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In this post we will talk about the Samsung tablets In general and for each category you will find a comparative tablet with characteristics and prices to get an idea of ​​the offers that you can find in the market and their technical characteristics.

When it comes to tablets, at least Samsung tablets, the decision to buy involves an almost dizzying series of Price comparisons versus features that can make shopping a bit more complicated.

Samsung tablets comparison

tablet finder

After showing you the two Samsung models that, due to their price and the technical specifications they have, you will see several tables with tablet models ordered by categories, so you can have an idea of ​​the models and lines that the famous manufacturer has.

Not so long ago that Samsung introduced two new tablets in its Tab line, in essence, an already overflowing offering of a buffet of tablets for consumers to choose from. Samsung currently has about 10 tablets available for sale in Spain. Unless some of the existing models are discontinued, we could be approaching 12 different models of Samsung tablets and that does not include the many variations based on the storage capacity and color.

To help you choose among such a variety, below are the most recommended ones in large and small screens, as well as for their value for money.

Samsung is one of the best known tablet brands. The Korean brand currently has a very wide range of tablets available. Therefore, it is one of the best sellers today among users. Some of their models are possibly the best in their respective ranges.

Therefore, it is important to know what the brand has to offer in this market segment. Here we show you some of the tablets that Samsung has on the market currently available. So you know what to expect from the brand.

Galaxy Tab A8

One of the most recent Samsung tablets to hit the market. This model is available in a single size, with its 10,4-inch screen with resolution 2000×1200 pixels. Although, users can choose between the version with WiFi and the version with 4G. This tablet comes with Android 12 as the operating system, which provides a lighter and easier-to-use interface.

Inside it we find 4 GB of RAM, accompanied by 64 GB of internal storage, which can be expanded to 128 GB in total. It has a large 7.040 mAh battery, which will undoubtedly give us great autonomy when using it. Its main camera is 8 MP and the front one is 5 MP. They can take good photos with them.

It is a very complete tablet, since we can carry out all kinds of actions with it. When consuming content, we must highlight the immersive screen it has, which certainly helps a better viewing experience. Another good option to consider.

This model we have given the second position to our comparison of best tablets.

Galaxy tab a7 lite

The previous generation of this Samsung tablet. In your case, It has a 8.7-inch screen in size. Again, this model can be purchased in two versions, as far as connectivity is concerned. Since it is possible to choose between the model with 4G and the other model with WiFi only. Both versions are available in stores and online.

It is a versatile model, although perfect for consuming content or playing games. It has a Mediatek chip, 3 GB RAM and 32 GB of internal storage, which can be expanded without any problem. It has a large battery quite high capacity. Something that will undoubtedly give users enormous autonomy at all times. Its cameras are 8 MP on the rear and on the front one of 2 MP.

It has a thin and light design which makes it very easy to carry it at all times. A good tablet from Samsung. Specially designed when viewing content, browsing, playing games or downloading applications on it. In this sense, one of the best tablets out there. And it comes with Android 11.

Galaxy tab s6 lite

One of the most popular Samsung tablets, available in two different sizes. There is a version with a 8-inch and 10,4-inch screen. It is the only difference between the two models. Because the rest of the specifications are the same. So you can choose between a larger version or a more modest one.

Otherwise, both versions come with a 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage internal, which can be expanded up to 512 GB via microSD. The battery of this Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is 6840 mAh, which will give us a good autonomy when using it. It also has an 8 MP camera, with which to take good photos in many situations. In addition, it is a very thin tablet that stands out for being light.

In its two size versions, Samsung launches two models. You can choose between a model with WiFi and another with 4G. So users can choose the model that best suits what they are looking for in this tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is one of the most interesting tablets from the South Korean giant. To begin with, we are talking about a tablet with a 10.4″ screen, which is slightly larger than most tablets without increasing the overall size of the device. Continuing with its screen, that of this tablet is sAMOLED, the latest generation of the company's own panels that leave such a good taste in the mouth for all its users.

On the other hand, still talking about the screen, the Samsung Tab S6 is compatible with its S-Pen, the company's Stylus with which we can carry out some design work and be more efficient in some tasks. If you are wondering, yes, the S-Pen is included with the purchase of this tablet.

