7 inch tablet

In this comparison we bring you each model of small tablets. We could say that below you can find the best 7 inch tablet since we have classified the most well valued and sold. These devices range from 7 to 8.3 inches. You will find five models and surely some of them will meet the characteristics that you are interested in finding these Gadgets.

Comparison of 7-inch tablets

Below you have a table comparison with the best 7-inch tablets that you can buy right now. We have opted for models that have an impeccable reputation and a great quality price so that you get the 100% right purchase. Now you just have to choose which one you want.

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The best 7-inch tablets

As you can see, you can see each model summarized below the table or enter its relevant analysis to know more details about the product. On our page you can find reviewed only the best ones.

Lenovo Tab M7. Best value for money

As summary say that among any 7-inch tablet this is a model that stands out especially. The Lenovo Tab M7 has been surrounded by good opinions due to its price and a very fluid performance for its value for money We have decided to place it in the last section because of the ones we recommend it is the one with the most expensive price, which is the become the best valued for money within the 7-inch range.

Positive things to add could be its very sharp screen quality in terms of colors, brightness and light. It is very light and not only because it is small but because it is made of robust materials with a good grip to handle it when we go on a trip.

If we have to say bad things I think the only thing that can be highlighted is that its connectivity is not the best we have seen. Referring to the fact that there are few ports, only for the USB and one for headphones.


The conclusion of this tablet is that it is very well valued in small screen tablets for children. It was one of the best sellers along with the Tab that we recently discussed. Only by entering offers and seeing how well it speaks how well buyers speak we get an idea of ​​why it appears in this comparison.

Some more things for which the tablet highlights They are that it is an ideal tablet for the little ones, and with this model we still have a small tablet but it is far from the measurements of our mobile phone. In addition to good features, it has a very comfortable design.

If we want to find you some badThis would be that the tablet has a good price but perhaps it could have been a few euros cheaper in the public and that the brightness of the screen when it is on automatic does not fully adjust to the light characteristics of the environment, although luckily we can adjust it ourselves.

Alcatel 1T 7 ″

We advance with the Alcatel model, the cheapest in the comparison but not the worst, as it has some quite remarkable technical specifications for users who have a tighter budget. In this 7-inch tablet we can promote the great screen that gives us a feeling of sharpness while being bright and smooth to view. Its speakers are powerful for a device of this size and although its internal memory is not much, it accepts microSD cards to expand it.

Lo Less pleasant of the HD 7 is that although it works very well for browsing and others, due to its characteristics it is not recommended to play since it suffers a bit (if the game is demanding), and the battery does not last as long as some others that we have seen here as the Fire.

Lenovo M7

Things to highlight is that it has a quad-core processor at a price of around 100 euros, in addition to being a fluid tablet thanks to this and its 1GB RAM. It has a couple of cameras on the front and back that, although they are not the best, fulfill their function very well. And it is designed for children

If we have to put some snag to this tablet, we could say that the design is not a big deal since in this line it does not differ much from the competitors, but if we are looking for one that is for reading, videos and other applications it seems that you have come across a good tablet.

Woxter X-70

What we presented to you previously was a small tablet model ideal for those who have a tight budget, but also one that costs 3 times more, however it is also this same amount of times faster. With the Woxter that we present below, what we have is a tablet with great value for money. We sacrificed a little more features but at the same time we did not spend about 70 euros.

The battery has a important duration, so if you want to use it to travel or to spend long periods of time without charging it, it is a model that you want to consider. Great for multimedia use since the speakers are more than decent, so if you intend to use it to watch a video or something from time to time the audio is not going to be a problem.

We think that the Samsung deserves this position in the fight for the best 7-inch tablet, however consider the Fire, and if you see that you want more features, the Samsung model will suit you like a glove, but it is not a drastic jump of technology.

Measurements of a 7-inch tablet

7 inch tablet measures

Although tablets have a 7-inch screen, the measurements of each tablet can be very varied. It depends largely on the design that the brand has used in each case. There are some models that have very thin frames, which allows you to take more advantage of the front and that the tablet is not so large. Others look for different designs. What makes there are all kinds of measures

For example, if we look at a couple of 7-inch tablets that are for sale today, such as a Samsung model, another from Huawei and one from Amazon, the measurements vary from one to another. The first has measures of 10,9 x 0,9 x 18,7 cm, the second of 17,9 x 0,9 x 10,4 centimeters and the third of 19,23 x 11,46 x 0,99 centimeters . The differences are not too many, although in some cases there may be a couple of centimeters difference between them. Something that can influence users. But these measures serve to get an idea.

But we can see that it depends on each brand, depending on the design they want to give to their tablet. Since some opt for a longer screen looking for an immersive experience, while cheaper models tend to have wider frames.

Another aspect that is also variable is the weight of the tablet. In this sense there are several aspects that affect it. On the one hand, the battery of the tablet is key. There are models that have larger batteries, which will weigh more, which already adds a few additional grams. On the other hand, we have to take into account the materials used in the manufacture of it. A tablet with a metallic or ceramic finish will weigh more than a plastic one.

Within this segment of 7-inch tablets, the usual thing is that their weight is between 200 and 350 grams. It depends on these factors that we have mentioned, but it is usually the usual thing in brands today.

Top brands with 7-inch tablets

When the time comes to buy a cheap tablet We see that there are a number of different tablet sizes available in stores. One of them is the 7-inch tablets. These are the smallest models but they are undoubtedly a desired option by consumers. Therefore, we tell you more about them below.

