Convertible tablet

A convertible tablet combines the power and features of a laptop with the mobility and convenience of a tablet as a portable device that can be used anywhere and anytime. These convertible tablets have a screen and keyboard. In laptop mode they work the same as these without you noticing the difference. The device easily transforms into a tablet, with touch screen in which you can navigate as well as with a pen (touch pen).

Convertible tablets comparison

We have determined the best convertible tablet cheap with good value for money for various purposes. We have taken the most highlighted by users and experts and we have left it in a reduced list. These 2-in-1 tablets have developed perfectly in the categories that we have evaluated them and each one of them builds a powerful machine for professionals but also for entertainment.

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As you can see, all of these convertible tablets are characterized by carrying Windows mostly and can be used as a laptop or tablet whenever we want with a simple screen turn. The versatility in this case is maximum and the good thing about using Windows is that we can install computer applications such as Office, Photoshop or any other.

A convertible tablet can come in handy for example in an office where workers move around a lot. These computers are easily picked up and repositioned, and most importantly, they are versatile. Teaching a presentation to a co-worker with just a swipe of your fingers on your screen saves time and energy. Going from writing notes to drawing sketches and plans on a convertible tablet means that you are not tied to a board. These devices free up workers a bit and make them mobile which expands your office options.

The best convertible tablets

HP x360

HP devices are flexible tablet-notebooks and take the best of the Transformer Book to turn it into a convertible tablet.

Good things: Very resistant magnetic hinge to switch between computer, tablet, shelf and "store". An above average screen. A cheap price that includes Microsoft Office at certain times of the year.

The HP x360 is a model that can really be taken out as it weighs less than 1,5kg.. Like the Asus we'll be talking about, it uses Windows 10 and comes with Office, which means you have Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

As for the technical characteristics we cannot complain, 14-inch screen, 1.6GHz thanks to the Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, 8GB of RAM and an internal memory of 512GB SSD. It depends on the model you choose, you will have it around 300-400 euros in the most basic version.

In other words we can say that the HP x360 is the direct rival of the Asus convertible tablet that we have waited for so long. We like to see it available, and We declare her the champion of the comparison for all the things we have discussed and for the other models we have compared.

You can also add that has a more stylish as well as slim design, at least for our liking and compared to other convertible laptops. The screen and keyboard are rather narrow, but it is something you get used to rather quickly.

In the end we decided to give the winner prize to the HP because compared to the Asus the price has been going down although between the two they have similar technical characteristics. The difference is not that great for a tight budget, however we think you deserve it. We recommend you use the offer that we have linked to find the best price online.

Asus Chromebook Flip

The Asus Chromebook Flip is a type of convertible tablet with a 16 inch touch screen and about 11 hours of battery life on a single charge when we tested it. It also comes with ChromeOS, so it is at the top of the list.

Good things: Cheap price that includes the keyboard and compatibility with native Android apps. Weighs just. Great autonomy. The processor it has makes it fast.

Convertible and affordable tablet for the benefits it offers compared to a similar hardware laptop. This is how we define this tablet after having tried it. We have become familiar with these words in this era of 2-in-1 hybrid tablets, whatever you want to call them. We have had the pleasure of being able to test similar laptops but they are not as affordable, so we stick with these tablets.

There are quite a few alternatives to iPad where you can buy keyboards that stick together, but the truth is that then the price skyrockets. For example, the 11-inch Envy costs about 700 euros, the Icona 600, Lenovo with a similar keyboard... So the Asus Chromebook Flip seems to take over the second position on the list.

The Asus Chromebook Flip has a price of about 700 euros including keyboard. Its screen is 16 inches (multi-touch, of course) and 16GB of RAM as well as 256GB of internal SSD memory, which makes it a convertible tablet that saves data very quickly. Includes ChromeOS as well as a quad core processor Intel Core i5 which gives you almost twice the performance of previous generations at a very good convertible tablet price.

Something that we did not like so much when testing it, is the memory capacity. Let's see, it's a very good option for demanding programs and applications as well as games, but do not expect to use it for multimedia productions that demand a lot of space such as video editing or things with special effects. The maximum capacity it has is 256GB SSD which is already something more acceptable.

The keyboard as you can expect in a 10 inch tablet or 13 inches like this case, it is rather small and flat but as in all these models you get used to using it a bit.

Apple iPad Pro

We already know how this brand works, and what it does to the convertible tablet sector is not far behind. The iPad Pro is a luxurious tablet. If you want power, fluidity and a very beautiful style in its maximum splendor and you do not mind spending a little less than 1000 euros then this tablet is for you.

Good things: Beautiful and good screen. Surprisingly thin and thin on the sides. Exceptional graphics processing. The four speakers it has are very powerful. You can connect keyboards, cables and batteries.

Bad things: Expensive. The keyboard cover has few (but sufficient) attachment points. The price to pay for good functionality is also for the battery, which does not last as long as in some models. It does not have MicroSD.

