What tablet to buy. Guide to choosing a tablet

The popularity of tablets has increased so much in recent years that we have tons of possibilities in the market. We will make things easier for you by helping you to compare the different models so that you can find your perfect tablet.

tablet finder

Also At the beginning of this article you will find a classification of tablet analysis so you can easily find the one that suits you best, although we recommend the link above, which is an updated comparison. I assure you that after this entry you will have everything clearer. If you wonder what tablet do I buy, here you will have the answer.

We will divide the article into several basic questions that we must answer to choose which is the tablet we are looking for without considering exorbitant prices. Go for it! The first and most important thing if you are thinking which one to buy ...

To make it easier for you to choose which tablet to buy you can see our comparison on the best tablet quality price.

Thinking about which tablet to buy but ... Budget?

This is the main thing, since almost all of us are limited by money in this regard. We have reduced it to a list depending on how much you can spend.If you have a budget between 50 - 200 euros, look at yourself:

What size of tablet is better?

Measure matters, at least on tablets. Apart from some exceptions, the market is accommodated in two main categories. The long 10-inch models (iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, and more cheap tablets that we will discuss) and the small 7-inches (Nexus 7, Amazon Kindle HD, iPad Mini Retin).

As always, we have made you some interesting size comparisons:

To choose we will have to take into account that less screen will mean fewer features, right? They all use the same type of software and applications as their siblings and we are seeing their internal specifications start to catch up with them as well. This means that we must choose the size of the screen for our tablet since device power will meet expectations.

If you are looking for a tablet to buy to take anywhere and you basically want a consumer device, then the small ones (7-inch tablets) are an excellent decision. 10-inch tablets aren't gigantic but they don't fit easily in your jacket pocket (maybe a rather large bag). What the latter offer is more screen to view web pages, movies, text documents. So if your eyes are not what they were, or if you want to do some work on your tablet, a large screen is what you are looking for.

galaxy tab s5, one of the best tablets

One aspect to take into account is the DPI -pixels per inch- that show how detailed the screen looks and how clear the text will be. Anything above 200 dpi is decent, but HD displays and Retina that are now on the market in many tablets make me recommend that you take a look at them.

What tablet to buy for children?

 We have a guide about the best tablet for kids so you have no doubts in this case.

Children love to use tablets. Some even learn to use them before their parents. Just remember that they are computing devices with internet access and bank accounts. When you buy a tablet for a child you want one to use in different profiles so that you can restrict access to different types of pages and avoid spending 300 euros on games.

What are the best-selling tablets?

Do you want to know which are the most purchased tablets in our country today? Then you have come to the right place. Here you can find out which are the best-selling tablets.

If you are still not sure which tablet to buy, then we leave you with a comparative table that collects the models best valued by users, so that you choose the one you choose, you will surely be right with the purchase.

Usually there is a direct relationship on tablets most sold with best value for money.

Huawei MediaPad T10s

The Huawei MediaPad T10s is a tablet from the Chinese giant that has a good quality/price ratio. Its eight-core processor and its 4GB of RAM They assure us that we can perform all kinds of tasks with solvency, and in its 64GB of storage we can put apps, some heavy games, many songs and even some movies.

Other of its highlights are in what we see: its screen has a density of 224 PPI in a FullHD panel (1920 x 1200) of 10.1 ″. On the other hand, it has a very elegant design that they have manufactured in a metallic body, aluminum to be more exact, which is not usually usual in a tablet that can be obtained for less than € 200.

The operating system that the Huawei MediaPad T10 includes as output is Android 10, or more specifically a version of Android 10.1 combined with the EMUI 10. from the Chinese company.

A Galaxy Tab

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is one of the budget models of the South Korean giant. It has some strengths, such as its 8 ″ screen with 1920 x 1200 resolution and its 32GB of storage expandable up to 512GB, but it has other more discreet points such as 2GB of RAM, something that will be enough to carry out many tasks but probably not if we want to carry out heavy tasks.