Inside, the Tab S6 has 4GB of RAM and a storage of 64GB, but expandable up to 512GB. As for the processor, everything will be driven by the Qualcomm 8803 CORTEX A8, which, together with its RAM and storage, ensures that we can do practically anything without depending on a computer. This also helps that the operating system is an unrestricted one like Android.

Logically, we are talking about a tablet for demanding users, and its price will also be somewhat higher than that of other tablets. Still, you can get the Tab S6 for less than € 200I do not mean to say that it is little but it is also true that it is less than what other tablets of other famous brands are worth.

Galaxy Tab S7 FE

The next generation of Samsung's tablet has a single model, with a 12.4 inch screen size. Although we can choose again between the version with WiFi or the one with 4G. Both options are available in stores or on the Korean firm's website.

This tablet comes with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage, which can be expanded up to 256 GB using a microSD card. This tablet has an eight core processor inside. Its battery is 10090 mAh, which also comes with a faster charge, which will allow it to be used for a longer time (13 hours). It is one of the best Samsung tablets, as well as the most versatile.

Because it can be used both to work, with accessories such as the keyboard or the pencil. But it is also ideal for viewing content, playing games or editing photos. It is something that makes it a very complete option. Also the sound of it stands out, with its four speakers. What's more, It comes with a great camera., which will allow you to get great photos in all kinds of situations.

Galaxy tab s8 plus

The latest tablet in this range from Samsung. Possibly one of the best tablets that have come to Android in recent months. A complete model, released in a single size, of 12,4 inches with a Super AMOLED panel of excellent quality. Although, as with previous tablets, it is possible to choose between the model with WiFi and the other with 5G.

It has an infinite screen, which makes it ideal to work with it, as well as being perfect when watching movies or playing games. In addition, this tablet comes with the S Pen included. Something that will allow you to work in a better way with it. It has 6GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, which can be expanded up to 456GB. Your battery has a 10.090 mAh capacity, which will give great autonomy.

In addition, It comes with a 13 MP rear camera and an 8 MP front camera. Samsung has made many improvements to it, which allow for better performance. Systems such as iris recognition have also come to it, as well as Bixby, Samsung's assistant. Possibly the best tablet that the brand has in its catalog today.

Galaxy Tab A8 10.5-inch

Another of the Samsung tablets in this range. The size of it is 10.5 inches on its screen. We meet with a version with 4G and another with WiFi Of the same. In addition, there is a special version, in the model with WiFi, in which the S Pen is included with said tablet. So it is possible that there are users who are interested in this version.

It is a tablet with 4 GB RAM and 128 GB storage, which can be expanded using microSD. It has a 2 MP front camera and a 5 MP rear camera. Its battery is 6.000 mAh, which is quite large, which will allow you to enjoy it for hours without any problem. It is a model oriented more to leisure. But that gives a good performance.

It has a good screen, with a good size and a good resolution. In addition, it is possible to expand the storage if necessary. Its design is slim and weighs very little, which makes it ideal to take on a trip. Therefore, it is one of the best Samsung tablets for leisure. Something simpler than other models, but that perfectly fulfills its mission.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

This tablet is recent, the new Samsung model that comes with a charger and S Pen as a gift in the pack. You will find it in various versions, such as the S8, S8+ and S8 Ultra, as well as different capacities such as 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB of storage capacity. There are also different colors to choose from, and a 5G LTE version instead of WiFi only, although it's a bit more expensive.

This model comes equipped with Android 12 operating system, and with a powerful Qualcomm chip with 8 Krypto processing cores and the brand new Adreno GPU to perform at its best with video game graphics.

Features of Samsung tablets

The Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets have become one of the great alternatives for the Apple iPad. The South Korean giant has managed to create one of the best models on the market, and with a large repertoire of accessories at your fingertips. In addition, some models also include features such as:

Fingerprint reader

samsung tablet

The fingerprint reader is a biometric identification system. This means that we will have to use a part of our body to be able to perform some tasks such as transactions or unlocking the terminal. As its name suggests, a fingerprint reader reads fingerprints and can be located at different points on the terminal. The most common is that it is on the main (or start) button on the front, but we can also find them elsewhere. The most modern fingerprint reader systems are located under the screen, which means that we can rest our finger on it to unlock the terminal and perform the other tasks that our fingerprint requires.

