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In the current market we find tablets of various sizes. The largest there are today are those that have a 12-inch screen. We focus on this type of tablets now, so that it is possible to see what is currently available on the market in this segment.

Thus, You will be able to know if it is convenient for you or not to buy a 12-inch tablet in your case. In addition to knowing the possibilities that these types of models provide to users who are looking for one.

12-inch tablets comparison

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Apple iPad Pro

The most recent model of the American brand is this iPad Pro, which has a screen of 12,9 inch size, so it is one of the largest on the market. The firm has made use of a retina screen in it, which allows an impressive quality, both for working and viewing content. For the processor, an Apple M1 with the company's own Neural Engine has been used.

There are several storage options, although this specific one is 512 GB, which certainly allows you to store a huge amount of files in it. The front camera is 7 MP and the rear 12 MP with a LIDAR sensor, both with True Depth technology. In addition, on the front sensor there is Face ID, Apple's own facial unlocking system. The battery provides an autonomy of 10 hours.

In this case, it is a model that has both 4G / LTE and WiFi, so that a SIM can be used in your case, so you can use it anytime anywhere. Undoubtedly, a top of the range in this segment of 12-inch tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 +

Another Samsung model within this segment of 12-inch tablets. In that specific case, the tablet has a 12,4 inch screen size, with a resolution of 2800 x 1752 Pixels. A great quality, with which to work or watch series in it. For the operating system, Android 10 is used again in this tablet from the Korean firm.

Arrives with a 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage (also available with 256GB). As for the processor, the company has used an Intel Core i5 inside it. While the battery has a capacity of 10.090 mAh, which gives several hours of autonomy at all times. What allows a much easier use in any situation. Very comfortable in this regard for users.

This tablet has only WiFi as default connectivity, so a SIM cannot be used in it. It is a good option for professionals, thanks to its ease of use, good specs and a Super AMOLED screen, of the best quality in the market.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9

Microsoft also has some tablet models, within its Surface range. This model has a 13 inch screen size, with a resolution of 2736 x 1824 pixels. Good screen to work or watch content at all times. For the processor, the company has made use of an Intel Core i5. It comes with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB of storage.

It uses Windows 11 as the operating system, which gives access to many productivity tools in it. Therefore, it is a good tablet with which to work easily. In addition, it has a battery that provides great autonomy, up to 13,5 hours of time. Which allows you to work comfortably with it.

A quality tablet, with good specs and great power. To work, it is possibly one of the best currently on the market, and within this specific size.

Lenovo Tab P12

This Chinese tablet has a fantastic value for money, for those who are looking for something good, beautiful and cheap. It comes equipped with a large 12.7 ”screen and stunning 2K resolution and Dolby Vision. It also has Android 11 with the possibility of an OTA update to have the latest features and security patches.

Includes Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity technology. As for the rest of the hardware, it impresses with its Qualcomm Snapdragon 870G processor with 8 Kryo cores, and a powerful GPU integrated Adreno for your graphics. As for memory, it comes equipped with 6 GB of high-performance LPDDR4x and 128 GB of internal flash memory.

It has a great design, and a battery that can last Up to 15 hours with a full charge thanks to its 8600 mAh. On the side it mounts a fingerprint sensor, and its front camera is 2 × 8 MP FF, while the rear is 13 MP with AF + 5 MP with FF. Its JBL speakers with Dolbe Atmos support, and its two integrated microphones are surprising.


Lastly we find a CHUWI tablet. This model arrives with a 13 inch screen size, with QHD resolution. A good resolution in it. The company has made use of an Intel Gemini Lake processor in the tablet, which gives it good power when it comes to operating.

The processor arrives accompanied by a 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage internal. Good capacity, with which to be able to store a large number of files on this tablet in a simple way. For the battery, we obtain an autonomy of about 7,5 hours thanks to its 5500 mAh.

It is a tablet that uses only WiFi in terms of connectivity, like most of the options on the list. Another good option to consider, with a good value for money, which allows easy use of it.

What operating system to choose for a 12-inch tablet?

When buying a 12-inch tablet, you have to be clear about the operating system you want to use on it. Since there are several options from which to choose at all times, but that may depend on the use that you want to make of said tablet.


The iPad models Pro that are available use iOS/iPadOS as an operating system. It allows a good use to work, especially in design and other tasks in this area, in addition to browsing or accessing applications, as well as viewing content in it.

Do not miss all the 12-inch models that Apple has:



There are few Android tablets in this segment, they are something unusual. Without a doubt, they allow you to enjoy content on a larger screen, have apps and games, although it can also be used for work. But normally Android is used more oriented to leisure.

Little by little, there are more and more large Android tablets with 12 inches or more. Samsung is the one that bets the most for this size, here you can see its models:



Typically, 12-inch tablets use Windows as your operating system. Most of them are models that are intended to work, due to their size and power. So it is common for them to have this version of the operating system available. A good combination to work and be able to view content in it easily at any time.

