tablets stand out for their good quality and best price. Again you are facing a low-cost tablet, so you cannot expect certain details of some premium ones, but it can really be enough for many users who seek to save as much as possible on the purchase.

In addition, the characteristics of these tablets are quite good for its price. In fact, it will be difficult for you to find similar benefits at the same price. And, although it seems like an unknown brand that you should not trust, the truth is that the opinions of those who already have one endorse that it is a good choice.

Do Yotopt tablets come with a Spanish language?

Yotopt tablets usually come with the English configuration, so if you want it to be in Spanish, you must manually configure your language as the main language. However, this is not too serious a problem, since it is as simple as going to the Android Settings app> Languages ​​and Input> Languages ​​and there add Spanish or Spanish.

Another detail to keep in mind is that these Yotopt tablets usually come with a keyboard. This external Bluetooth keyboard has the English layout, but that can be solved as simply as sticking the stickers that are included with the Spanish layout to remap the keyboard with the Ñ. Having configured the language in the system, that will be enough for you to start using the keyboard as if it were in Spanish.

What operating system does a Yotopt tablet have?

yotopt tablet operating system

Yotopt tablet models come with Android. In addition, they do not sin to bring an older version pre-installed, like other cheap tablets. In the case of Yotopt, the version is usually very recent, so you will always have the latest.

In addition to the Android system, it also usually includes added software called DuraSpeed, which will allow apps to run in the background. Otherwise, it is a system without too much annoying bloatware, nor do you have modified UI layers.

Are Yotopt tablets the cheapest value for money?

Perhaps it is not the cheapest in the world, since there are some strange cases of models that are extremely cheap. But, of the most sold and common tablets, it is one of the cheapest and with the best value for money. Therefore, if you are looking for spend the least, Yotopt offers you what you are looking for.

Characteristics of some YOTOPT tablets

As for the outstanding technical characteristics of a Yotopt tablet, the truth is that it has a great list, so its low price should not deceive you, since they come very complete:

IPS screen

yotopt tablet features

They are the acronym for In-Plane Switching, and it is nothing more than a panel type LCD LED technology. These types of screens have become the favorite of most device manufacturers for their performance.

In addition to the great brightness and advantages of conventional LCD panels, this variant adds improvements over other technologies, such as TN. In this sense, the viewing angle has been improved, which will be higher in IPS.

The quality of the colors has also been improved compared to TN, so the image quality will be quite good.

OctaCore processor

Yotopt tablets feature ARM-based processors with up to 8 processing cores. This endows them with great efficiency and performance, making the battery last longer and that this does not mean that the software will jerk. The experience will be smooth and sufficient for most applications.

Expandable memory with SD card

If you have decided on a tablet model with a somewhat small internal memory for your needs, you should not worry. By having a memory slot for SD cards, you can expand the capacity whenever you need.

That way, you can move your photos, files, or apps to this card, and leave more space in the internal flash memory.

Aluminum chassis

Despite its cheap price, no compromise has been made in terms of a robust design and quality materials, such as aluminum.

This is not only an aesthetic point in its favor, it also makes heat dissipation better and there are fewer overheating problems.

Front and rear camera

If you need to capture snapshots, record videos, take selfies, or make video calls, this tablet includes everything you need.

Both integrated speakers, as a microphone, and a front camera and a rear camera.

LTE and dual SIM

connectivity tablet yotopt

If they have this technology, you can not only use WiFi to connect to the Internet, you can also add up to two SIM cards with which to have up to two data lines to be connected wherever you need it, such as on your mobile phone.

In addition, being dual, you can have two different cards, for example, one of your own and another from work, without having to remove and insert the SIM to change from one to the other.


They include GPS to always be located or use the geolocation functions. For example, you can use it to use the Google Maps browser, to tag photos with the location, to send your current position by WhatsApp, etc.


They are the acronym for On-The-Go, that is, an extension for the USB port that this tablet integrates and that allows you to go beyond being able to connect your tablet by data cable to your PC to transfer files, or charge.

Being OTG it will also allow greater flexibility, for example being able to connect other external devices to the tablet, such as a USB memory.

Stereo speakers

With stereo sound quality is gained compared to mono with a single channel and speaker. In this case, you have two channels and two sound drivers to be able to generate that effect using the left and right sound source. Something that will be a plus to listen to music or to watch videos.

Do YOTOPT tablets give problems?

In general, a Yotopt tablet usually gives the same problems as any other tablet. That is, not because it is so cheap you are going to run into endless problems from the first moment of your purchase. In fact, user comments who have already bought it are quite positive, the general assessment is positive.

What to do if a YOTOPT tablet does not charge

If you have connected the cable and the adapter and you see that the battery icon does not show the charging status, then your Yotopt tablet have a problem. If so, you can try following these steps to see if the problem is solved:

  1. Clean the charging port of the charger and your tablet. It may have dirt.
  2. Try again, and if it doesn't work, try a compatible universal charger.
  3. In case it already works, the problem will be with the charger.
  4. If not, then it will be a bigger problem, with the tablet's own charging system or with its battery. Although that is not usually common in new tablets.

What to do if the YOTOPT tablet does not turn on

Another problem that can occur in a tablet is that don't turn on. In that case, it is likely a hardware problem. To try to fix it, follow these steps:

  1. First verify that it has a charge. If in doubt, put the tablet to charge, it is a very common problem, especially when it has not been used for a long time and has been completely discharged.
  2. Force a reboot by holding the on / off button for 10 seconds. Sometimes it may appear to be off, but what it is is actually being blocked by an operating system bug. This should fix the problem and allow it to turn on.
  3. If it does not turn on with either of the above two steps, the problem could be hardware, so you will need technical assistance.

Yotopt tablets: my opinion

Yotopt tablets are a good option for its value for money. Not only will you save a lot of money if you have a low budget, but they will also offer you features that are difficult to find in cheap tablets of similar prices. In fact, it can be a great option for students, or for the little ones in the house who do not want to leave an expensive tablet.

In addition, it will not imply that you are buying outdated models that have already fallen in price, but that you will have more current technology. Of course, you should always be very aware that you should not expect the best performance on the market, nor the best sound quality, from its cameras, or from its screen. At that price, the benefits will be modest, although should be enough for many users.

Another detail of the Yotopt tablets must also be highlighted, and that is that they come very well equipped. They usually include a multitude of accessories, so you will have something more than a tablet. For example, for that price they come with a cover, external keyboard and stickers for the Spanish layout, USB cables for OTG and USB-C for charging, the adapter for charging, a wireless mouse, and a screen protector. Little more could you ask for!

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