Before we can use a fingerprint reader, whatever the brand of the device, we have to record it. The system to engrave the fingerprint will depend on the model and device software, but basically we have to press a finger several times on the reader to create an image of it. Later, it will ask us to enter that "image", or more specifically the correct finger, and it will be unlocked in a time that is always less than one second.

External memory

An external memory is one that we add in our terminal to be able to expand its storage memory. Many Samsung phones are sold with a sufficient hard disk to be able to use the terminal, download applications / games and add music, but sometimes that hard disk is not enough. As long as a terminal offers this option, we can add a SD card to expand the storage, something that sometimes allows us to reach or exceed 512GB of storage.

Not all Samsung tablets offer this possibility, but most do. This is a feature that users like a lot, but some very low-end will stick with the memory with which they were manufactured and do not offer an option to expand it.

Kids Mode

Samsung's Kids Mode is presented by the company as «the first digital playground for your children«. It offers us a different design, designed for the youngest, and content that may seem interesting to our little ones. To use it, we will first have to do some settings.

Once in Kids Mode, the little ones will enter your own space, a park from which they will not be able to leave unless we enter a PIN (optional). This means that if we do not authorize it, they will have to stay in that mode and will not be able to access other services that may not be the best for them.

In short, Kids Mode is a space for our little ones to learn and have a good time without taking any risk and without being able to access or damage our most important data.

S Pen

galaxy tab with spen

The S-Pen is the Official Samsung Stylus. In order to use it, we need a compatible device and it offers us extra options, such as being able to draw on the screen or launch special menus. Unlike others that are just a pointer, the S-Pen includes some smart functions, thanks to its hardware that includes Bluetooth connectivity and its own battery that is charged in the same terminal.


Bixby is the samsung virtual assistant. Is relatively young, but with it we can perform many tasks without the need to touch a terminal, such as calling, sending an email or opening an application. The above is the basic usage; Bixby allows us much more.

The best we can do to know all the possibilities that a virtual assistant is to test it, but with Bixby we can do things like the following:

  • Speak or ask for things in natural language. This means that it can interpret what we say and is not based on commands.
  • Create and send messages from any compatible application, such as messages, emails, and third-party applications.
  • Tell him that we are going to start training by running a specific number of kilometers.
  • Make inquiries about what we have scheduled.
  • Add items to lists or reminders.
  • Take pictures. We can also change the camera settings.
  • Control other devices domótica. IMPORTANT: it is necessary that we have compatible home automation items in our house to be able to use this function.

In short, if you have a Samsung tablet, Bixby is your personal assistant.


Dynamic AMOLED 2x

Currently, Samsung has presented the screens Dynamic AMOLED for your premium devices. These types of panels are similar to Super AMOLED, but have HDR10+ certification, and have focused on reducing eye fatigue when in use, reducing the blue light emitted by the screen (reduction of up to 42%). In addition, they have a contrast of 2.000.000:1, which is very high, in addition to improving the color range with a DCI-P3 color spectrum.

They are, at the moment, the best Samsung screens.


samsung tablet

Samsung's sAMOLED is the company's newest panel. It was unveiled in November 2019 and is yet another twist on its already highly award-winning screens. Few devices use them, but they offer even better colors and brightness.

It is very important do not confuse them with Super AMOLED screens from the same company and, especially if we buy in minor stores, make sure that what we are going to buy really uses a sAMOLED screen and what we see in their ad is not really referring to a Super AMOLED screen.


Samsung Continuity or Continuity is a company system that connects our Samsung terminal to our computer so that we can receive calls and messages from our laptop or desktop computer. The setting It is simple and, once connected, we will receive and be able to respond to notifications from our computer without having to touch our tablet or smartphone. Believe it or not, it is a very useful function that is worth having activated.

4G / 5G

Some models include 4G and 5G LTE connectivity, so you can be connected to the Internet wherever you need it, even if you don't have a WiFi network within reach. This makes them more similar to mobile devices. In fact, these tablets also include a SIM card slot, so you can add a data rate.

120 hz display

The refresh rate of a screen is a very important factor, since it is the speed with which the images are updated. It is measured in hertz, therefore 120 Hz means that the screen is capable of updating up to 120 times in a single second. At higher speeds, it will consume a little more battery, but in return offers superior graphics performance, especially for enjoying video content and video games.