Large tablets tend to rely on Windows as the operating system. If you want to see more models, press the following button:


What is the best 12-inch tablet?

best 12 inch tablet

From this list of tablets that we have seen in the previous section, there are some models that stand out above the rest. Perhaps the best are the Surface Microsoft Pro and the iPad Apple Pro, in its most recent version. Both are two tablets of enormous quality in their respective segments.

Now that they have good specs, good design, plus power. The difference is that Microsoft's is a very clear bet to work, study and also watch content. In addition, the use of Windows 10 makes it easier to use it at work with greater comfort. While the iPad is also for work, but more for a visual segment (design, architecture, videos, etc).

It depends on the user's preferences, if they want Windows or iOS as the operating system, and the use that they are going to give it. But both are great options in this segment, arguably the best out there.

Advantages of a large tablet

surface pro 6

A large tablet has quite a few advantages for users who are going to buy one. Above all, it allows you to work more comfortably. Since you have more space to have open programs and to be able to read everything more easily. In this sense it is more comfortable to work or carry out multitasking. Especially if it is intended to be worn at workIt will allow you to have documents, the browser and another program open without any problem.

Also, these large screen tablets They are also ideal for watching content, such as series, videos or movies. Given that allow a much more immersive experience at all times to users, which is undoubtedly interesting, in addition to allowing more enjoyment of said content. In addition, the normal thing is that the resolution of these screens is much better.

On the other hand, they are usually the most powerful tablets on the market. So they work better, with a much more fluid experience, and allow many more activities to be carried out, which will allow you to get the most out of them in any situation.

Disadvantages of a 12-inch tablet

The size is large, which may be somewhat more uncomfortable when transporting, because it has the screen that is larger than many laptops. Something that is not always comfortable for users looking for a tablet because they take up little space and are easy to transport.

On the other hand, they are much more expensive models, as you have been able to see in the models that have been shown as an example. So it is something that is not accessible to all users in the market. They are intended for a very specific segment, which mainly uses them for professional use.

The absence of Android is another aspect to consider. Many users are looking for an Android tablet, because they are easy to use, as well as giving access to applications. But in this 12-inch tablet segment, almost no Android models. Therefore, it is something that in many cases is closer to a laptop or 2 in 1 than to a tablet.

12-inch tablet prices

With few exceptions, most 12-inch tablets have high prices. There are a couple of brands that have simple models, that use Android, and then they have low prices (less than 200 euros in some cases). But they are clear exceptions.

Most 12-inch tablet models are expensive, with either iOS or Windows as the operating system. Therefore, the prices that we have in them usually start from 800 euros in many cases. Reaching up to 1.500 euros with ease. Some exceptions, such as some combinations of the new iPad, exceed 2.000 euros in price. But there are few that have this price.

So that between about 800 and 1.500 euros of price is the norm in this particular 12-inch tablet market segment.

The best 12-inch tablet brands

galaxy tab s5, one of the best tablets

There are some brands that stand out above the rest in the market, also in the 12-inch tablet segment. They leave us with good models, with quality specifications, which must be taken into account.



As we have seen, the korean brand has some models in this segment. Unlike the rest of their tablets, which use Android, for these Samsung tablets They have made use of Windows 10. Therefore, they are more oriented towards being able to be used in a professional environment at all times. Good quality, power and performance that these models give us.


The American brand has several models available, inside of iPad Pro range. It is their most expensive tablet, but it is also the most complete and powerful they have today. A powerful model, perfect for working and viewing content, and it also has a large amount of storage. Although it is one of the most expensive on the market.


The Chinese brand also has a model within this 12-inch tablet segment. They bet on Windows 10 in them, which allows it to be a good option to use for work. Since it provides access to productivity tools. In addition, it has a good value for money in its products. Here you can see all Lenovo tablets.

Where to buy a cheap 12-inch tablet

We find a series of stores where we can buy these 12-inch tablets, with good prices or with promotions from time to time. So if you were thinking of buying a 12-inch tablet, these stores are some to check:

  • Carrefour: The hypermarket chain has many tablets available, also 12 inches. We can see them in store or on their website. The good thing about seeing them in the store is that we can test, in addition to checking the quality of the materials used in them.
  • El Corte Ingles: The well-known chain of stores has a good selection of tablets with some of them 12 inches. We can find them both in their stores and online. Again, the one in the store allows us to test them and see which models fit what we are looking for at all times. They tend to have mostly models from premium brands, so there are quite a few in this segment.
  • MediaMarkt: The electronics store chain is one of the best options if you want to buy a tablet. They have a huge selection of makes and models, which allows you to find one that you are looking for, both in its stores and on its website. In addition, they usually have new promotions, every week or two weeks, which allows them to obtain discounts on them from time to time.
  • Amazon: The online store currently owns the largest selection of tablets on the market. We have the same models of all brands and sizes available. So it is easy to find something that interests us in it. Also, they have new promotions every week. So we can get discounts on those models that are of interest to us.
  • FNAC: The electronics store is another of the best options to buy tablets, also those of 12 inches in size, including iPad models, which they usually have in their stores and on their website. In addition, it is a good option for those who are partners, who get a discount on their purchases in the shop.

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