Best quality price tablet. Which one to buy?

We are going to analyze and compare some tablets so that you can choose which one is the best tablet quality price. To do so we will focus on those that are around between 100 and 400 euros. We have very good options with these tablet prices in which we are not going to neglect quality at all.

In each of the models that we present there will be an attached analysis to find the best quality-price tablet. We will divide this classification to find our best tablet for price and quality in terms of screen size.

Best price-quality tablet according to the OCU

These are the best quality-price tablets according to the OCU:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
  2. Huawei MatePad M10 Plus
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 LTE
  4. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite
  5. Microsoft Surface Go 3
  6. Lenovo M8

Remember that the OCU is the Organization of Consumers and Users that, in addition to fighting for the rights of customers, is also in charge of reporting abuses such as increases in electricity or gasoline, but also makes and tests hundreds of products of all kinds to recommend only the best.

In the case of the selection of best quality-price tablets according to the OCU, the list that they have prepared is quite similar to the one that we have made and that you can consult below.

The best price-quality tablet on the market: Huawei Mediapad T10s

Huawei's Mediapad T10s It is the best quality-price tablet that they have released so far. If you have been following us for a long time you will know that the Spanish brand has always given us very good impressions. In fact, it has always been at the top of the sales list of the most important Spanish stores.

Hopefully, we would be surprised to test the Huawei Mediapad T10s tablet. After the T5 this year we have to give the first place to the renewed and improved T10s. For its value for money it has a lot of fluency and it is even capable of handling some demanding applications and games that not all tablets can handle.

If we look closely at the technical applications we can see that it is a model. with an eight-core processor that reaches 2 GHz and 3GB of RAM. As expected, the operating system it uses is 8.0 with EMUI 8.0

In the offer that we have found online and we have listed for you, you will see that users value it as one of the best technological purchases they could make this year, and it is not surprising since the design is also very beautiful. Huawei has put the batteries in this regard and we can say that it is increasingly pulling the trend of the iPad style even in cheap tablets.

If you want a device to navigate day to day, watch videos and movies, the T10s will surely be the best purchase you can make in this regard. If you want something more demanding, you should already look at more high-end models.

If the model we have shown you has not convinced you, below you will find several comparisons to buy the best quality-price tablet and we will guide you to choose the one that best suits the budget you have in mind so that you get the best for that money or for the features you are looking for.

Next we are going to present you the cheapest tablets on the market divided into several categories: budget, screen size or use that you are going to give the tablet.

Best price-quality tablets for less than € 200

Can you spend more? Then we recommend that you go closer to 200 euros. Why buy one at this price? In Tablets Baratas Ya We show you tablets of all ranges, but if you are an average user we recommend spending 100 to 200 euros if your features are also average.

These are the tablets most valued less than 200 euros. One of the best sellers in Spain because they move in a medium budget range.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 10.5

At a price that is very similar to the Huawei we listed above, Samsung's Tab A model has overtaken the others that we compared last year. It is a fairly recent tablet with a design that stands out above all, we would even dare to say that it is one of the most beautiful of those that you will find in this comparison. In addition, it is not only that it appears to be beautiful, but it is also made of very resistant materials.

Another factor that stands out in the tablet is that the battery lasted longer than we expected, giving a good autonomy to device. Without a doubt, Samsung has managed to return strongly to the market after some not-so-good models came out in terms of the best quality-price tablet. As always in TabletsBaratasYa, we wanted to analyze it in full here, so you will see this 10-inch model in more detail (10,5 to be exact).

Many consumers have compared it aesthetically with the iPad, and well, if it is true that it has a peculiar appeal, but as you can see it is not only between mobile phones that there is a brand war, it is also in tablets. Although it is true that iPads are of high quality, as you will understand these tablets from the manufacturer Apple you will not find them here for its price, but if you are interested in our guide to what iPad to buy We will help you see the side of things.

