The best tablet for children

Considering that children are our future and those who will consume information in the future. We want the most successful tablet for children It is logical that current technology has it, although not extensively.

In the tablet market we can find some of these devices specifically designed for little ones and her little hands. Perhaps brands do not have to do much just for children since many services that children can use are already in some tablets. Examples like Amazon Kindle Free Time or the Netflix interface. What is the best tablet for children? Here we will give you a small list of the most well valued and sold so that it is not difficult for you to choose.

The best tablets for children

In our list you will find the eight compiled and reviewed best tablets for kids, so you can choose the most suitable device for your child's needs.

These tablets are the most valued on the market made specifically for the little ones. Its shape and the colors of its covers and ease of use have been tailored to attract the attention of children and at the same time are protected from scratches and footprints. More than technology, what is important is also protection.

tablet finder

If your child is not so young, it is likely that at this age they no longer care too much about color and texture but rather about games and what they can do with the device. For this reason we have listed the best rated tablets of less than three digits. It is true that they get older quickly, but they are still a bit unconcerned about objects and will not consider the economic value of a thing before leaving it anywhere.

We recommend, to heal you in health, that the tablet for children over 8 years cost under 100 euros.

In the market there are many different types of gifts that can be suitable for your children and it is best to compare some products before choosing to know which is the best for your precious creature. This is the idea behind today's article: choose the best possible children's tablet since, if we choose well, this device can improve knowledge and skills of children effectively.

Buy a tablet that your children will use it is not the same as buying a device for yourself same. While adults may attach importance to features like speed, storage, or operating system, most kids won't care if the tablet runs Android or iOS or the processor is the latest-generation Snapdragon or processor. Manzana.

Instead, children want something fun and easy to use so they can play their favorite games without worrying about anything else. Parents, for their part, want the tablet their children will play with to come preloaded with adequate content and features for them, including a parental control system that provides safe browsing for their children and helps protect them from harmful or inappropriate content. The durability, or resistance, of the device is also a common concern, especially in those moments when children begin to treat the device as if it were a soccer ball or a hammer.


Parents who have more than one child do not have to buy a device for each of them. The JUSYEA It is very educational in this sense, as it is very useful to teach your children the value of sharing thanks to the possibility of creating up to eight different profiles.

A key feature of the children's tablet is its countdown timer that lets children know how much time they have left to use the tablet, so you don't have to worry about your children continuing to play games. Angry Birds past your bedtime.

Alcatel TKEE Mini

The good thing about the alcatel kids tablet is that it includes a variety of functions and apps specially designed for the little ones. So they can learn by playing and always connect to a safe digital environment.

In addition, it has an external shock and drop protector, includes a powerful quad-core chip, 7″ IPS HD screen, 1 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage expandable via microSD card up to 128 GB, Android 10 Go Edition , + Kurio Genius, and a 2580 mAH battery.

Apple iPad

For all die-hard Apple fans, those who need to have everything from the brand, the 10.9″ iPad is the best option for their children. The price is far from other devices designed for children but you must not forget that you are paying a higher price because it is a high-end device.

On the other hand, Apple offers very family-oriented features such as Family Sharing that allows you to create different accounts for each member of the family or the Single App mode that allows you to limit your child's access to more than one application at the same time. . In this comparison you will see more iPad models.

Yes, we know that the iPad Mini is very expensive for a child but the good thing about the Apple tablet is that It has tons of covers for children that make it practically indestructible. For the child you use it with a cover and when you take it you take it off and you have a tablet with all the advantages of iOS and the quality of Apple.

Kindle Fire 7

If we take into account its price and characteristics, the Kindle Fire HD 7 is the best choice for your childregardless of their age. While other devices designed specifically for children are aimed at younger ages, their respectable HD 6 resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and fast Fire operating system will appeal to older children and parents alike.

No products found.

In addition, for only about 3 euros per month you can use Free Time that gives the operating system a mode "for children" by allowing parents to establish use time limits and choose which applications, games and content the child will be able to interact with, limiting access to other types of content.


Many parents buy a tablet for their children. With the passage of time, tablets for children have emerged. Specific models, which are designed so that they can play, have access to age-appropriate content or study with them. There are quite a few brands in this segment, although SANNUO tablet presents the best value for money.

It has a screen size of 7 inches. It therefore allows viewing content with total comfort, as well as working comfortably where appropriate, if it is used for other purposes. It has 3 GB RAM and 32 GB of internal storage (expandable to 128 GB via SD card). It has a large selection of kid-friendly games and apps, which makes it much easier for parents to search for or limit access to those that aren't appropriate. In addition, it comes with a 5.000 mAh battery, which provides good autonomy, which allows it to be used for several hours a day without problem.

