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La Chinese brand Chuwi it is growing in popularity in a fast way. Since their cheap laptops appeared, the brand has been expanding into other sectors such as tablets. In this case, they also offer products with an attractive design, trying to imitate Apple products, but with a very low price.

Therefore, if you are thinking about get an affordable tablet and you are hesitating between several brands, the Chuwi can be a good alternative for you. And here you can solve all the doubts you have about this technological firm and everything they can offer you ...

Chuwi is a good brand of tablets?

Chuwi is a Chinese manufacturer It has very popular tablet and laptop models, standing out mainly for its screen, design, and low price. Although this brand began creating tablets, little by little it has focused on ultrabooks and miniPCs, although it has not left aside these other devices that you can continue to find.

Their products they are clones of Apple products Regarding its design, although they differ from these in terms of technical characteristics, operating system, and benefits. In addition, its finish and quality is quite good. Of course, do not expect huge benefits for those prices ...

Since its founding in 2004, in Shenzhen, the firm has bet heavily on all kinds of mobile devices with operating system Windows and x86 processors, as well as with the tandem Android and ARM processors. This gives them some advantages over manufacturers who only have a single architectural and operating system option.

For example, you can have all the advantages of energy efficiency and autonomy of ARMs, as well as enjoy the thousands and thousands of apps available on Google Play. But you can also choose a model with Windows and x86 that will allow you to deploy all the software of this platform, they can make it a great option for both home users who are looking for a computer for everything, or for business who need to use business apps like Microsoft Office, etc. In addition, since it has such an economical price, it can allow you to buy tablets in large volume and save a lot on the purchase if you need to distribute many of them among the employees ...

Do Chuwi tablets come with a Spanish language?

chuwi tablet pc

Generally, these Chuwi tablets come in English by default, but that does not prevent you from being able to download and switch to any other language, since the Windows operating system is multilanguage, and supports Spanish among many others.

At change language, you just have to go to the I menuHome> Settings> Time & Language> Region & Language, and from there you can click on Add a language. Select Spanish (Spanish) and your country of origin, Spain in this case. Click on it on the main screen and click Set A default. Click on Download to download the packages corresponding to your language and the tablet should now appear in Spanish.

As for the Android variants, the procedure for changing the language would be just as simple. You just have to go to the Settings app> Additional settings> Languages ​​and text input, and from there select the system language and the Spanish keyboard.

What operating system does a CHUWI tablet have?

A Chuwi tablet, as I have already mentioned, uses a Microsoft Windows 10 or Android operating system. This has its advantages compared to tablets that only pre-install Android, since you will not have to depend on mobile apps for the Google operating system if you do not want to, but you will be able to have all the software that you can handle on any Windows PC as well. on your tablet.

That includes all kinds of programs and video games, such as Photoshop, MS Office, Paint, Outlook, and a long etc. In addition, being x86 chips, like those of the PC, you will not have limitations in that sense either, since there are many binaries for that architecture, while for ARM there are still some restrictions.

Instead, if you prefer to choose Android modelsYou will also be able to find models that are better suited to those required by Google services and mobile applications.

Are Chuwi tablets the cheapest value for money?

Together with Jumper, Huawei y Teclast, Chuwi is one of the cheapest brands and best value for money that you can acquire. In fact, the prices between these makes and models are quite even.

Therefore, if you are looking for a cheap tablet and the other brands mentioned do not convince you for some reason, in Chuwi you can try your luck and find what you have not found in the others.

Chuwi Tablets: My opinion

chuwi tablet

La value for money of these Chuwi tablets is quite good. Also, if you have a low budget to buy a tablet, it is better that you opt for a mara like this than that you try your luck with other rarer low-cost brands that could disappoint you a lot in terms of quality or user experience.

This Chinese brand has always been known for offering cheap solutions with great design, even similar to Apple in some ways. In addition, it allows great comfort, with an attachable keyboard to be able to use it as a laptop or as a tablet as needed, which gives it greater versatility.

Some models, like the Chuwi Hi10 XPro have a metal back case, giving it a more premium finish and better heat dissipation. And, although they tend to be somewhat thicker than the competition, it remains in moderate dimensions and a fairly manageable weight.

In addition to the usual microUSB, USB C for charging, and the 3.5mm audio jack, can also include SD memory card slots and a microHDMI output. It also includes the on and off button, along with the volume buttons, like other tablets.

Your processors Intel Atom / ARM They are usually quite powerful for office, navigation or streaming applications, although they may be insufficient if you want them for video games or for other high-performance applications, although for Android apps they are more than enough. On the other hand, in models like the Hi10 you have dualboot, that is, a dual boot with Windows 10 and RemixOS (based on Android and compatible with its apps) to be able to boot one or the other operating system. I mean, you would have the best of both worlds.

screen tablet chuwi

Another noteworthy point is your screen, which has a good resolution and image quality, and with dimensions that are slightly larger than those of the competition, since some models mount 10.8-inch panels. Something positive, even more so when you consider that you will have to use window-based operating systems.

Both in the models with Intel Atom chips, as in the ARMs, their battery is large enough to be able to maintain a autonomy which can even go up to 9 hours of use if it is not used with a screen brightness greater than 50%. That means that it can last a full day of work, although everything will depend on the use that is given to it and the brightness ... Of course, some advanced models have fast charging, which is also appreciated.

If it is analyzed the integrated webcam and sound system, do not expect great wonders. It has a very basic sensor on the front and rear of 8MP. Enough for a video call with a decent resolution. As for the sound, models like the Hi10 Pro have two side speakers with an acceptable quality.

Lastly, keyboard that make up some of these make them 2 in 1 tabletsVery comfortable convertibles when you have to handle certain applications, or to write long texts. Something that would be a hassle using the touch screen and on-screen keyboard. In addition, you can choose the Spanish distribution, with Ñ.

Conclusion, the Chuwi tablet is of good quality, it has a really good looking screen, it has cool features for use in offices or as a replacement for a laptop, and its price is incredible.

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  1. I bought the large tablet and until today it went well. It had a problem that a little cloud came out in the center of the screen that it went away on its own. But now it took time to turn on by pressing the power button. Nothing lately; she stoped. It neither charges nor accepts charging. The local technicians tell me that he is KO. I call the brand's website and they don't answer me………….You have to be serious, I think.

  2. For my work, I am very interested in buying a tablet with a Windows operating system and a SIM card. I came to this page because they told me on the previous one that CHUWI has several models. In short, could you tell me what they are?

    Thank you very much

  3. Spend 50 euros more and buy one that you can repair later. Chuwi you will have to eat it. 400 euros on a “Chuwi lapbook air” laptop, in 1 year the hinges are already starting to break, after 2 years you have the screen on one side and the rest of the hardware on the other, and the solution is to throw it away, they don't even repair it They don't even sell you spare parts. NEVER BUY CHUWI

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