Other strengths of this affordable Samsung tablet are in its 4 speakers, which will allow us to consume multimedia content while enjoying decent sound. Among the intermediate points we have its Qualcomm Snapdragon 429-core processor, its 5100mAh battery or its cameras, 8MP the main one and 5MP on the front or for "selfies".

All of the above is done with the operating system Android 10 that promise to update with certain frequency and for a price lower than € 200.

iPad Air

The Apple iPad is a safe bet if we have enough money to cover it. In fact, it was the device that, without being the first, popularized the use of tablets. It is available with 256GB or 64GB storage but, for everything else, they share components such as the 10.9 ″ Retina display.

This iPad has the processor of Apple M1, which ensures good performance both for when we are on social networks or consuming content and for when we are playing quite demanding titles or using augmented reality applications. The latest versions of this model have been released with 4GB of RAM, information that Apple does not usually give in the technical specifications of its tablets or smartphones.

On the other hand, it also includes sensors such as the famous Touch ID, an autonomy that reaches up to 10 hours, 12MP main cameras and 12MP FaceTime and its housing is made of aluminum. Of course, and as we said before, all this has a price, and the basic 64GB model is already around € 769 in official price.

Galaxy tab s6 lite

The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is a Samsung tablet that could be compared to its famous Note. I mention this because your screen is compatible with the S-Pen of the company, included in the purchase of this model. Speaking of the screen, that of the Samsung Tab S6 is 10.4 ″ with a 2650 x 1600 AMOLED resolution, which guarantees that everything you show us will be done with the best quality.

If the screen has already managed to get your attention, you also have to know what it includes 64GB of RAM, expandable memory up to 64GB and 8803 CORTEX A8 processor, so it is difficult for you to find a task that you cannot do with this tablet. It is understood that Samsung has packed featured components into a tablet that can be used to make algunos design work.

This tablet includes a in-display optical fingerprint sensor, which will allow us to unlock the tablet with our finger without having to sacrifice some space on a special button. Its main camera is 13MP, while that of "selfies" is 5MP. Logically, all this has a price and this Samsung tablet is available for a price that exceeds € 600.

The most sold in Spain under 200 euros

For this budget you will get in most cases a mid-range tablet perfectly capable of withstanding several years running with astonishing fluidity.

Most purchased tablets under 100 euros

We have incorporated this comparison so you can see what people buy the most in terms of tablets if your budget is somewhat more limited. Don't expect to work wonders with these devices, but don't expect them to disappoint us either. If you are going to use it somewhat continuously but without overdoing it and using your tablet to consume information, there is no problem in acquiring one of them.

Within this category we have decided to incorporate tablets that fall below three figures for those who want one of these devices but have to cut back on acquiring it. We have developed a complete article on this type of cheap tablets that can go very well on different occasions, which you can find linked in each of the models that we compare on the tablet.

These are the ones that you will surely see more frequently on the street. As we mentioned at the beginning, you can see that its price is around 200 euros, often below it, which gives us an indicator to know that the tablets that users have bought the most in Spain are not necessarily the best tablets. What does this mean? That the average user is not going to buy the best because they do not need it.

The best is not necessary because the devices you have seen have sufficient technological characteristics to be the best-selling tablets in our country. As information consumers we will use our tablets to navigate, communicate on social media and watch movies.

Consider buying one of those cheap tablets. What better indicator of which tablet to buy than the same users who have already bought and valued tablets, right?

Whichever tablet you choose, rest assured that you will succeed with the purchase since all of them boast of having been the best sellers among users and have many evaluations that assure you that the acquisition you are going to make is the right one.

Why do you want to buy a tablet?

Tablets are portable devices with long battery life and very intuitive interfaces. We love them, but they are not for everyone or all situations due to their different characteristics.