In this market segment we find quite a few options available, as far as brands are concerned. Therefore, it is always good to take into account the brands that have 7-inch tablets available today, so that you can find one that fits what you are looking for.


tablet 7 inch samsung

The Korean brand is one of the brands with more tablet models available. Many different sizes and specifications, which makes it easy to find something that fits the user at all times. We have models of all ranges and budgets, which are always necessary to consider. Good quality at all times. So it is a safe bet.

You can see all Samsung tablets here


7 inch tablet Huawei

The Chinese brand has been active in this segment of tablets for some years now, with good results, since they are one of the most popular. They have a fairly wide catalog, with some 7-inch models. They usually have models of all ranges. But the important thing in your case is that there is always a tablet with a very good price. Although their prices are generally lower than many of the other brands.

If you are interested in buy a Huawei tablet, in the link that we just left you will find many options.


tablet 7 inch apple

Apple iPads They have been renewed every two years and we already have a wide selection available in this range. Quality is always something that represents these models of the American firm. So we can expect good performance, a good screen, good specs, and a great design. Although their prices are much more expensive than those of other brands.


tablet 7 inch amazon

Amazon has entered the tablet segment quite successfully, with a number of models. In its catalog it is possible to find some 7-inch. The characteristics of the firm's tablets are usually good, with special attention to the screen. In addition, its prices are very accessible, which undoubtedly helps many users who do not have a too high budget.

Where to buy a cheap 7-inch tablet

When we have to buy a 7-inch tablet, we can search quite a few stores. Although the wish is always to find said tablet at the best possible price. So that we look for stores where we can find it cheap. The good part is that there are a number of stores that we must consider.

  • Amazon: The well-known online store is one of the favorites of users. Especially highlights for having the largest selection of tablets on the market. Therefore, we can see models of all brands and prices in it. So it is easy for the consumer to find something that fits what they are looking for. In addition, they regularly have promotions and discounts. So we can save on this purchase. The buying process is always very comfortable in it.
  • Media Markt: The well-known electronics store has many different tablet models available. Both in your physical store and online. The advantage of the physical store is to be able to see or test the tablet in the store itself, so that it is seen if it meets what is desired from it. What's more, this store has many promotions, so you can save money on the purchase of the 7-inch tablet you are looking for.
  • El Corte Ingles: A store in which we have a selection that normally targets a more premium segment. We have the highest quality models in the 7-inch tablet segment. Therefore, a good option if you are looking for the best tablet models in this category. Although they usually have promotions, both in store and online.
  • Carrefour: In the hypermarket chain we can see many models, both in store and on their website. The advantage of having a physical store is that you can always see the tablet in question, in addition to being able to feel it, which helps in the purchase process. They usually have affordable price models, plus some higher end ranges.
  • FNAC: The well-known store could not be missing from the list. On the one hand, they have a wide range of tablets available, including Apple models. In addition, they can always be tested in the store, which gives the user an idea about the usability and operation of the tablet in question. They have good prices, plus there are discounts for store members. There are also usually quite a few promotions.

How much does a 7-inch tablet cost?

As we have already mentioned, within the range of 7-inch tablets one can find everything. There are models with many different prices, so that it adjusts to the budget of each user. Although we can divide this into some pretty neat categories.

The cheapest

The cheaper 7-inch tablets They have prices below 100 euros in any case. There are some that start at around 35 euros, depending on the store. But many of them they are between about 70 and 90 euros. There are quite a few models to choose from in this segment. Therefore, they are presented as a good option for users with a limited budget. They will be able to have a tablet without paying too much money for it.

Good value for money

The price-quality ratio of a tablet is something that can vary from one user to another. Since there are people willing to pay more money for good specifications. In addition, you have to take into account the use you want to make of said 7-inch tablet. But in this case it is important to know how much you are willing to spend.

The reality is that the models between about 100 and 200 euros in price they usually leave us with a good operation. They have good specs, plus there are models from many of the major brands, such as Samsung and Huawei. So we have the quality guarantee of this brand at all times. Although it may be different for each user what they see as the best value for money.


Finally we have the high end. In the 7-inch tablet segment the selection of models high-end tablets is smaller than in other sizes. We mainly have some iPad models on it and a couple of branded models on Android. So there are differences in prices, quite clear.

In a 7-inch Android tablet, the high-end starts at around 200 euros in price. But in the case of an iPad, its price is usually around 400 euros. So there is a clear difference in this regard. Although both tablets belong to this high range.

Final conclusion, assessment and opinion

7 inch tablet

This type of small size tablets are great for all those who do not want to use their tablets at home. All of them are easy to carry for its design and Lightweight thanks to the materials for which they have been built. The battery life is very respectable.

Say that unsurprisingly, these tablets have had a place in our comparison of the best tablets in quality and price.

Our recommendation is the following, depending on what you are looking for in a tablet. If what you are interested in is reaching your budget, there is no doubt that the Fire will respond perfectly to your needs, but if you want to pay just a little more you can get to the Samsung Galaxy that will get you out of the jam and you will not need to worry about whether you can play with your tablet from time to time and so on.

Finally, among all of them, it is not necessary to go towards the most expensive one such as the Nexus, we would recommend you, in the same way that users and buyers of tablets of this size have done, that you buy the Fire for its price and quality ratio. As we have commented previously, it is one of the most liked and for this reason it has been sold a lot this last year.

Hopefully this article meets expectations and you have been able to get out of doubt.

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