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If you have an artistic streak, surely you are thinking of choosing a model of tablet to draw. If so, not all digital tablets offer good technical characteristics to serve this purpose by offering a great experience, thus being able to do without a graphics tablet.

Also, some of the tablets allow you to use as if they were a graphic tablet, that is, as an input peripheral connected to the PC to be able to draw and digitize your drawings, being able to later animate or retouch them in programs such as Photoshop, GIMP, etc. A very practical option for professional and amateur artists ...

The best tablet for drawing

One of the best tablets for drawing is the Apple iPad Pro 11”. This tablet has a large screen with which to have a larger drawing surface, in addition to offering magnificent quality thanks to the fact that it is an IPS Liquid Retina panel (with a high pixel density: 264 ppi), anti-reflection, brightness of 500 nits, and with True Tone technology and wide color gamut, so that the colors are much more vivid.

It also has a very powerful M2 chip with Neural Engine, to speed up artificial intelligence applications and so that the rest of the apps run very smoothly. It is available with a capacity of 128GB up to 2TB, and with the option to choose between the WiFi version (cheaper), or the WiFi+4G LTE version (more expensive).

Its camera will allow you to take impressive photographs, both from its 7MP FaceTimeHD front camera, and from the 12MP rear camera. That will even allow you to record video in 4K up to 60 FPS. Nor should we forget its quality stereo sound system, and integrated double microphone.

As for its battery, it has a Po-Li battery with support for fast charging via USB-C, and with an autonomy that can reach until 10 hours with WiFi or watching video.

To all this we must add a iPad OS operating system and a huge number of exclusive Apple functions and apps: Touch ID, Siri, VoiceOver, Magnifier, Dictation, Books, Calendar, Clock, Contacts, FaceTime, iTunes, Maps, Safair, iMuve, etc. In addition to all those that you can install from the App Store.

Among them, some third parties for everyoneFrom those who want to draw simple landscapes, to those who want to paint digital canvases, to those who need to design sketches, comics, etc., such as:

  • Adobe Illustrator- one of the best design tools.
  • Adobe Photoshop: the quintessential photo retouching program.
  • InspirePro- Apple-exclusive sketching, drawing, and painting environment.
  • Adobe Cool: a digital painting and drawing app that offers the largest and most advanced selection of brushes.
  • Procreate- Simple drawing or image tool that is an alternative to Illustrator or Photoshop.
  • Affinity Designer- One of the fastest and most powerful photo editing and graphic design software.
  • Sketch line: perfect app if you like to draw, both professionally and amateurishly.
  • ArtRage: a complete digital artistic studio, with tools of all kinds.
  • iPastels: app to be able to draw soft pastel paintings, like still lifes or whatever you like.
  • Medi Bang Paint: program to paint and create digital comics.
  • Zen Brush- A very simple application of drawing brushes, especially for lovers of Asian art.
  • concepts: a complete space to think and unleash your ideas.
  • Art Studio Pro: similar to Photoshop and Procreate, another alternative for drawing and photo retouching.
  • Comic Drawing: an app specially designed for those who draw comics.
  • Photoshop Sketch- Draw with pencils, pens, markers, erasers, acritics, brushes, etc.
  • Autodesk Sketchbook: app for developing ideas through sketches.
  • ...

If you prefer an option with Android, the best tablet to draw is the Samsung Galaxy Tab since together with its S Pen, they make it one of the most complete and precise options when drawing, taking notes or whatever you want:

Best tablets for drawing

If you're designer, creative, or you love to draw, and you are looking for a good tablet to draw, here are some great models for this purpose:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

This Samsung model is perfect for those who want to draw, as it has magnificent graphics performance, image quality, and a huge 11 ”screen with QHD resolution and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. You can choose between WiFi and WiFi / 4G connectivity, with various colors at your disposal, and with 128 GB or 256 GB of internal storage (expandable by microSD).

It comes equipped with a powerful processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 856 + very high performance, with a powerful Adreno GPU. It also includes 6 GB of RAM, and an 8000 mAh battery (supports fast charging at 45W) to offer great autonomy. You can also take great photos with its 13 MP rear camera and 8MP front camera, as well as hear clear sound thanks to its AKG quad speaker with Dolby Atmos technology. As for its operating system, it comes with Android 10, upgradeable by OTA.

Microsoft Surface Go 3

This convertible from Microsoft can double as a laptop and tablet with a PixelSense touchscreen. Owns a 10.5 ”screen and FullHD resolution. Available with WiFi and WiFi + LTE connectivity, as well as 4GB of RAM up to 8GB, and 64GB to 128GB of internal storage. All of them with Bluetooth.

Includes an Intel Core i3 processor, and a Microsoft operating system Windows 11 Home mode S. This will give you greater freedom to choose the software with which to work, since it is compatible with all the programs and video games that you can use on your PC.