Like any computing device, the first question you have to ask yourself is What use am I going to give it? This is essential to choose which tablet to buy. If you have in mind to use Facebook, surf the Internet, emails, read, play and these kinds of things while you are comfortably on the couch, working or having a coffee then a tablet is a great option. It does not make much sense to use all the technology of a computer just to navigate, truth? But if you want to replace your laptop with a device that weighs much less to try to be more productive, the issue is not so clear.

"I don't know which one to buy but I'm sure I'll write a lot ..." Writing on a tablet is fine in not very long periods, but go calling the masseur if you want to use it to type all day. In addition, the file system is a little less accessible than traditional computers. It is worth checking if the programs you are going to use are available in the online application store (app) for your device (it is extremely easy, and free, to install applications that are there). You can work on them, but this may mean buying an external keyboard and adjusting your work habits to achieve this. Then, to decide, keep in mind what you want it for.

Although depending on the need of each person it is possible to find a tablet on the market. It is not something that is going to be complicated. In addition, you also have to take into account the time you want to use it. The most expensive and high-end tablets are the ones that will best stand the test of time. This is something that will be very important depending on the use you want to give it. But if you choose one in this field, you know that you are going to have to pay more money.

What tablet to buy? Points to consider

what tablet to buy


It is an aspect related to use. If you are a person who wants a tablet for leisure or for children, then you know that you do not have to spend too much money. Especially on Android you can find many models with low prices that will give you good performance. But it is important to have a clear budget, in order to better choose the ideal tablet for you.

Tablet or convertible?

You may have a tablet company in mind, but as mentioned before, if you want to use it for work, it may not be the best option. In these cases better bet on a convertible, which is a hybrid between a tablet and a laptop. We find a keyboard, which is usually removable in it. So it allows you to use it for work and then for browsing.

These types of devices usually have some elements typical of laptops, such as a processor. Furthermore, in many cases these tablets run Windows as operating system. Therefore, you will not have problems when you use it, because it will work like a computer, but with a touch screen. In this sense, Microsoft's Surface models may be one of the best options to consider.

What size or type of screen should I choose?

Tablet design has also evolved over the years. Therefore, as with smartphones, we currently find ourselves with tablets that bet on screens with very thin framesso non-existent. Although there are not many yet, it is something that will increase over the months. Choosing for this type of screen is therefore a bet for the future. While the prices may not be too low yet.

The size of the screen is a very controversial aspect when choosing a tablet. You must decide which one you think best suits what you are looking for. Logically, the ideal is a somewhat larger screen, which will allow you to work better or view content in a more comfortable way. In this sense, there is usually consensus. Because, a 10-inch screen would be ideal.

In addition to size, it is important to consider quality. We find a bit of everything on the market in this regard. There are brands that bet on LCD screens, others on IPS and some OLED-AMOLED panels are beginning to make their entrance. The latter are the best, as well as consuming less energy. But, they are usually only in high-end models, which are going to be more expensive. Therefore, an LED panel can be a good option. In addition, there are many with 4K resolution already available, without having to pay too much. Although the best thing in these cases is to try it, and thus determine if it is the desired quality. It may be essential if you are going to watch content with this tablet.

Another aspect related to the screen, is the crystal of it. Nobody wants a tablet that is going to break easily. Therefore, try that the model you are going to choose has Gorilla Glass. It provides additional protection in many cases. Since it usually resists well against scratches, scratches or bumps.

How much RAM should my tablet have? What processor?

the best tablet

RAM is a key element when choosing a tablet. But it is especially important if you are looking for a tablet with which work or carry several processes at the same time. Because a larger RAM will allow you to have more applications open at the same time, which will make it easier to work with it.

Therefore, it may be worth buying a tablet with higher RAM, of about 4 GB in many cases, so that it is easier to be able to work. If what you are looking for is browsing or watching videos with it, especially when traveling, it is not something that is so important, it may be that 2 or 3 GB of RAM will more than comply. But for users who demand a more efficient operation, especially in the case of an Android tablet, it is not necessary to lower than 4 GB in any case.