Samsung tablet processors

Samsung tablets, as with the smartphones of this firm, can come equipped with several Different SoCs:

  • Exynos: It is the Samsung brand, based on ARM with Cortex-A Series processors, Mali GPU, as well as integrated DSP and wireless modem and drivers for connectivity. These chips come in various ranges and prices, and feature excellent performance. Exynos-equipped mobile devices are generally destined for the European market in the case of smartphones, for compatibility reasons in terms of network connectivity. In the case of tablets, it is not so important if you only have WiFi connectivity and not LTE data.
  • Snapdragon: Samsung also equips some of its products with the chips designed by Qualcomm. These SoCs also have different ranges, and along with Apple's, they are leaders in performance and features, with modified Cortex-A based CPU and Adreno GPU. The rest of the characteristics are identical to those equipped with Exynos, only slight differences in performance are noticed.
  • Mediatek: Some lower-end and cheaper models may be equipped with Mediatek chips, such as Helio, which integrate unmodified Cortex-A cores and Mali GPUs. These chips have a performance and benefits somewhat lower than Qualcomm or Samsung. However, they can be sufficient for most users who do not need too high a power.

How to format a samsung tablet

samsung tablet

Formatting a tablet assumes that all data will be deleted what's in it. Therefore, before proceeding with a process like this, users are always recommended to make a backup copy of everything that is stored on said tablet. To avoid losing important information.

It is normally a process that can be done in two ways. In some cases, you have to enter the tablet settings. Within the settings there is a section for factory data reset. In some models it is located within the privacy section on said tablet. In this way, we proceed to the erasure of said data in it.

It may happen that the user does not have access to the tablet. In this case, you have to turn off the tablet. When it is turned off, you have to press and hold on the volume up button and the power button, until the logo of the brand appears. Then, a menu will appear in which there are several options. One of them is wipe data / factory reset. To get there you have to move using the volume buttons. Then, the power button is pressed and confirmed again by pressing said button. In this way, the Samsung tablet in question is reset.

Whatsapp for samsung tablet

Many users with a tablet want to be able to use WhatsApp on the same. Fortunately, this is possible in all of them. A few weeks ago, the version of WhatsApp for tablets was officially launched. Therefore, for users who have an Android tablet, it will be possible to download it directly from the Play Store. So they can use it normally.

For users who have one of the convertible models, with Windows 10 as the operating system, it is also possible. It can make use of the desktop version WhatsApp, called WhatsApp Web. In this way, you can use the popular messaging application. You can download this version directly on your official website, in a very simple way.

What is the price of a Samsung tablet?

As you have seen, Samsung's tablet catalog is really wide nowadays. This is something that causes the price of a tablet to be different from one model to another. Although it is something that depends on the range. Therefore, it is easy to have something for each user. It is important to know that the 4G versions of the tablets are more expensive than the WiFi versions.

Within the range of the Galaxy Tab A we find the most accessible models. In this segment, the prices of tablets range from around 160 euros for the cheapest models to 339 euros in some cases. In the middle there are some with prices of 199 euros. So there is a bit of everything and they are the most accessible in general.

The range of the Galaxy Tab S is one notch above in the Samsung catalog. Therefore, in it there are prices that go from 299 of the cheapest, even other tablets that cost up to 599 euros. More expensive models, with better specifications, for more demanding users, who also want to use them in more situations.

Models like the Galaxy Book or the Galaxy TabPro S are noticeably more expensive. Since they are convertible, designed for professional use, in addition to having Windows 10. In this range, no model falls below 1.000 euros. So they are intended for a very specific audience.

Is it worth buying a Samsung tablet?

The multinational Samsung is one of the leading companies in the technology sector, with a long history and great distinction within the sector. The Having such a giant behind these tablets gives a lot of confidence and ensures that you will have a high-quality tablet, excellent features, state-of-the-art hardware and software, and very professional technical support if something happens.

In addition, other of the advantages of this type of tablets are their quality of assembly and finishes, a screen with leading technologies (remember that Samsung and LG are the two largest producers of screens in the world), operating system of current versions and upgradeable by OTA, a pleasant UI, design and ergonomics, high-performance Exynos / Snapdragon chips, good camera sensors, quality speakers, good autonomy, etc.