The iPad Pro convertible tablet was released after many rumors. And Apple has entered the market with force with huge tablets. Models with more than 10 inches of screen, such as the 12.9-inch Pro at 2.732 × 2.048 pixels with a 78% longer surface than the screen area in its ordinary size of the Air 2.

The iPad Pro makes a lot more sense if you are not going to use it holding it with your hand for extended periods. If you want to use it on flat surfaces instead of holding it or putting it on your legs, or if you know that you don't mind spending around 900 euros for a good tablet. Be that as it may, a 12.9 iPad is very seductive, if you are an iOS lover and want to write on the screen. Logically we cannot put it as a winner for the price, since we have to look at the value for money.

What is a convertible tablet

An convertible tablet It is a device that combines the power and characteristics of a laptop, without giving up the mobility and comfort that a tablet provides. That is, while they have a keyboard for greater comfort when typing, and hardware that usually provides performance more similar to a laptop, they also use a touch screen and allow the keyboard to be undocked or hidden so that it can be used fully. tactile.

Advantages of a convertible tablet

This type of convertible tablet has its advantages and disadvantages, just like any other device. Among the advantages that you can get with these models are:

  • They usually have lower dimensions and weight to conventional notebooks, and even better than some ultrabooks.
  • La battery life of these convertible devices is usually somewhat better than that of some laptops.
  • El performance it is also usually superior to that of a tablet.
  • They include touch screen, something that is not present in conventional notebooks. That means they can be used as a tablet when you want more mobility.
  • You have keyboard and touchpad, something that is not available in conventional tablets either. This makes it more comfortable to use, especially when you type a lot, since typing with the tablet's on-screen keyboard is very slow and uncomfortable.
  • These types of convertibles usually come with x86-based hardware, and with full versions of Windows 10, which will give you compatibility with all the software for this platform. However, some versions have ARM and Android chips.

Tablet or convertible?

If you are wondering whether to buy a tablet or convertible, the answer will depend on what you are looking for. There are many tablets in which they are not especially convertible, they are normal, but in this case you can buy a keyboard cover to save it and write at the same time. Of course, it will not develop you the same as one of the models we have talked about since you are designed to have a little more power.

If you just want a convertible tablet for the simple fact of being able to type like on a laptop then it's not worth spending that much. There are good value for money tablets They will be worth less than the convertibles and you can buy one of these covers that we mentioned.

Differences between convertible tablet and convertible laptop

The differences between the two dissipate, and it can be considered that they are exactly the same. Although, if you refer to a tablet with a keyboard as a convertible tablet, then you are making a mistake. In that case it is not exactly the same.

When it comes to convertible laptop or convertible tablet, it refers to a 2-in-1 device, that is, they can act as much as one or the other. To do this, they include a keyboard that can be removed at any time, leaving the screen operating in touch mode as if it were a tablet.

Instead, a tablet with keyboard It's not exactly the same. In this case, it is a conventional tablet to which an external keyboard can be added, which may even be from a different manufacturer than the tablet. That is, in these cases the keyboard is not part of the equipment itself, but is an accessory.

Whether compare a 2-in-1 to a tablet with a keyboard, the 2-in-1 has better features, they tend to have somewhat higher dimensions, and they often have Windows 10 pre-installed. For example, while tablets usually include ARM processors and internal flash memory, in convertibles it is common to find x86 chips from Intel or AMD, and M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD hard drives.

How to choose a convertible tablet

Not all hybrid tablets are created in the same way of course, and finding the perfect model that fits the needs you are looking for can be something that takes a lot of work if you do not know what to look for or which to buy. When looking for a convertible tablet consider the design, support, technical features and how fluid it is. To test the most highly rated tablets by experts and opinions on the market we have used the following criteria.

If you are thinking of acquiring a convertible tablet, you should know some of the technical characteristics that you have to know if you want to make a good choice. Those parameters are:

Operating System

Surface GB

You have three fundamental platforms at your disposal. Those platforms are Android and iOS, in terms of specific operating systems for mobile devices, or also the possibility of Microsoft Windows 10.

The positive thing about mobile systems is that they are more optimized for this type of equipment, in addition to being able to squeeze the battery better and not requiring very high hardware resources. In addition, the apps of these systems tend to be lighter, in addition to taking up less space on the hard drive.

As for Windows 10, although it is not that good in those aspects, it does offer you better compatibility for a multitude of accessories and software. In fact, you can use all the programs and video games that you use on any PC.


Convertible tablets often have large screen sizes, 10 ”or larger. An ideal size to be able to work comfortably with them, play video games, read, or enjoy your favorite videos. As for the type of panel, they are usually IPS technologies for the most part, although you could also find some other technologies such as OLED.