Lenovo M10 FHD Plus

This lenovo tablet We put it in third position on the podium for a very simple reason. It is not as good as the previous two and it is not the cheapest either. So you are looking for a good tablet in price-quality ratio but you have a Loose budget, this is the perfect candidate. Lenovo released the M10 in the middle of the year but it seems that currently it has taken a purchase push, as if just now users had discovered it, although it could be perfectly due to the price, or because of its good sound quality and decent features, which make her the perfect candidate for those. For the latter, they have renewed the model with the best performance for one more year.

For more than reasonable price you have a 10-inch screen that we definitely recommend you consider. We recommend it above all for multimedia use (movies, series, music ...), for its good sound quality and a screen of this size.

All being said, the points of improvement of the Lenovo would be its camera, and that it does not have HDMI connectivity, so although we recommend it for entertainment, you have to keep in mind that you will do it on the tablet, and you have little option to connect, Unless your television has bluetooth, in this case it may be a good option if you want to consider these points.

Galaxy Tab A8 LTE

When choosing a tablet, there are users who are looking for a model with which to play. Therefore, there are good options in this regard. One of the best tablets that you can buy, in terms of value for money on the market is the Galaxy Tab A8 This tablet has a 10,5 inch screen size, with a Full HD resolution. Great image quality, perfect for gaming.

Inside it, we find 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. This storage space can be expanded, with microSD, up to a total of 200 GB of capacity. Its battery is of great capacity., which undoubtedly provides great autonomy, which undoubtedly allows you to use it or play for a few hours.

The rear camera of the same is 8 MP and the front is 2 MP. Therefore, you can take photos or make video calls with it at all times. One of the best options on the market to play, with good power, good specifications, as well as being one of the cheapest from Samsung today. So it is a great option to consider. Of course, it comes with Android 12 and LTE connectivity.

Best price-quality tablets for less than € 100

As we write the comparisons we keep in mind that computing advances very fast. This luckily means that prices do not do it and things that we found a few years ago that had an unaffordable value for most of us are no longer so. If your budget moves in a range of less than 100 euros, do not be fooled, look at the following comparisons. These are the best valued under 100 euros.

Is buying such a cheap tablet safe? If less than 100 euros is the most you want or can pay but you are not entirely sure due to the quality of the tablets, we assure you that on your way to buy a tablet we won't teach you anything that we wouldn't buy.

Keep in mind that these cheap tablets they can be good, But it just depends on the use you want to give it. We recommend that you look at our complete article to get some of under 100 euros. If you have more budget you can keep reading.

Galaxy Tab A8

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is a tablet that is perfect for those looking for a device with an elegant design, Premium features, powerful but easy to transport, and at a really affordable price.

The convenience of its format is complemented by a 5100 mAh battery which ends up putting the icing on the cake of portability and autonomy.

There is no doubt that the first thing that will catch your attention about the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is its design. With a very careful and elegant finish, and despite its screen quality, it feels really light and comfortable in the hands, thanks to a pthat only 283 grams and dimensions of 22,2 x 13,6 x 3,8 cm. For this reason, it is ideal for those who want to carry it with them throughout the day, whether it is to check the mail, continue reading their favorite book or review the notes for the next exam.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 runs Android 12 powered by a Mediatek processor that is accompanied by 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage internal. If you find it crude, don't worry, it also has a microSD card slot with which you can expand its storage.

Portability, autonomy and great power and performance conclude in its screen of 10.5 inches with 1280 × 800 resolution, perfect for viewing all kinds of content, especially audiovisual content, as its two speakers offer great sound quality.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet also has a rear main camera with 8 MP sensor and automatic focus that allows recording video in HD quality at 30fps, a 2 MP front camera, 3,5 mm jack connector for headphones, GPS , accelerometer, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity

Amazon Fire

*Note: Amazon has recalled all of its Fire HD tablets, but you can choose any of the ones you see here as an alternative.

No products found.