Where to buy a cheap Samsung tablet

If you are interested in buying a cheap Samsung tablet, you can look in these stores, where you will find some offers:

  • Amazon: here you will find the largest number of Samsung tablet models, both the latest ones launched on the market and other somewhat older ones if you are looking for something cheaper. You can also locate several offers for the same product, to choose the seller that offers it the cheapest. In addition, you will have the peace of mind that this platform offers, both in purchase guarantees, as well as money back and payment security. And if you are a Prime customer, you can save shipping costs and receive your package faster.
  • Media Markt: The German chain has some of the best prices, with the latest models of Samsung tablets. You will not find as much variety as in Amazon, but this store allows you the possibility of buying it in person at one of its centers or ordering it from its website.
  • El Corte Ingles: In the technology section, you can find the latest generation Samsung tablets, although the prices are not the cheapest. However, it has promotions and offers, such as Tecnoprcios, where you can get cheaper electronic products. You can also choose between face-to-face or online purchase.
  • Carrefour: you can choose to go to any of its points of sale throughout the country or buy on the website of the French chain. Be that as it may, you will find the latest tablet models, with some occasional offers and promotions.

The rest of the Samsung tablet models


Samsung introduced two more good-looking tablets in its new Galaxy S line not so long ago. The 10.5-inch Tab S and the 8.4-inch Tab S. From the beginning, the two tablets appear to be thinner than its predecessors with superior specs. Both are positioned as the next Samsung tablet flagships, with launch prices that look competitive. The 10.-inch Tab S at 460 euros and the 8.4-inch version at 350 euros. Typical lineup comparisons of Apple iPads already exhaustively fill tech blogs.

But there are other comparisons that consumers, especially those who do not want to play in the Apple stadium, should take into account. And for buyers, those comparisons inevitably lead to the Samsung tablet buffet table.

Do you want to see all the offers on Samsung tablets? Find HERE the best sales

So, how to know which Samsung tablet to buy among all the options that the brand offers? That is a difficult decision that the manufacturer has left to the consumer. While the needs and budget of a buyer have to be the key decision points in the endLet's take a look at what the differences are between the different lines of Samsung tablets.

More about Samsung tablets

comparative samsung

If you enter Amazon These days, you will see several display tables that offer the range of Samsung products, including the different tablets that they already have on the market. They look like buffet tables in a strange way. You'll see more than five pages of selections on Amazon that include color variants, as well as differences in storage capacity. Are listed more than 50 variations, again with differences in color and size capacity, in an ascending way.

The Galaxy series on Samsung tablets has several entries. There is the series Galaxy Tab and the series Galaxy Note. The Galaxy Note series includes a special stylus and screen with technology for digital inkers and illustrators. While the Tab series within the Galaxy does not include those features. But then both the Tab and the Note have "Pro" models as well. The new Samsung tablets now add a third entry, the Tab S series that does include SPen

This can be quite confusing for a consumer. Yesterday I spent time in an electronics store and overheard a conversation between a customer and a sales representative. The customer wanted a tablet that was neither Apple nor Amazon. The sales representative began to show him the range of Samsung tablets. The customer, who appeared to be a smart shopper, stopped by after the third tablet and said he wanted to see the best available option in a 7-inch form factor for less than 400 euros that Android had. And in still I had three tablets to choose from.

If you have come this far, it is that you still do not have it very clear

How much do you want to spend ?:


* Move the slider to change the price

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  1. buff I just read you and I'm even more involved ... I love Samsung and I think it's a good option. but I don't know which one to choose. I want it to help me read documents of all kinds. with a good memory and big to read well. I don't care if I don't have 3g with the wifi, do you advise me?

  2. Wow I'm sorry Ana! 😛 Still the reason for this publication is to show what is on the market. You tell me what you want it for but the budget is missing, this goes a long way, hehe. In case you don't care what you spend, I think you don't have to pay 400 euros to browse and read what you're saying. Look to you the Galaxy A 9,7. This is what I would recommend right away, if you are looking for something more specific let me know and I will do my best to help you.