Both are very good, although the first offers better brightness and more vivid colors, while the second improves contrast, consumption and with a purer black. On the other hand, these screens are also multitouch touch screens, like that of tablets, and can use stylus.


chuwi tablet pc

It is quite common for this type of convertible to be above 9 hours of autonomy. The batteries that these teams mount usually have a fairly high capacity, together with low-consumption hardware that will pamper them for a longer time.

However, this will depend on the performance of each model, since if it has higher benefits, the autonomy will be affected in exchange for offering greater speed.


The technical characteristics of a convertible tablet basically depend on the processor it has, the amount of RAM, internal memory capacity, the battery life (how long it also lasts after each full charge) and other characteristics. The technical specifications determine how powerful and fast a 2-in-1 tablet is and how well it performs in applications and programs.


Each convertible tablet would have to be easy to operate both with the keyboard and in true touch screen style. It should be sufficiently sensitive to light touches and clicks with the tips of the fingers or specialized pens.

One of these devices also have to be easy to convert from laptop to tablet and vice versa. The screen should be able to be detached from the keyboard in a simple way while it can be secured there without problems.

The best convertible tablet is designed for portability. Look for models that are durable but lightweight. It is also necessary to take into consideration the dimensions of the gadgets, resolution and screen size depending on what you are looking for. A large screen means easier navigation if you are in tablet mode, but of course they are also larger.

Other extra aspects that you can decide if you need are for example webcam, USB 3.0, HDMI to connect to TV screens and connectivity, which would include being able to put headphones, microphone and memory cards. For example, iPads lack this last feature.

Help and Support

The consumer support options for a convertible tablet need to be easy to understand and access. The manufacturer would have to provide technical support via email, telephone, and also live chat. Some online resources such as articles, forums, communities, and product manuals should be available on the internet at all times.

We also believe that it may be interesting which manufacturer has the repair option, both to take to the store and to be picked up at home. This helps you save time and money if you never need to repair it (hopefully not).

This category also includes the convertible tablet warranty. Many come with a one-year hardware warranty, although some they can reach three years, although today this is no longer so common.

The best comparative tablet are the ones that stand out from all these points, and therefore provide comfort, portability and fluidity even when traveling or outside of a physical place.

Best convertible tablet brands

As for the best convertible brands, we can highlight some companies that have some series of this type, such as:


If what you are looking for is a very cheap convertible, this Chinese brand has the solution with models such as the Ubook and the Hi10 X. Both models with an attractive design and a very good value for money.

They have hardware with decent features, and Windows 10 operating system. They can be used both as a laptop with its keyboard attached, and in tablet mode, separating the touch screen from the keyboard. In addition, they include a digital pen.


The American firm has several series of convertibles from which you can choose several models that suit your needs and the budget you have available.

Its convertible Chrombook, the Pavilion x369, the Specter x360 series, and the Elite stand out. Chromebooks have modest hardware, are cheap and have the Google ChromeOS operating system, a stable, robust, and secure platform, as well as being compatible with Android apps and having well-integrated cloud services.

Pavillions are the best option for most, as they offer a good balance between performance and price. On the other hand, there are the Specter, which have a great performance, for the most demanding and with excellent mobility. And the Elite are the thinnest, lightest option with better autonomy.


This Chinese tech giant also has interesting convertible models. Its value for money is really good, for those who want a great team without investing too much. The convertible series include the X1 Yoga, which has a 14 ”touch screen, advanced AI and security solutions for business environments, and high-performance hardware.

Microsoft Surface

The Redmond company has also set out to create a series of laptops and ultrabooks with superb quality and reliability, as well as some really impressive features. Its Surface Go 2 convertibles stand out (the cheapest version), the Surface Pro 7 series (12.3 ”and good performance), and the Surface Pro X version (4G LTE connectivity, 13” and great performance).

Its performance and autonomy are really good. In addition, the design is very attractive, and they are specially optimized for Windows 10. You also have very interesting accessories at your disposal, such as digital pens, ergonomic mice, etc.


The Cupertino firm does not have convertible laptops. Your Macbooks cannot be converted, but you do have the ability to use keyboards on your iPad. And what is better, it has the iPad Pro version, which has excellent features, a 12.9 ”screen of extraordinary quality, great autonomy, cameras with impeccable results, and the possibility of attaching the Magic Keyboard or using the Apple Pencil.

Is it worth buying a convertible tablet?

It is true that they can be priced higher than a conventional tablet, but it is also true that you get much more than with a tablet. The performance and benefits it is much closer to an ultrabook than to a tablet. Therefore, you should compare them with the prices of a laptop. In fact, you are going to acquire just that, a complete lightweight laptop with the capacity to eventually become a tablet if you wish. In other words, it can even save you money by not having to buy a laptop and tablet.

That means a lot of versatility, and have the best of both worlds. In addition, if for your needs you are interested in enjoying those advantages that I have commented previously, then it will be a fairly well invested money.

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