This tablet is geared towards the jgames in addition to educational content. Therefore, it is a good option for children to learn by playing in an enjoyable way. In addition, it has a light and thin design, which allows you to always carry it in your backpack. So it can be a good option when taking it on vacation.

Best tablets for children according to age

child tablet

If choosing a tablet for adults can be a chimera at times, when it comes to a tablet for children it is even more so, since it is essential to know which one it is. the right device and use according to age group:

Under 18 months

According to AEPAP (Spanish Association of Primary Care Pediatrics) does not recommend leaving tablets to children under 2 years of age. At those ages, stimulation with toys is better. In addition, at that age, the less time they spend in front of a screen, the better, since it could even affect their development. It is not counterproductive that they can be present in a video call with relatives, or the eventual use, but they should not have their own tablet.

From 2 to 4 years

At these ages they are still too young to have a full-function tablet. For this age group there are tablets that are more similar to an electronic toy than to an adult tablet.

These types of tablets have control systems so that they do not access inappropriate content, in addition to including only educational games or apps. For example, to learn letters, first steps of reading, animals, colors, etc. In any case, the child should not be left in front of the screen for more than 1 hour a day.

From 4 to 6 years

For children of this other age group, tablets are not recommended, which are toys, since given their limitations they will end up getting tired of them and they will not satisfy their needs. They will want to have tablets similar to that of the adults.

Therefore, the best choice in this case is to choose cheap tablets with 7 ”or 8” screens, which are more compact and lighter so that they can be held well at this age. In addition, if they are protected against blows much better, since at those ages they can damage it with games.

From 6 to 10 years

In this case, it is preferable to buy a more conventional tablet, with also medium-sized screens. The limitations in these cases must be set by the parents, through constant supervision and parental control.

You never have to leave the little ones with the tablets alone in their own room, always in common spaces to know what they are doing at all times.

The time in this case should also be approximately one hour a day, and never during the meal.

From 10 to 12 years

Generally, at this age, it may be more than just a tool for leisure, but also for study. In many schools they are introducing the use of tablets to use certain educational or center-specific apps, collaborative work, for distance education, to perform tasks at home, etc. Therefore, the best thing at this age is a tablet with good performance and connectivity, as well as a larger screen.

On the other hand, it is important to observe well the recommended model in the study center, since some schools promote the use of Apple iPad and others of Android tablets ...

As for the time of use, here it could be left about 1 hour and a half daily. And from 12-16 years old you could go up to 2 hours a day and from there it would not be recommended to go up regardless of age.

What to consider before buying a children's tablet

Choose a tablet for kids It can be similar to choosing one for adults, on the other hand, beyond the technical aspects, these devices are very particular and you should pay special attention to certain very specific details.

Children are real imitation machines. When they see adults using tablets, they will want to too. The problem is that leaving an expensive tablet in the hands of a child can be a risk, in addition to the inappropriate content problem or the dangers of using tablets with banking apps, or Google Play with a credit card configured with which they could blow up your account in the blink of an eye in an oversight.

So it's a great idea choose a specific tablet for them, more resistant, cheaper, and with appropriate content for different age groups. But with the rise of this need, there are many brands and models that have children's versions (in addition to the possibility of purchasing one for adults and adapting it), which makes it more difficult to make a good choice.

If you want to get it right, you should pay attention to the following key points:

Child's age

children with tablet

Not all models are suitable for all ages. Some are very specific for very young ages (<4 years), protected against blows, with a much more childlike appearance and very limited. Others are aimed at older ages (> 5 years), with more functions at their fingertips.

On the other hand, from the age of 9 or 10, children are capable of much more advanced operations, and a tablet for children would be a mistake. From this age it is better to think of a conventional tablet with parental control.

Best for specific use for them, and not shared, and with adult supervision.

Use to be given

Again it will also depend on the age. For children under 6 years old, 7 or 8 ”can be used, with light weights to prevent them from getting tired holding it, and with a more limited system, oriented to learning.

Above those ages, they can use them to read, study, play games, watch movies and series by streaming, or use other apps. Therefore, a tablet larger than 7 inches is better.

Access to Google Play

apps on children's tablet

If you opt for a conventional Android tablet, then you should take special care with access to the application store, so that you cannot download certain apps or games with inappropriate content or to avoid the paid functions that some of them include. On Google Play, access can be restricted by using Android's own parental control system. Activating it is as simple as following these steps:

  1. Open Google Play.
  2. Go to the upper right corner, to the Settings menu.
  3. Click on Settings.
  4. Then go to Family.
  5. Now click on Parental Control.
  6. Activate the function and put a pin so they can't deactivate it without it.
  7. Then, set the rules or restrictions that you want to set.