At the end of this 2019 the Amazon company itself released a new version, the Fire. We tried it and we loved it. We want to put this model in the first position and how best quality tablet small screen price. While it is true that there will be other models that have more quality than it is sure that they cannot compete with the Fire for its price less than € 70. Using the operating system itself that we had not tested so far, which is indeed also a brand of the house, and the truth is that it is solid.

Considering the price that has a build quality that may not be the best but it is one of those devices that you say, for what it has cost me, I am very happy. You definitely have to consider it, even though we don't know if it's a promotional offer and it will last a long time.

With Fire we discard the idea that you get what you pay for Because for less than € 60 you certainly get much more than a similarly priced tablet. Besides that it is very interactive, we definitely recommend it if you want to give it a moderate use, or as a first tablet, but also for children. And if you are not convinced, do not worry, because we analyze it in full in this article.

Alcatel 1T

The Alcatel 1T is the best option in this segment. A good option, which is great value for money. Its screen is 10 inches in size, with HD resolution. Inside it we find a quad-core processor. Its RAM is 2 GB and it has an internal storage capacity of 32 GB.

This storage can be easily expanded via microSD. The 2 MP rear camera and 2 MP front camera, which will allow us to take photos at all times in a simple way. 4080 mAh battery of this Samsung tablet will give us enough autonomy to be able to use it throughout the day without too many problems. Without a doubt, a good tablet to consider.

This Alcatel tablet has WiFi as its only connection (it does not have 4G). It is a good model for leisure especially, with watching content, downloading apps or playing games, or being able to navigate without problems. It is also a good option to consider when traveling, because it is light and weighs very little.

Huawei Mediapad T5

In the eight-inch size segment, there is a model that stands out above the rest in terms of value for money. This is the Huawei media pad t5, one of the best known tablets of the Chinese brand. It more than meets the specs, but is priced lower than most of its competitors. That is why it is so interesting.

Its screen is 10,1 inches in size, with IPS technology and HD resolution. Inside it, an eight-core processor awaits us, accompanied by 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. It has a 5100 mAh battery, which allows us to be able to use the tablet for several hours without any problem. It is a good option when consuming content, browsing or downloading applications.

In addition, the tablet has a 5 MP rear camera with autofocus and 2 MP front. So if necessary, you can use these cameras at all times. A good option to consider, which has a good price and good specifications.

Lenovo Tab M8

For less than a little more than 100 euros it was logical that we would find another tablet of the Lenovo brand, although for this third position of small screens in tablets we have had something difficult because the market options have been many, the Lenovo Tab M8 is It takes the silver medal as the best quality-price tablet in this size of screens. It is model made for make your video and audio experience as satisfying as possible in a size of 10,1 inches.

We consider it ideal for playing multimedia files because it has more than decent speakers, and very good compatibility in its internal software to play all kinds of videos and others. Something that may not be as great as these features is that the screen does not keep up with these components, although it is decent, and its speed is not entirely smooth, reminding us of some more mid-range phones. We recommend it for general use and from time to time, if you want to buy a 10,1-inch tablet as your first tablet, we would recommend the Fire first.


There are users who need the tablet to be able to work. Therefore, in these cases, you should bet on a model that has a keyboard. Convertibles are a good option in this sense, since they allow it to be used at work, but by removing the keyboard it is possible to use it also for leisure in a simple way without any problem. In this segment, a tablet with A great value for money is the ALLDOCUBE iPlay 40.

It has a 10.4-inch size IPS screen, with a resolution of 2000×1200 pixels. As an operating system it uses Android. So it is a good tablet to use at work or for studies, since the appropriate tools are available for this. It comes with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. This internal storage can be expanded with microSD up to 2 TB. So it has the necessary power to function correctly.

Both the front and rear cameras of the tablet are quite decent for normal use. So they can be used in video calls without any problem. Its battery has a significant capacity, which provides a good autonomy that will allow us to work for several hours a day with it. One of the best options in the category of tablets with a keyboard.