It has a very attractive design, with quality materials, it is reliable, and with a very light weight. Despite its slim and compact size, it also includes enough battery to give you up to 10 hours autonomy.

Lenovo Tab P12

This tablet has a price very economical, for those who want a great device for drawing without having to invest too much. And don't be fooled by its price, it has a lot of potential hidden behind its case.

It is equipped with a 12.6 ”screen OLED WQXGA. You can also choose between WiFi and WiFi+LTE connectivity, with or without pen and keyboard, and with 6 GB of RAM. Its internal memory is 128 GB, and it comes with updatable Android 11.

In terms of performance, it is equipped with a powerful chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 870G, with 8 Kryo CPU cores up to 2.3 Ghz, and a powerful Adreno GPU to move the system graphics smoothly.

Huawei MatePad Pro

This Huawei can also be a great inexpensive alternative. Includes Huawei Folio Cover, 11 ”screen with 2.5K FullView resolution and 120 Hz refresh rate. That is quite impressive, but it is not the only advantage of this tablet. It also has Dual TÜV Rheinland certification on its display.

As for its hardware, it comes equipped with 6 GB of RAM memory, and 64 to 128 GB of internal memory for storage. With a high performance chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, with Kryo CPUs based on ARM Cortex-A Series, and a high-end Adreno GPU.

In terms of connectivity, it has WiFi 6 technology, for ultra-fast network connections. It also has Bluetooth connectivity, good autonomy, and a HarmonyOS 2 operating system based on Android and compatible with all Android apps.

Apple iPad Pro

Apple has one of the best tablets on the market in terms of quality and design. In addition, it is very reliable and can be the most professional tool that you can purchase for these applications. You can choose between the WiFi 6 version and the WiFi 6 + LTE 5G version to connect wherever you need to. In all cases, its battery guarantees up to 10 hours of autonomy.

You can choose capacities from 256 GB of internal memory, to have all the necessary space to store all the multimedia content and creations that you can imagine. As for the finish, it has high-quality materials, with an excellent and careful design, with two colors to choose from.

It comes equipped with a powerful Apple M2 SoC, and with iPadOS 16 operating system (upgradable). It also has a 12.9” Liquid Retina XDR display with ProMotion and True Tone technology, a TrueDepth ultra-wide-angle camera on the front, and a multi-sensor rear camera (12MP wide-angle, 10MP ultra-wide, LiDAR scanner for augmented reality) for shooting the best photos and videos.

What should a good tablet have to draw

At choose a good tablet to draw It is not enough to just choose one under the same criteria that you would use to acquire a tablet for general use. In case you need a tablet for more artistic works, you should pay special attention to some specific characteristics:

  • Screen size: the screen of a tablet to draw should be at least 10 ". Smaller panels are much more uncomfortable to have a smaller work surface, in addition to appreciating the results of your smaller creations. And that's not all, another of the drawbacks of a small panel is that the drawing will be more compact, so you will not be able to draw with so much detail. As the areas are closer together, you may draw or color in an area where you did not want, especially if you are not using a digital pen to improve precision.
  • Screen resolution: In order to appreciate artistic images with quality, you need to choose a panel with a high resolution. The larger the screen size, the more resolution it should have to maintain a high pixel density. Otherwise, by lowering the resolution and density, you will see the image much more pixelated, more when viewed from close up, as is the case with a tablet. For 10 ”sizes, you should choose resolutions of at least 1280 × 800 px.
  • Screen sensitivity: The sensitivity of a touch screen can be adjusted as a good accessibility resource, although it is not a specific function for it. In fact, if you are thinking of buying a drawing tablet, it is important that it has great sensitivity so that the results of your creations are the best. With high sensitivity, any small soft touch will generate a reaction. For example, with a light touch on an area of ​​the screen will produce the drawing of a point, line, or color ... However, there may be times when you want to adjust the sensitivity to lower it and that you touch by mistake, or movements in false, do not generate unwanted reactions in the drawing.
  • Good color reproduction: The Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a measure used to measure an object's ability to display colors more realistically. This index can range from 0 to 100. Not to be confused with the color temperature index, which quantifies warmth in Kelvin. In any case, the screen should offer more realistic and quality colors to make it a practical option for drawing. There are also quality indicators if you look at sRGB or Adobe RGB values ​​in percent. The higher it is, the better.
  • Large ecosystem of drawing and editing apps: it is important that the drawing tablet has a wide variety of apps to be able to carry out your physical activity. In this sense, both Android and iOS or iPadOS are well equipped. Even Windows 10 tablets could be good alternatives. What you should always avoid is other tablets with minority operating systems.
  • Tablet pen compatibility: Most tablet models allow the use of digital pens for drawing. However, some of them already have their own solutions that tend to work better than third-party ones. I am referring to the iPad and its Apple Pencil, or the Samsung Galaxy Tab and its S Pen. Other more affordable options would be some models from Chuwi or Huawei.