Another thing you should do is, if you have entered your credit card number in Google Play, go to Settings> Settings> User controls> Request authentication to make purchases and protect with a password so that you cannot make purchases without your consent.

Tablet specific for children or a normal one?

It is a frequent question, especially when they are over 8 years old. For younger ages a children's board is better, but for older ages perhaps you should consider buying a Samsung Galaxy Tab A, Amazon Fire 7 or similar. They are well priced, and will offer you more freedom, and even be able to use them for school tasks. Of course, always with parental control.


Children's tablets are usually below € 100, although there are some models that can overcome that barrier. Other tablets for the elderly, such as the Tab A, can also be around those same values.

Therefore, when the child reaches a certain age, it will not be worth investing money in a children's tablet that will bore him at the first change and he will not want it.

What to look for in a children's tablet

When it comes to devices, which one do you choose? The natural choice is a tablet. The screens are larger than smartphones, plus there's no keyboard so your little one doesn't need to learn buttons instantly. Children intuitively touch the screen.

There are tons of tablets for little ones, from gadgets for the little ones to standard adult tablets that can be easy enough for any age. Whatever the case, the prices of these are reasonable, so you will not feel too bad if one day ends up submerged in the bathtub and is stepped on the stairs. Maybe a little. But…

The most convenient tablet for our son or daughter will be the one with which you can feel comfortable or comfortable giving to the little one who still does not value the value of electronic devices. There are a number of things that as a parent or adult you will have to look at that they have.

The operating system

La platform The tablet is also very important when choosing the device for compatibility reasons:

  • Kids: they usually bring operating systems with or lack of them, simply with certain basic functions. In these cases it does not matter too much, given the low age of the user and their basic needs.
  • Android vs. iPadOS: this is more a matter of taste and budget, on the Android side you will have more devices to choose from, and more variety in prices, while Apple's will be more expensive and with less variety of choice. But more important than that is the compatibility of the apps or the platform chosen at school. As I have commented, some recommend the use of iPad, while others recommend Android, and some even leave it to free choice. In the latter case, it is better for the tablet to be on the same platform as the parents' tablet, if they have one, since this way they will be able to have better notions for control if something happens.
  • Other systems: There are other variants such as FireOS from Amazon tablets, or HarmonyOS from Huawei, among others, and even ChromeOS. All of them are compatible with Android apps, so if the app you need is available for the Google system, you will have no problems installing it on them.


tablet for children

For the type of videos and content that children access, it is not so important to have a super panel, with an extreme resolution (1280 × 800 px can be a good starting point), the most important thing is that it is compact enough to the age at which it will be destined. For example, for younger children a 7 or 8 ”screen for being lighter and more compact so that they can hold it well without getting tired.

In case it is a child of considerable age, better bet on the 10 ”screens, especially if it is to read or study, as this will prevent them from straining their eyes too much. In addition, you should know that the larger the panel size will also have a greater battery consumption, that is, less autonomy.

Other technical details

Apart from the screen and the control, there are also other details that may be important when it comes to choose the tablet for children:

  • Autonomy: it is less important the younger the age. In the case of children of primary or secondary school age, they may need a larger battery for exercises and study.
  • Processor: It is not too critical a point, with being able to move the basic applications and games you will have, although if you plan to extend the life of the tablet for several years, it is better to opt for Mediatek, Qualcomm, HiSilicon and Apple models, which are the most powerful.
  • RAM amount: main memory should have a reasonable minimum. You should not choose tablets of less than 2 GB in any case, the ideal is to have 4 GB or more.
  • Internal storage- 32GB of flash memory might be sufficient for most cases. Much better if it has a microSD card slot to expand it when needed.
  • Connectivity: they are generally WiFi, but there are also those with a SIM card slot to provide it with a data line, as if it were a mobile phone. So they can be connected from wherever they need to, and not just at home. But that can be a negative point in some cases, since it is possible that the little one takes the tablet away from home with friends to places where the parents are not present, and access inappropriate content.
  • Cover / protector: It is important that if you do not have protection, such as some tablets for children that already come with a padded case or protected against shocks and falls, that you buy a case and a tempered glass screen protector. Thus, if it falls or is hit, something very common at those ages, the tablet will have a “second chance”.

Initial content

You will be interested that the tablet you buy already comes with games and applications to learn and draw with your finger. However this feature it is not the most primordial since you can download the applications easily and for free.

Controls and filters

The best tablet for children will have to have controls and filters so that adults can control what they can and cannot do the small. There are even options to see the child's progress in their jobs and activities on the tablet. Some of these have an element to activate and deactivate those controls so that later you can use it yourself with all the functionalities.