For less than € 200, it is a great option.


Chinese brands have many Android tablets available on the market. In general, they stand out for having low prices. So there are always great options available. The LNMBBS tablet is a good option to consider, thanks to a great value for money. It is a tablet with a 10,1 inch screen size, with FHD resolution.

Inside it there is a quad-core processor. It comes with a 4 GB RAM and 64 GB of internal storage. It can be expanded up to 128 GB of capacity using a microSD. Its battery has a capacity of 5000 mAh, which gives a good autonomy. It is a good tablet with which you can navigate, check email, download apps, and consume content. So there may be many users interested in it.

So it may be interesting for many people, it has specifications that meet what is appropriate for its range. Its price is also low, much lower than those of other Chinese brands, but it has a great performance.

Best price-quality tablets for more than € 300

The devices that we are going to present to you now are in a range of more than 300 euros. If you want to buy one to give it a daily and more demanding use, you are in the right comparison.

The table that we show you below is already the elite of Android tablets. Perhaps you are not interested in buying any of the best-selling tablets but simply better in terms of technology.

These are the highest rated tablets over 300 euros. It goes without saying that all of the ones featured here are the best on the market. Why buy a tablet of more than 300 euros? Let's say that you will not need to look at the window of the stores you pass because you will already have a device that can do everything for you, well, except washing your clothes, but surely there will be an application that does it.


In the market we also find tablets running Windows as an operating system. They are a good option to take into account especially for those who are looking for a tablet with which they can work easily. In this sense, there are some options that present a great value for money. Possibly the best is the CHUWI Hi10.

This tablet has a 10,1 inch screen in size. It has an Intel Gemini Lake processor, which comes with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. You can expand this capacity with microSD another 128 GB of capacity. Inside it we We also find a capacity of 6.500 mAh. Windows 10 is the operating system that we find in it, which allows a better operation.

This tablet has a good design, thin and light, which will allow us to work in a simple way. Therefore, it is a good option for users looking to work, but at the same time being able to use it in their spare time. Good specs and a lower price than many Windows tablets.

How to choose the best price-quality tablet?

tablet with good value for money

The important thing in these cases is that the value for money means that the tablet in question has good specifications, but it has a low price. Something that is not always easy to find in the market. Although within each market segment there are some options of great interest that the user may like.

The important thing is to be clear about the use that you want to make of said tablet. This will allow the user to consider which are the most important specifications (for some it may be the screen size, in other cases the power or battery, etc). In this way, it tastes like what has to be prioritized when buying said tablet. So this is a must do.

Since by having clear the specifications that are desired, you can look for the tablet models that comply with them. Between them it will be possible find one that meets what you are looking for, but that it has a good price, that is better adjusted to what we think it should cost. Within each range of tablets there is always a model that fully meets in terms of value for money.

Therefore, be clear about the specifications you want that you have said tablet, depending on the use you are going to give it. If you have a budget, it is important to keep it in mind, because it will allow you to choose the one that best suits what you are looking for at that time.

How much does a tablet with good value for money cost?

This is a somewhat complex aspect, because for each user it is a different price. Mainly because they have to take into account the specifications of the tablet you want to buy. Therefore, depending on the range, the price may be variable for each user.

The ideal in this type of tablets that present a great value for money, is that their price will be lower than other models in the range. If it has specifications that are consistent with what is in that segment, but it costs less. So we know that it is a model that meets perfectly in this regard. It may be the ideal way to determine this aspect. Although this will vary depending on each consumer, as you can imagine.

Above these lines we have compiled the best quality-price tablets classified in amounts of up to € 100, up to € 200 and more than € 300 so that you can choose the one that best suits what you want to spend.

