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Although it may not seem like it, there are many tablets that include integrated GPS, as well as compatibility for other geolocation systems such as GLONASS, BeiDou, and the European Galileo. Thanks to them you can always be positioned on this planet, and you can use them to follow routes, navigation, tag photos with the location, etc.

The best tablets with integrated GPS

Can you use a tablet with GPS in the car? And in the truck?

ipad in the car

Yes, just as you would with a smartphone or with a dedicated GPS system, with a tablet that incorporates GPS you could use in the car as a navigator, making use of apps like Google Maps, Apple Maps, etc.

In addition, if your vehicle has a USB socket, you can power it so that the battery does not drain during the journey, or purchase an adapter for the cigarette lighter socket (12V).

How to know if a tablet has GPS

If your tablet has GPS built-in, that is, if it has a built-in GPS system as part of the communications chipset, it can be relatively simple. If you do not remember what the technical characteristics of your tablet are, you can search for the brand and model on the manufacturer's official website to discover among its Technical specifications if you have it.

But if you do not know the specific model you have or that is not possible, there are also other ways to find out. You can go to the Settings app> Location and see if this feature is available there. If it is a tablet with WiFi + LTE, that is, that supports SIM cards, it will have integrated GPS with total security along with the BT / WiFi modem. If it is only WiFi, most likely not, although there are exceptions.

You can also use the calling app for this. You just have to dial one of the following codes (although it does not work on all systems):

  • *#*#4636#**
  • *#0*#
  • #7378423#**

These should return an onscreen message with insights on whether or not you have GPS.

How to use the GPS of a tablet. Do you need 4G?

ipad with gps

At use GPS of a tablet, it is only necessary to have it active in the settings of the operating system menu. If the location is allowed, then you can use any navigation app to guide you that allows you download offline maps. If you use Google Maps or Apple Maps then you will have to have a data connection.

In any case, It is not necessary connectivity with LTE 4G or any other network connectivity, since the GPS connects with the satellites of this positioning system, just like a GPS like a Garmin, or TomTom does not use data SIM or WiFi when you go on the car…

How to choose a tablet with GPS

To choose a good tablet with built-in GPS, you will need to perceive some details that are important for this type of use:

  • Screen: it is important that it has an IPS panel, and with some treatment to avoid glare if possible. The IPS has good visibility from all angles, which will make it easier for the driver to see the map if they are not looking at it from the front. In addition, the resolution must be good, to see the map in great detail, and the lighting should be sufficient to see well in daylight. On the other hand, the size should be 8 ”or larger, so that you can appreciate the map without too much effort.
  • Autonomy: tablets generally have autonomy of 8 hours and even more, enough for most car journeys. However, you can always connect the tablet to a car power outlet, such as the cigarette lighter with a 12V adapter. Or if your car has a USB socket, go directly to it so that it can be powered during the journey.
  • Connectivity: connectivity is important if you are going to use it as a GPS, since one thing is to navigate and guide you along the route, and another thing is to look for certain types of addresses, information about your destination, phone numbers for reservations, etc. If you have WiFi, and your car doesn't have a network, you won't be able to connect. If it is a tablet with WiFi + LTE, you can use a SIM to be connected from anywhere.
  • PriceSome may think that including GPS is something that makes a tablet very expensive, but this feature is quite cheap and simple to implement, so it will not increase the price very much. There are tablets with GPS of all prices, even some low-cost.

Types of GPS on a tablet

Finally, another of the interesting things that you should know is the type of technology or constellation of satellites that your device's receiver chip can use. Although GPS has become a wildcard word, there are more systems available:

  • GPS: is the acronym for Global Positioning System, an American system created for military use to guide US DoD forces. This system is very accurate, with maps of the entire world and an accuracy of up to 10 meters. It can be used for civilian use, as many do, but you should know that if there is a war anywhere in the world and the US is in it, they will probably orient their satellites at the point of war to improve the coverage of their systems and such. time it may fail or lose some signal.
  • A-GPS: it is a variant of traditional GPS, an assisted GPS to improve performance in mobile devices via satellite.
  • GLONASS: it is the Russian system developed by the Soviet Union in response to the American GPS. This service remains operational today, and is used in some areas by certain devices for locating on land, sea and air.
  • GALILEO: it is a 100% European system and created for civil use. This has its advantages over GPS, as there will be no losses in the event of conflicts. In addition, the accuracy of the GPS has been improved, with variations of only 1 meter in distance. However, it is still incomplete, and ESA has not yet completed the dispatch of all the satellites that will make up the network. On the other hand, the European system will have extra functions, such as some interesting ones for rescue operations, visibility inside buildings, etc.
  • QZSS: is a satellite system for global navigation of Japan. A complement to the GPS of the Japanese country created by companies such as GNSS Technologies, Mitsubishi Electric and Hitachi. In this case, the positioning accuracy, availability and reliability will also increase.
  • BDS: Also called BeiDou, it is the Chinese satellite navigation system. It is made up of two separate satellite constellations, and millimeter precision is expected of it.

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