The importance of the pencil in a tablet to draw

chuwi tablet pc

For amateur cartoonists and professional creatives, the importance of digital pen It is maximum, since this way they can have much greater precision on the strokes and touches on the tablet:

  • Pencil types: you can basically find two types, those with a tip and those with a rubber. The rubber can be good for everyday use, such as navigation, interacting with apps, etc. For more precision in drawing lines, it is better to have a fine point.
  • Precision: If you are going to use it as a substitute for your finger to operate the touch screen, it will not matter as much. But if you want it to draw or retouch images, it is important that they have good precision. The higher the precision, the greater the realism of the line. Generally, a good precision would be a pencil with 2048 levels.
  • Tip size and refills: some pencils allow the change of the tip to use refills and always have your pencil in the best possible shape. In addition, you will also find soft, hard or realistic tips on the market. The soft ones are designed for capacitive screens, which is fine to use the pen as a pointer to use. If you want precision, you can better opt for hard tips.

drawing with ipad pro

  • Pressure sensitivity: for example, if you are drawing, or coloring, and you have a pencil with greater pressure sensitivity, any small brush will cause the line to be drawn. In the same way, if you exert more pressure, the thickness of the line will increase.
  • Tilt sensitivity: Some pencils detect the tilt of the pencil when you hold it in your hand. This is used to change the strokes, that is, it affects how the stroke is made, just like a conventional pencil would on real paper as you tilt it more or less.
  • Buttons with extra functionsSome models have some extra function buttons, others can even be touch sensitive, as in the case of the Apple Pencil. These types of controls make them much more comfortable, since you could even change work tools quickly when you are operating with an editing program, etc.
  • Rechargeable: some models work with disposable batteries, such as AAAA, on the other hand, the most professional pencils have a built-in lithium-ion battery, so they can be recharged. Something that is more comfortable and saves disposable batteries.
  • Ergonomics: it is important that the pencil has a good design, that it does not cause discomfort when holding it, nor that it can injure you when you spend long hours drawing or writing. Most of the pencils of prominent brands tend to have good designs in this regard, with similar shapes to conventional pens or pencils.
  • Weight :Some people prefer something lighter, however others want a slightly heavier pencil. It's a matter of taste. However, most manufacturers strive for their products to be the lightest, weighing only a few grams.

The best pencils for drawing on a tablet

To find a good pencil for drawing, you must first make sure that the purchased model is compatible with the tablet you have. Once you have that clear, you can choose these models that are between top:

Apple Pencil

It is the most expensive of the digital pens, but it is also very exclusive. Compatible with iPad, with a very elegant design, Li-Ion battery, and extremely light. It is intuitive, precise, and with almost magical functions. It connects via Bluetooth, and has an intelligent system to change tools with a double tap.


This Samsung stylus is the perfect companion for Galaxy Tab tablets of this brand. One of the best pencils you will find, with LiIon battery, metal finish, light, easy to use, and with excellent stroke precision.

Huawei Capacity M-Pen

With discount Huawei Pen

This pencil works thanks to an included AAAA battery, with an autonomy of up to 6 months. Its weight is extremely light, with only 19 grams. With it you can draw, write, or paint with great ease and precision (2049 sensitivity points). It is capable of capturing all the movements of your panorama and is suitable for MediaPad tablets.


It is a universal 2-in-1 stylus with a precise capacitive pad and fiber tip for tablets of all brands, including iPads and smartphones. It is a very cheap alternative, with a good quality of finishes, good design, and a light weight. A Fine Point disc tip, and replacement tips are included.

Which is better, graphics tablet or drawing tablet?

Both the drawing tablet and the graphics tablet It has their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, everything will depend on your needs. They will be the ones that make you determine by one or another option. For instance:

Graphic tablet:

  • Specially designed to draw and digitize your work and work with them from the PC.
  • Price somewhat lower, although they are also more limited. In fact, without a PC and adequate software, there is little you can do.
  • They give very good results in terms of drawing and writing sensation.
  • Today's display graphics tablets are more expensive, but more like the experience of a tablet.

Tablet to draw:

  • They can be used for drawing, like a graphics tablet, but also for many other functions.
  • You have a wide range of very different drawing apps.
  • Some models allow you to use the tablet as a graphics tablet by connecting it to the PC to digitize your sketches.
  • It gives you the flexibility to store your drawings in internal memory, in the cloud, or transfer it to a PC if necessary.
  • It is independent of the PC, so you can use it from wherever you want without depending on other devices. Even on travel.

Best apps to draw on a tablet

tablet to draw

If you want to start drawing on your tablet, you should keep in mind some of the best apps for drawing that exist. Here is a selection of some of the best:

Autodesk Sketchbook

Autodesk is one of the most important software developers, with creations like AutoCAD and many other professionals. Sketchbook is another of their free apps (It has a premium subscription that unlocks professional tools) available for Android and iOS for those with an artist soul.