Tablet brands with the best value for money

  • Huawei: on the podium of the most important technology companies in the world, Huawei sneaked a while ago. It is a relatively young Chinese company that began to emerge when it got fully into the world of smart devices, such as smartphones and tablets, among others. They have always offered items with good value for money, but their tablets are especially cheap, especially if we take into account everything they offer us and compare it with what we find in some more popular brands.
  • Xiaomi: Another Chinese company that has risen a lot in recent years is Xiaomi. It has followed in the footsteps of two companies: the first is that the same thing has happened to it as its Huawei neighbors, that is, they have grown a lot in recent years and growth has had a lot to do with the manufacture and sale of smart products. , although Xiaomi covers more ground such as set-top boxes. The other path they have followed is that of Apple, to the point that many refer to Xiaomi as the Apple of China. And this has been the case because the designs are very similar, so Xiaomi tablets will not only offer good quality at a good price, but will also have a good image.
  • Lenovo: Lenovo also comes from China, another relatively young company with which many users are unfair when they say that it offers bad products, something that is not true. The thing is, Lenovo makes very discreet products at very low prices, but it also has better and more expensive ones. In any case, everything offers good value for money, like tablets with which we can do everything, especially if we are interested in consuming content.
  • Hold on: Of the four brands on this list, Chuwi is the one with the most Chinese philosophy of all, or at least for the moment. Founded in 2004, it caught Europe and the United States by surprise by suddenly starting to offer value for money products. Currently, it manufactures computers and tablets, all of them with low prices, and it comes as a surprise that in its catalog we also find hybrids, those that we can use as a tablet or computer. The worst thing about this brand today is that, in the event of a breakdown, it is likely that we will not find an authorized workshop, but what they offer is worth it, always from the point of view of how little we will spend when buying it.

Where to buy tablets with good value for money:

  • Amazon: If we could be fans of the stores, without a doubt I would be a fan of Amazon. It is the first store where I look for anything, and like me many of us make a lot of online purchases. At Amazon we can find literally everything, as long as it is something that can be shipped. In general, we find everything at a good price, so buying a tablet in this popular store is a safe bet with which we will not only pay less, but also receive good customer service if we find a defect in it.
  • El Corte Ingles: El Corte Inglés is usually present in the lists of the best stores to buy items related to electronics. This has not always been the case, since years ago it was more of a store where you can buy fashion clothes than televisions and others, but today, seeing the interest of customers, it also sells all kinds of electronic devices. Among them we have tablets, and we will find them in all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes, going from the most powerful and expensive iPad to cheaper and simpler ones such as those designed for children.
  • Worten: starting our journey through stores that come to us from other countries, we have to talk about Worten. They arrive from our neighboring country and operate in it (Portugal) and Spain, where the islands are included. Worten is a store specializing in electronics products, so the prices offered for these types of items are better than in other stores that sell anything. If you are looking for a tablet, this is one of the stores that you should visit if you want to get it with good value for money.
  • Media Markt: For many years we have been hearing the slogan "I am not stupid" on televisions and radios, a slogan used by Mediamarkt. It is the same phrase that they have always used, and it refers to the fact that we will not be stupid if we buy in a specialized electronics store for a low price. In these stores that come to us from Germany we will find tablets of all kinds, including those with low prices that in Mediamarkt will be even lower.
  • Carrefour: and we end our trip to shops around the world in France, or more specifically in those that come to our country from our neighboring country to the north. In Spain, Carrefour started as a Continent, and they were hypermarkets where we could buy anything. At present they have spread and we can find a Carrefour in practically any population with a minimum of inhabitants, but it is in the largest ones where we also find electronic items. Carrefour always offers good prices, so it is one of the stores to check when we want to buy a tablet.