Closely related to RAM is the processor that the tablet has. In this sense we find a bit of everything. If you are looking for an Android tablet, you will probably come across processors that we also see in smartphones, so you can already get an idea of ​​how they will work. Qualcomm and its Snapdragon processors tend to perform better. Therefore, it is something to consider.

The newer chips usually incorporate performance improvements. But the processor alone is not a determining factor. Also the operating system, applications and fluidity in general are something that will determine if said tablet works well or not. In addition, at present it is seen how artificial intelligence is gaining presence in tablets. It is an additional help to the processor.

The highest range of processors are the Snapdragon 800, with 835 and 845 the most recent on the market. They are the most powerful and the ones that will give you the best performance. Although the tablets that have them mounted they are also the most expensive.

How much storage do I need on my tablet?

Storage space is an important consideration when we decide. The most popular models - iPads, Nexus, Kindles - offer no way to increase their capacity, so you have to think about how much space you need before buying.

If you want to save your entire music and video collection on your device then knowing that the one you buy will mean having a larger budget and device. However, you can buy one with Micro SD card slots. In Tablets Baratas Ya We have done an analysis to buy a tablet in which we tell you which models allow this type of cards. Some allow more than 64 GB of space. Wow, it doesn't seem that hard to choose with so many options. The option of installing a Micro SD card is much cheaper than buying a tablet with more internal capacity.

If your needs are more modest, browsing, social networks and some games then models with less capacity will serve you perfectly. Still I recommend not lower than 16GB. Keep in mind that the tablet operating system and the installation of some applications will take over some of these precious gigabytes before you start using it. But always keep in mind whether or not it is possible to expand the storage space of the tablet. If not possible, you may be compensated by another model.

What operating system is the best for my tablet?

surface pro 6

Don't worry too much about this point. In our comparisons we do not include anything that we would not buy. Currently the three most used operating systems on the market are Android, iOS and Windows. They all have pros and cons and to decide we will take into account that Android is the most popular operating system and offers tons of apps and devices. It is not as easy as Apple's iOS system to use although you get used to it very quickly, so keep this in mind if you are thinking about which tablet to buy.

I recommend Android because the devices are cheaper compared to iOS and Windows. Being also the most popular, the store to download applications is full of free programs and great communication between users, which helps to find information on the Internet. Some doubts are already beginning to be clarified, right? If not, we recommend that you look at the beginning of the post to guide you a bit where to go.

If in your search the price is not a problem then you can buy one of the iPad models that carry the iOS system. These have been considered the best tablets although logically this ranking has a price.

I do not recommend Windows. It is much more confusing and the tablets that include it are more expensive just for the fact that they include this operating system. It has some advantages but none that Android or iOS cannot have.


In a smartphone the camera is essential. Not so much in the case of a tablet, although this is something that is changing over time. Because they have an importance that you should not underestimate. They can be used for a multitude of functions, from taking photos, scanning documents, video calls or being used as facial recognition, like the one found in telephones.

Therefore, it is important to consider what the tablet you want to buy will be used for. Since there are people for whom these cameras are surely going to be much more important. Both the front and rear cameras are something that should be at the level of expectations. Not only the megapixels of the camera are essential, also additional functions. The presence of flash, stabilizer, zoom, etc. Although as you can imagine, the more elements, the more expensive said tablet will be.

With or without a SIM card?

tablet with sim card

This is a very common question asked by any user who considers buying a tablet: with or without a SIM card? The answer is simple: It depends on the use that we are going to give it and, above all, where. A "normal" tablet in this sense is one that can only connect to the internet via WiFi. For most uses, this is the best option because it will allow us to connect to the internet from home without having to pay the extra for the 3G / 4G / 5G antenna.

On the other hand, a tablet with a SIM card will offer us options that we will not have available in a tablet without a card, as we can connect to the internet from anywhere in the world where there is mobile coverage. Another improvement that tablets with a SIM card usually have is that they put the GPS antenna on the chip, so a 3G / 4G / 5G tablet can also serve as a navigator to take us anywhere in the world on a screen larger than that of any smartphone.