  3. Pau, good morning. Please help; that it can be better and at the lowest possible cost, for; take photos and be able to make notes by hand (I suppose with a pen or similar or even with your finger) on or on them directly on the tablet. And then these photos can be seen on a pc or laptop with windows. …… .. And apart from being able to see PDF files also on the tablet. Please which will be the best option; android, ios or windows,… .and which tablet in particular .. Please.
    Thanks in advance

  4. I have a budget of about 400.
    I want kit kat, super amoled screen and at least 16gb of internal memory and an external sd card.
    My doubts are about whether I am interested in the S or the S2, (or, since you have already put so many models on the table) the ones that NOTE. . .
    I hope I have explained myself.
    Thank you very much for your work and information.

  5. How about Ignacio. I think the Tab S complies with what you say and the budget is more or less what you have in mind. Internal 16GB, amoled screen, kit kat ... On the tables I put an offer of it (here I'll put it on you). I like the Note but not as much as the Tab S, in quality-price you get more out of the Tab S for what it offers. All the best

  6. Good afternoon, thank you very much for the article. It seems very complete to me, but I can't quite make up my mind… The problem is that technology escapes me a bit and I want to give my brother a gift. He's computer science, so I suppose he'll get a great deal out of the tablet. In terms of budget I have no limit (the cheaper the better, but I think it is something that you will use a lot and buying something with few features will eventually be more expensive because you want to change). Thank you.

  7. Thanks for commenting Marta. I will assume that as you write to me in the Samsung comparison article you want a tablet of this brand. Without having more information than you tell me, I would go for the Tab A. Of quality price it is the sea of ​​good and being one of the latest models they have fixed some deficiencies that it lacked, I definitely recommend it. You will see that in the same article I link a complete review so that you can see it in more detail. I think that with this your brother will be satisfied with the fluidity he has that could be used on a daily basis. Buying one of the models that is worth more as a Note in my view as it is not used in addition to work and having it several hours a day is not so much worth spending more than the Tab A that I was talking about. Have a nice day.

  8. hello. I have seen that there is also a samsung galaxy tab s2 tablet, but you do not mention them. what do you think of that model? What is the difference with tab S? I'm interested in a 9 or 10 ”tablet but I don't know which model suits me best. I basically use it to play, read, watch movies, skype, documents. I am always on the road and I prefer to take my tablet to my pc. the longer the battery lasts the better. What do you recommend me? thanks in advance 🙂

  9. Thanks for grazing Maria. The S2 is a good model, however it costs more than € 400 and I considered whether to put it in or not, since normally the people on the page look for cheaper tablets. However, as I see that you have asked me about it and other users I have also just included it in the list 🙂 I have also linked an offer to find it at a good price. For all that you tell me that you are going to use it, the truth is that maybe you don't need to spend so much, but if you have the budget, it is a good choice 😀

  10. Hello, I am also very busy, I want to buy a small tablet for my 10-year-old daughter who uses it to navigate, play, movies and music. I do not know whether to buy ipad or sansung, nor what capacity to buy, with the ipad I clarify something else but in sansung with so many models I no longer know which one I have to choose, my budget is between 300 and 350. Thanks

  11. Hello Rocio, the budget is quite high so you will have no problem choosing one that does all of this. In fact, for € 200 you can have one that is good. Have you seen our comparison of the best value for money?

  12. I am undecided between table 3 lite or 4. It will be used to watch movies, listen to music, play games, internet and take photos.
    Which of them is the best?
    Thank you

  13. How about Mamen, you mean Tab 4? Because then I would choose that one. The offer that we link in the article is very interesting and although the Lite is more expensive, you have a better screen to enjoy multimedia content, as well as more power to play 🙂

  14. I want to ask which one should I buy in the line of tab A for example I wanted to know what is the difference in the tablet tab 10 ′ 1 the Tab A6, SM-t580, tab 4 in models of the line tab A

  15. Good morning,
    I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019 tablet and I would like to know if there is any way to connect it to a TV other than a smart TV.
    I was advised by the store who told me that there was no problem, that there are cables that connect the USB type C port of the tablet with the HDMI of the TV without problem, but I bought the cable and nothing, it does not work.
    Reporting on the internet I have seen that to transmit sound and image, it is necessary that the tablet has MHL, and it is not the case of this Galaxy Tab A model, so I wanted to ask you if there is any possibility, an adapter or something that allows me connect tablet and TV.

    Thanks in advance, greetings.

  16. Hi Patricia,

    You can always use a chromecast type device to stream the screen on your current television.


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