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Teclast is a Chinese tablet brand which also manufactures ultrabooks, convertible laptops and also classic tablets. Little by little it has been gaining popularity, since its value for money is very good. Also, like the rest of their teams, they are receiving good accolades from the industry for their good performance and robust design.

Since its inception in 1999, the company has managed to be a benchmark in China, leading in terms of originality, research, development and distribution of these electronic devices. The goal is to offer affordable equipment so that more people can access technology.

For all that, the Teclast tablet has become one of the best options when it comes to acquiring a tablet good, pretty and cheap...

Characteristics of some TECLAST tablets

Teclast tablets have a number of outstanding technical characteristics that you should know. Some of them may encourage you to purchase one of their models, as they are interesting. For example:

IPS screen

LED LCD panels can use various technologies, such as TN, IPS, and VA. In the case of IPS (In-Plane Switching), it is one of the favorite technologies for most manufacturers, since they behave well for almost any application and improve the performance of TN panels, especially in terms of a better angle vision, and also more vivid colors.

OctaCore processor

Teclast tablets include powerful microprocessors to give the system very good fluidity and performance. The chips include up to 8 processing cores, which will make you feel a good experience and everything will go fast, without waiting.

Expandable memory with SD card

sd card tablet key

One very positive thing about most Android tablets is that they include SD memory card slots. Apple, and other models, lack this slot. That means that you only have the internal memory.

In case it runs out, you will have to uninstall apps or delete files to free up space, or move data to the cloud. On the other hand, with the SD slot, even if your internal memory has run out, you can always expand its capacity by adding a card.

Aluminum chassis

It is very positive that tablet manufacturers, especially low-cost ones, care about a quality assembly and finish.

In the case of Teclast tablets, you will find models with a metallic aluminum chassis. This not only gives higher quality, but the heat dissipation will be done more efficiently than with plastic housings.

Front and rear camera

In addition to including speakers and a built-in microphone, these Teclast tablets also include a front camera for selfies and video calls, and a more powerful rear camera for taking photos or recording video.

So you will have the complete set to capture images or to be able to make videoconferences for teleworking, talks with family and friends, etc. A way to stay connected with the rest, even at a distance.


screen tablet keypad

This Chinese tablet brand has opted for Google's operating system. That gives these tablets a huge repertoire of apps to do almost anything you can imagine, from simple utilities, to video games, through streaming apps, instant messaging, etc.

In addition, being one of the most widespread operating systems, you will also have endless tutorials on the net to help you do anything you do not know, or solve problems.


Some models include LTE in addition to WiFi. In that case, the tablet will also have a SIM card slot. That is, you can add a data rate to be able to connect to the network through 4G from wherever you are.

This provides greater independence, and will allow you to stay connected even if you go away from home or go on public transport, without having to do Tethering or sharing the network with your mobile ...


These models also include GPS built-in, that is, they integrate a sensor for this global positioning system. That way, you can always be located, use the Google Maps browser, or use functions of some apps that require GPS.

Stereo speakers

keyboard tablets

Some cheap tablets usually include only a mono speaker. On the other hand, with stereo speakers you will have a higher quality sound. That is, you will have two audio channels, one for each speaker. Something very positive if you like to play music, watch streaming videos, play video games, etc.

Bluetooth 5.0

If they support this wireless connectivity technology, they will be able to link with other devices that also have it. This implies that you can share files between the two, and also extend their capabilities.

For example, you can connect external keyboards, use BT digital pens, link with portable speakers, use your tablet as a smart TV remote, sync with wireless headphones, and much more.

My opinion of TECLAST tablets, are they worth it?

It is not surprising that Teclast tablets are among the most sold and sought after on the web. Their relation quality-price is very good, (like other brands of chinese tablets) as they offer decent features and a very low price. So, if you are looking for a simple tablet that does everything you expect of it, but without having to invest an extra euro, this brand may be a good option for you.

Obviously, you should not expect to have the best performance, or the latest technology, since for that price you cannot do magic. For example, if you want a high-performance tablet for certain heavy loads or to play games, the Teclast was not made for that. But for normal use, meet.

Where can I find the technical service for a TECLAST tablet?

There is already a project for a store Teclast in Spain, specifically the first official store will be in Madrid. In addition, the Chinese firm has also established its headquarters here to be able to expand throughout the European market. In principle, this headquarters would be for Spain and Portugal, later expanding to the entire continent.

To be able to direct yourself to them, you can use the mail address that show through their web platform: info@teclast.es. In addition, there are also other technicians in Spain dedicated to the repair of Chinese products such as the Teclast, although they are not the official ones.

Where to buy a TECLAST tablet

The Teclast brand is becoming more and more popular outside of China. And it has already reached the European market, including Spain, although it is not found as frequently on all types of surfaces as other brands. Can find your models in stores like:

  • Amazon: is the favorite choice, as this platform has the largest selection of Teclast tablet models. Not only that, you can also find a multitude of offers, and you will always have the confidence of the security that this online store provides and of the money back if it is not what you expected or you have not received what you have ordered.
  • AliExpress: Amazon's Chinese competition also has Teclast models. However, this platform has its disadvantages, since it may take longer than normal to order, or you may have more problems when it comes to solving problems when compared to Amazon. However, you can always claim your money using Open Dispute> Refund Only.
  • Ebay: it is the other great online sales platform par excellence. In this other option it also provides confidence, security, several payment methods, like the previous ones, and has a large number of tablets.

If you have come this far, it is that you still do not have it very clear

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3 thoughts on «Tablet Teclast»

  1. More than a comment, it is a question.

    Three years ago I bought a Chinese tablet from another brand (which I will not name) and, although I also saw Teclast and Chuwi, I decided on it because of its capabilities, price and metal casing with a kickstand that is really great.

    The problem is that I cannot update the Android OS because either the manufacturer does not support it or because with this tablet it is not possible.

    The fact is that now, there are several applications that tell me that they cannot work with the version that I have (7) and I find myself with the need to change tablets.

    And my question is, can Teclast models update the Android OS ?.

  2. Hello Pedro,

    The update policy is something that depends 100% on the manufacturer. Betting on a Chinese tablet is always a risk compared to lifelong brands such as Samsung, therefore, it is important in these cases that the Teclast tablet has an Android version that is as updated as possible from the factory, so you make sure that you will not have problems in the next 4-5 years in case no update comes out.

    However, Teclast in that regard is not the worst and they release updates from time to time. Still, it is endemic to many Android tablets, not just Chinese brands.


  3. I have bought an Amazon fire and 10 tablet and the truth is that it is great for watching Prime video content and so on, but it is almost impossible for me to see or import videos through a stick with an adapter, I really don't know if it can be done or if it is extremely complicated. The problem is that I spend almost the entire summer in the town and I don't have Wi-Fi there, so I want to take a high-capacity stick with a lot of movies to watch on the tablet. My question is if I buy a Teclast tablet will the same thing happen to me? or not? because I haven't read that they have USB connectivity.

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