It is important to keep all of the above in mind. Buying a tablet with a SIM card is an extra expense that It is not worth it if we are only going to use the tablet at home or in areas where we know that there will always be WiFi. On the other hand, it will be worth it if we have to work with her outside the home. Of course, as long as the internet that we can share is not enough by creating an access point for our smartphone.

Design and materials

It is very common for people to mention design of a device as a reason to opt for it. For this reason, I think that manufacturers are wrong launching increasingly thin devices, which looks very good aesthetically but, first, they have less battery than we would like and, second, sometimes they weigh so little that it is difficult to handle them. For all the above, we must take into account the design and materials of the tablet that we want to buy.

In terms of design, there are tablets of all kinds of shapes, colors and sizes. Among the tablets for children is where we will find the greatest variety in terms of their design, something logical if we take into account that they have to attract the attention of the little ones. In normal tablets, a better or worse design depends on the customer. Some like the Apple iPad better and others prefer tablets with a long screen like televisions. And it is that you also have to take into account the display format, where the most common is that they are 4: 3 or 16: 9.

Regarding the materials, the vast majority of tablets on the market use plastic materials, but there are some higher-end ones that are available in aluminum. On the other hand, others are designed to be water resistant, so they must choose stainless materials and, in addition, be well sealed.


Galaxy tab s4

Every tablet on the market has Bluetooth and WiFi. But as users, you have to go one step further. Bluetooth 5.0 is already on the market, so it may be a good option to consider, although most still use version 4.2 today. Little by little, new models are arriving with the new version.

As for WiFi, we have to make sure that the one we choose comes with 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac. NFC, which can be used for mobile payments, is not a feature that we see as often in this segment. But, there may be people interested in it. In any case, it is something to consider, but it should not be seen as essential when buying a tablet.

In addition, we also have to look at the ports that the tablet has. Models like the iPad do not usually give many possibilities in this regard. But a USB port, which allows you to connect a cable, a 3.5mm headphone jack or slot with which being able to insert an SD or microSD card is something important. Since they allow us a better use.

So keep in mind what each tablet offers when you are consulting its specifications, to avoid choosing one that will not have the ports or the desired connectivity.

How big should the battery be?

The battery is always an aspect that we have to consult. It may not be as important for most users as on a smartphone. Because a tablet is not usually something that is used the whole day. But it is important to keep a couple of aspects in mind about said battery.

In the case of a tablet, battery amperage isn't everything. There are other elements that have great influence, such as the operating system or applications. This is something that in many cases can be seen with use. Therefore, it is good that you read comments from people who have bought it, who have a real experience about the autonomy of said battery. A piece of information that will be very helpful almost always.

If we have to give you a figure, a 7.000 mAh battery is the minimum in the case of a tablet. It is something that should allow us to use it the whole day in case it is necessary. There are many that have batteries of this size. About charging, a few models feature fast charging. Although it is something of enormous utility, you should not see it as essential, especially if this causes the price of said tablet to be much higher.


Just like image quality is important, sound is not something we can forget when we go to choose a tablet. Although tablets are a device that is used especially to consume content, sound is not usually its most prominent attribute.

Fortunately, the high-end has started to make significant improvements in this area. In fact, there are some models that arrive with surround sound, which certainly provides a better experience. Especially when watching series or movies on your tablet. But in many cases it is good to try it or read what other users have to say about it.

We have already mentioned it before, but the headphone audio jack It is something that is losing presence, as happens with smartphones. If you are going to use the tablet while traveling, it is something that can be extremely useful. Therefore, you may be interested in the tablet you choose having one.


iPad Pro with Apple Pencil

Choosing a tablet that has a wide selection of accessories available can be very interesting. Thanks to them you can give it some additional uses and get more out of the possibilities that said tablet has. Many brands often launch their own official accessories with some models. Especially within the high-end range.