Personal recommendation

Within medium screens would buy the Huawei tablet as the best quality-price tablet if you have a somewhat more flexible budget and around 200 euros. The models that follow it have less than 50 euros of difference, and if you can spend this difference, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A is undoubtedly a model to consider, but honestly I would also go for the Huawei and spending the difference on an accessory such as a cover or very nice keyboard 🙂

Following within this section, do not stop considering the Lenovo tablet if you have a more limited budget but want quality, although keep in mind that it will not be the best on the market, but we consider that it is one of the best in terms of low range.

best tablet quality price

As for 7-inch tablets and the like, we have already made it clear that Amazon's Fire is the best option if you are not looking for the highest range of small models. On the other hand, if you want the best technology in a small space, without a doubt the Galaxy Tab A continues to be at the foot of the canyon and is highly recommended for users who have purchased it.

You can buy it in a physical technology store, but we recommend the convenience online where you can often find a cheapest price, as well as guarantees of return and speed of shipment. We have looked for the most outstanding offers in each of the models. You already have the job done.

What are you going to receive if you buy the best quality-price tablet?

tablet finder

In this section of our website we have recommended the best quality price tablets. This means that there is a balance between what we pay for it and the benefits we receive, so without being the most cutting-edge on the market or the most powerful, if we are going to receive hardware of a certain quality to be able to enjoy Android with ease, install any type of application and enjoy it for several years without problems with guarantees.

Keep in mind that most of the time, high-end tablets have a significant surcharge due to brand issues, paying for the novelty and features that we often do not use. Nevertheless, price-quality tablets stand out for being the best option for day to day and they are cheap enough to allow us to renew them every 2 or 3 years without problem.

The selection of tablets on the market is very wide. Therefore, for many users it is difficult to choose a suitable model for them. The important thing is to always keep in mind which is the best model in terms of value for money. In this sense, there are a number of tablets to consider, which can be of great interest.

Therefore, below we leave you with a series of the best tablets with best value for money in the market. In addition to some tips to take into account what aspects are most important when buying a tablet today.

If you have any questions about where to buy a tablet or need help to choose a tablet at a good price, do not stop browsing through the different sections that we have left you in this article and if you still do not find anything you like, leave us a comment and we will help you.

If you have come this far, it is that you still do not have it very clear

How much do you want to spend ?:


* Move the slider to change the price

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  1. Good afternoon, my son has asked me for a 10-inch tablet (minimum) for kings. The use that you are going to give it is to connect to the internet and especially to play the games that are downloaded from the playstore or any other platform. Please could you recommend me some specific models of a medium price.
    Thanking you in advance for your response, I receive a cordial greeting.

  2. How about Marcos, thanks for the message. I recommend that you take a look at the menu, there you will see tablets of less than € 200 but also 10 inches. What I can recommend to you on a personal level is the bq edison, it is the one I gave my mother last Christmas and she uses it daily. When it comes to games, you will love its retina display. On our website you will also find it fully reviewed with links to the best offers. I invite you to take a walk 🙂 Greetings to you too, good morning.

  3. Hello,
    I am looking for a 10 ″ tablet for my 12 year old son.
    I have been convinced by the BQ Edison 3 but when looking for it on Amazon I have seen the BQ M10 model and I have doubts. They have very similar characteristics, but the Android version of the second is 5.1 updated to 6.
    Which one would you recommend?
    Thank you very much

  4. Good eye Maite. Both have the same price, but the M10 is from this October. Although it is still too early to reach conclusions (and we want to analyze it soon), I would give BQ a vote of confidence with this new model (; Also for your child you will have parental control options in both, so I would choose from you according to personal criteria Since, as you say, the specifications are very close.

  5. Hello,
    I am looking for a tablet to be able to watch series and movies, read books, listen to music, and surf something.
    I think that the 10 ″ screen is very good to see the videos.

    Any recommendations for my wishes? he he

    Thank you very much

  6. How about Mya. As you are not referring to the budget, I think that something that is good in relation to price and also that the BQ that is in the article is good will satisfy you perfectly, due to the quality of the screen and the fluidity it has. Greetings and happy holidays!

  7. Hi Pau, I would like to buy a nexus 9 but you don't value it much on your page, even the Nexus 7 stands out more. Do you think it is a good tablet and can compete with the high-end ones with the new version of Android 6.0?