It has a great variety of drawing tools and brushes, to be able to personalize your creations, color, zoom, etc. In addition, it has a gallery to manage your saved projects, or the ability to synchronize with the cloud.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Adobe is another of the great software creators, and it also has highly rated mobile apps. Photoshop Sketch is free, for Android and iOS, and offers a very complete drawing suite to be able to express everything you need with a graphite pencil, ink pen, marker, etc. Also, it works with Bluetooth pens, such as Adobe Ink, Apple Pencil, Wacom, Adonit, etc.

The objective of this app is to replicate the analog drawing experience, but with the convenience that digitization brings by being able to save or modify them when you need them, select colors, etc.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Another of the applications available for the two most important operating systems of the tables is also created by Adobe. It is an app of vector graphics very versatile and integrated with Creative Cloud, as is usual in Adobe apps. In addition, it is also compatible with pencils such as Adobe Ink.

Create up to 10 different layers to create the imagesIn addition to allowing the import of assets from Color CC and Shape CC, export drawings directly to Illustrator CC, or Photoshop CC. A way to start when inspiration strikes with the sketch, and then finish tinkering with those other desktop apps.

Media Bang Paint

It is a less known app than the previous ones, but it is among the best. It is a Japanese multiplatform application that will allow you to create with a style of manga or comics art. For this, it comes with very solid tools to be able to create all these drawings, even insert comic panels, letter fonts, etc.

Of course, is free, and allows synchronization with the cloud if you want to have your work safe and available from anywhere, or from any device that has a connection.


TopHatch has created this app for art on mobile devices that combines the ease of drawing with pencil and paper, with powerful vector graphics tools. Of course, it is completely free, and it is compatible with iOS and Android. It also supports using Bluetooth pens like the Apple Pencil, Adonit, etc.

It has a paid version that unlocks the Pro PackIn other words, a pack of new features that are not available in the free version. For example, CAD-like tools, import and export options, transformation, library objects, etc.

Adobe Cool

Adobe Fresco is another of the most popular. In this case, combine brushes of pixels and vectors for drawing. It also implements tools that simulate watercolors, oils, and other traditional styles. In this case, it is only available for iOS.

It is specially designed for iPad, and has the ability to import projects from Adobe Sketch, Adobe Draw, or save them locally in various formats. Also, if you pay the subscription, also you unlock premium features, for cloud storage, more brushes, and other customization features.

Can you use a tablet to draw on your PC?

It can connect a tablet to draw on your PC and to be able to use it as if it were a graphic tablet ...


Although one of the best ways to start drawing with your iPad is to simply use a drawing app on it and start drawing, it is also possible that the connect to your Mac or PC to use it as a graphics tablet. To do this, you just have to connect it to the computer in this way:

Connecting to a Mac:

  1. Make sure both devices meet Sidecar's requirements.
  2. Activate Bluetooth on your iPad.
  3. On your Mac, open the menu and select AirPlay.
  4. Choose the option to connect to iPad or your username.
  5. Click on the screen mirroring option.

Connecting to a Windows PC:

  1. In the previous option you could use the wireless method or via USB cable. In this case it can only be by cable. To get started, unlock your iPad and connect via USB to your PC.
  2. If iTunes opens automatically, close it.
  3. Now, from your Windows, go to Start> Device Manager.
  4. Access the Portable Devices section, where you should see the name of your iPad.
  5. Select the name with the right button and then click Update Driver.
  6. Once the update is installed, you can share your screen with your computer.


If you have opted for one Android drawing tablet, you can also use it as a graphics tablet by connecting it to your PC (only for Linux). To do this, you can follow these steps:

  1. You must install an app for Android called XorgTablet, which will allow you to connect with your computer to use the tablet as a graphics tablet to design in illustration and retouching programs.
  2. On the Linux PC, you must have GIMP installed.
  3. If so, simply connect via WiFi and associate your tablet as an input device in GIMP or in the program you use.

Tip: the screen protector is a must-have on an iPad for drawing

iPad Pro with Apple Pencil

If you buy a tablet for drawing, such as the iPad, it is preferable that you buy a screen saver If you are using a digital pen, that way you will avoid scratches on the screen. Although it is not the only thing you should do to avoid these types of problems:

  • Clean the screen surface properly so that some hard solid residue can scratch the screen from rubbing.
  • Don't turn it upside down.
  • Use a protective sleeve.
  • Choose a suitable stylus that is compatible and may not have a very robust tip.

Of course, to provide extra protection, it is best to add a tempered glass protective screen to protect your tablet or acrylic protectors Self-adhesive and transparent that you can easily find to protect it from certain bumps and scratches ...

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