Easy to use

If it is designed for them, it already has one more point to be the tablet we are looking for. The programs should fit your fingertips and make them easy to navigate regardless of age. Most likely, you are interested in a tablet that can use without wondering all the time as it is used. It will help them learn by yourself and to develop intuitive abilities. The ideal in this branch does not have to be full of applications or that they are very complicated so that they do not need to be gifted to use them.


If your daughter or son is small, you will be interested in a design with which they can use without problems despite their small hands. Undoubtedly rougher texture is a bonus since they tend to throw everything away and electronic devices are no exception. The tablet can have a camera without this meaning to raise the price of the device much.

Children love to take photos and Wifi can also be an interesting addition if you are already an age and know how to look for funny videos or to learn. What's more you will not need high resolution or processor for the use that children are going to give it. It does not matter if you prefer Android from Google or iOS from Apple, the best tablet for children, for your son or daughter it may very well be one of the following, as we have chosen them by reviewing the best-selling and well-valued on the market. Maybe you'll end up keeping it to yourself ...

Make it cheap

It is imperative that you spend as little money as possible on a children's tablet. As we have said, they are not aware of what things cost and it is going to give them exactly the same if we leave them a tablet of 100 euros or one of 1.000. However, if the tablet falls and breaks, it will hurt us much more if we are in the second case.

Children when they are small value the size of things more. I mean, they think that one tablet is better than another for the simple fact that it has the largest screen than another, or sound louder ... this is the way they measure how good or bad something is, so don't buy the most expensive tablet, buy the biggest one and you are sure to be right.

It is also true that if the child is very young, a very large tablet can give it usability problems, so it is more likely that it will end up on the floor than one that is more manageable. Precisely for this last reason, tablets for children usually have a size between 7 and 8 inches.

How to turn a normal tablet into a children's tablet

If you have opted to buy a normal tablet to adapt it as a tablet for children, then you should take into account a series of recommendations that will save you a lot of headaches, money, and also annoyances due to inappropriate use. For instance:

  • Consider buying one specific cover for children, since they usually have a thickness and padding that will protect them from bumps and falls that often occur frequently at these ages during the game.
  • A protector of tempered glass for the screen it would not hurt either. Not only to better protect the screen from bumps, but also to protect it from scratches if you use sharp elements against it.
  • Take a moment to configure the password of the payment system in Google Play and the parental control, as I have stated above. This will protect him from inappropriate content and will also protect your account from potential careless purchases.
  • Install software for additional parental controlas Kids place, to block inappropriate ads for those ages, inappropriate apps, or access to adult content.
  • In addition to installing educational apps or with appropriate content: Youtube Kids, Disney +, children's stories, for drawing, etc.

When to buy a tablet for a child

girl playing with children's tablet

Finally, consider age for which you want to buy the tablet, and the specific needs of your little one. Considering that, and that they must have control of the time of use, constant supervision, and parental control, a tablet can be a fantastic tool for learning, leisure, study and preparation for an era where new technologies are already part of the day to day. .

These kinds of tools will be even more interesting when children begin to take smartphones, tablets, or adult PCs. This way they will have a dedicated device for them, and with all the limitations to prevent access to adult content. A shared device between adults and minors can be a source of problems and family conflicts when assigning uses.

Where to buy a cheap children's tablet

The cheap kids tabletsBoth children and seniors can be found in many specialized children's stores and other large supermarkets. Some examples are:

  • Amazon: the American online sales giant has the largest number of brands, models and offers of tablets for children of all ages. Therefore, it is one of the favorite options where to buy these products. In addition, it offers all the guarantees and security of purchase. If you already have a Prime subscription, shipping will be free and will be processed on the same day.
  • Carrefour: you can go to any of the stores spread throughout the national territory. The Gala chain offers a good selection of children's tablets and other tablets for adults that you can adapt for children. They have competitive prices and some promotions. In addition, you also have the possibility of ordering it from their website and having it sent to your home.
  • MediaMarkt: the German chain also offers this duality, to be able to buy physically in the store itself or from its website so that it can be sent to your home if you do not have a nearby point of sale. In any case, they have competitive prices, although the number of brands and models is not the widest.
  • El Corte Ingles: similar to the previous ones, the Spanish also has a selection with some of the most popular brands and models of children's tablets. You have the option to buy in the store or ask to be sent home from their website. Of course, their prices are not exactly the cheapest, although with some promotions and flash offers you can get products at a good price.

Conclusion about children's tablet

If you are thinking of buying a tablet for your children, we recommend that you carefully read the list that we have proposed and values which one is the best option. Whatever the specific needs of your family or whatever your budget, surely one of the eight tablets for children that we have proposed is perfect for your children.

You only have to take into account the budget you have and I'm sure that the ones we have listed fit your needs.

If you have come this far, it is that you still do not have it very clear

How much do you want to spend ?:


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