But it is good to check which brands or models have accessories available, both official and third-party. As far as accessories are concerned, they can be keyboards, stylus, special covers, etc. Apple usually has its own official accessories. But Android brands often have third-party accessories on many occasions, which work perfectly.


This is very much related to the operating system. Planned obsolescence is something that many users worry about when they go to buy a tablet. Unfortunately, it is a battle that we have practically lost beforehand. It is best to try to find a model that we know will have updates for a couple of years

In the case of Android, it is usually the high end the one most likely to be kept up-to-date at all times. Apple usually works well in this regard, always giving a couple of big system updates. But in the end, no brand escapes its controversies with programmed obsolescence.

What warranty should my tablet have?

If you ask yourself "what tablet do I buy" know that you will be a bit disappointed to know that all tablets are sealed and in all models you will need a professional if something goes wrong. Which one do I buy without suffering for my device? In case of not having covers, the good thing they have iPads is that Apple has some stores around Spain where it will fix your iPad for free within the first year of your purchase. Android and Windows devices also have a one-year warranty, although if something happens to your tablet you will have to send (or they will come for you) the device to have it fixed at the factory.

Final conclusion

En Tablets Baratas Ya We put it on a plate for you. We have made a comparison on each of the points to take into account. All the tablets we deal with have minimum 1 year warranty and Android or iOS. Look at the beginning of the post if you want to move between a certain price range.

We have also made a small classification of the lower priced tablets. The price of our page (Tablets Baratas Ya) so that you can assess which are the tablets that have been purchased the most in Spanish territory with lower price ranges and you can find cheap tablets that are better suited to limited budgets.

Although this article has talked about the best-selling tablets in Spain, it is always good to have a global vision to broaden the horizons a little more. In this case we see that the prices are somewhat higher compared to the most purchased at home. Also a good indicator to know which ones to buy if we want to go up one more floor.

This is logical since in the United States for example, they tend to earn considerably more money per month than in Spain. They are also very fanatical of Apple since it is a US company, that's why iPad is the best-selling tablet there.

All these comparisons have been analyzed by us using online newspapers, American and foreign comparison websites and the best sellers on Amazon among other sites.

If you have come this far, it is that you still do not have it very clear

How much do you want to spend ?:


* Move the slider to change the price

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  1. I do not recommend Windows. It is much more confusing and the tablets that include it are more expensive just for the fact that they include this operating system. It has some advantages but none that Android or iOS cannot have. »

    I guess the last part is a joke. Android and especially iOS is a system for entertainment and little else. None of the above operating systems handle a single "serious" program. A Surface (for example) can easily move all the Adobe suite and its programs without "capping." Let's not talk about editing tools, vector design, even 3D programs or any other professional program that we can think of in an agile way (depending on what you pay, of course). As for the quote "the tablets that include it are more expensive just for the fact that they include this operating system" is a hollow statement. They are more expensive because their hardware is infinitely superior to that of a tablet "to play games" and that is paid and paid dearly. What I would understand if it is not recommended is a low-end Windows tablet (like any computer in general) because the operating system is much "heavier" and requires a machine.
    In short, with a surface pro or an Asus ... for Windows you can play whatever, you can use whatever program, you can work at home, you can work outside without missing a laptop ... try doing that with an Android tablet or iOS. These are still large phones and except in high ranges many times with less capabilities than these. Which windows could improve your interaction in touch environments? Surely, in that if Android and iOS are better. Logical. It's like comparing the difficulty of using a scrubbing cube to a Rubik's cube.

  2. Hello, I have seen that your favorite tablet is «Tablet 10 Inches YOTOPT, 4GB of RAM and 64 GB». I am a student and I would like to be able to take notes, notes and watch a video. Do you recommend this tablet to me?

  3. Hi Yolanda,

    Value for money is a good tablet for what you want. Anyway, if you tell us what budget you have, we can guide you with other tablet models.


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