    Thank you very much.

  8. I hope all is well Manuel. You are right that on the page I do not give the best evaluation although without a doubt the Nexus 9 is better than the 7, however I always consider the factor of relation between quality and price for this sometimes I do not just recommend them for those people of a pocket a little tighter. You will not have any problem with 9, and not to make it compete against android 6.0 🙂 Have a good week!

  9. Good Pau, I am looking for a tablet mainly to watch movies and teach documentaries and images in meetings and others. I'd still like some fluency in case I ever have to fiddle with an app. Of course, I do not plan to use it to play anything.

    With that in mind, would you advise me the BQ Edison 3 over the Nvidia Shield K1? I see very good comments about the Edison but I am very struck by the apparent quality of the K1 screen, although I reiterate in no case I plan to play with it.

    Thank you!

  10. How about Pele, thanks for commenting. The BQ is undoubtedly the one with the best options, and in your case it would not give you problems in the sense that you want to try a specific application. Nvidia Shield K1 is an 8-inch screen tablet while the BQ is 10, so I see that you are not so interested in size, but if you want to make "more use of the screen" I think that 10 inches makes more sense , so between the two the BQ would win. If you want us to comment on more features, maybe I can buy you another one 🙂 Greetings!

  11. Hello Pau, I am hesitating between the Energy system Pro 10 and the BQ Tesla 10.
    Which one do you recommend and why?
    Thank you

  12. Hello Yolanda. Spanish brands both. You see, I would buy the Energy System. If you compare specifications you will see that the two will develop just as well with very similar characteristics as well as operating system windows. However, Energy will cost you € 50 less if you buy them here. I consider it to be a smarter purchase if we consider the technical and budget factor. Good weekend!

  13. Hi Pau, by chance I found this great guide for people like me, who require or like a good prior comparison before making a purchase. I congratulate you on the post. A 10.

    That said, I would like you to advise me to acquire a tablet that suits my needs. I need to be able to use it both to carry out my daily work at the office level, visit web pages, write and manage several gmail accounts, manage several accounts in different social networks, as well as value multitasking very much, also using the tablet to send to my television via chromecast the visualization of online series, etc ...
    I have tried the samsung gallaxy tab A 10 ″ and the only downside is that it seemed unwieldy because of its size, so it makes me think that maybe what I am looking for is an 8 ″ with keyboard.

    Congratulations on the post. The truth is that it is super successful, I hope to finish deciding thanks to your opinion.

    Ah!, I would like to value a budget of up to € 200, if it can be less, then better, but up to € 200 fine.

    Greetings and thank you very much.

  14. Thank you very much for the good words Carlos. From what you tell me about an 8-inch keyboard, the comparison of convertible tablet here. However, the models that they recommend there cost a little more than your budget, so I see that what might be better for you is a normal 8-inch and buy the keyboard cover separately. I would recommend that you look for € 190 is from here. Putting together with the cover you would already get to what you say and it would go perfectly with the use you give it. You will tell me 🙂

  15. I have a Macbook pro from about 5 years ago and a Samsung s6 mobile phone and I would like to buy a tablet that can replace, saving the functions, the Mac. I am very satisfied with it.

  16. Hi Carlos,

    To play, we stayed with the iPad for several reasons.

    The first of them is for the quality of the screen and the performance of the Apple tablet. Secondly, the App Store's game catalog is usually of higher quality and there are no free games that ask for strange permissions as happens in Android, in which you will have to share your contacts, access to the camera, etc. All that does not happen with the iPad.

    Without a doubt, for us it is the best tablet to play.

    Anyway, if you prefer something with Android, the Galaxy Tab A is usually a good quality-price-performance option.

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  3. Legitimation: Your consent
  4. Communication of the data: The data will not be communicated to third parties except by legal obligation.
  5. Data storage: Database hosted by Occentus Networks (EU)
  6. Rights: At any time you can limit, recover and delete your information.