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In this comparative analysis in guide format we will analyze the best 8 inch tablet available in the market. We have relied on consumer ratings, opinions from other experts, and sales volume. With this we have finished with a small list so you can buy the best 8-inch tablet with good value for money.

8 inch tablets comparison

How we want to help you choose your next 8 inch tabletHere is a comparative table that will help you choose the model that best suits what you are looking for:

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This tablet model is popular with users who prefer a rather long screen but not much like the 10-inch ones. With the 8 '' size what we achieve is that it is more comfortable to hold them. With the popularity and the struggle between the 7 and 10 tablets, it is easy to forget an 8-inch tablet, and although they are a little more forgotten, the truth is that there is a great variety of these models that do not leave users or critics indifferent.

Many of us like 8-inch tablets because it is a hybrid between the other screen measurements. Be that as it may, if what you are looking for is a tablet of this category, do not worry, we will clear up your doubts, and in case you want to ask you can use the comments.

What 8 inch tablet to buy

Let's find out. As we have commented at the beginning in the paragraphs that come, we propose the more prominent and affordable for most budgets.

Samsung Galaxy A7 Lite

The Samsung 8-inch Galaxy Tab A7 Lite tablet is the latest tablet of this screen size. It provides us with a renewed and refreshing design with powerful internal hardware as well as a long battery life, even more than the Tab A we talked about in the comparison of Samsung tablets. With a 16: 9 screen ratio, it has a wider viewing area than the typical 8-inch tablet. Something that is better for users who spend a lot of time reading ebooks or using the search engine to navigate with their tablet

Of course, the screen has only a resolution of 1340 × 800 pixels so you will not have that feeling of sharpness of high-end tablets, although it is not bad for its screen size. About more good things we can say that videos look clear and sharp. Like other Samsung tablets, it is made of plastic which feels cheap, but this type of design is quite fashionable thanks to the slim and lightweight construction. The edges are rounded and made of steel, and the rear is thin with a grip that makes it comfortable to hold.

It goes with the upgradeable Android version that has been customized by Samsung with the TouchWiz profile that can be disabled without problems if you don't like it. This type of modification adds a bunch of useful features to navigate, including the multi-window. In addition to all this, it must also be said that comes with Microsoft Office package, an interesting feature for those students looking for a tablet.

The 8-inch Samsung tablet is equipped with a Snapdragon Mediatek processor, with 3 GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory, which unlike the iPad you know that you can expand up to 512GB with a microSD card. Although it is not the queen of power, you can use this tablet for day-to-day tasks such as email, surfing the internet, watching videos and normal games. Also say that on a full charge battery can last more than 13 hours It depends on the way you use this 8 inch tablet. So if you want a tablet For the day to day With exceptional battery life without spending a lot of money, the Tab A tops the list when it comes to our recommendations.

Lenovo Tab M8

Lenovo's lineup includes top-tier products in various sizes like the 8-inch M8. The latest addition has been the 8-inch tablet, which we consider the perfect size tablet for those users who want an Android screen slightly larger than smartphones.

Design and display: The Lenovo M8 is very fine and light. It also uses the same coating that has been seen in the rest of the Asus brand devices. Although it is much thinner and lighter than others, leaves plenty of room so you don't accidentally wake up the screen, which is perfect for a monitor of this size. In addition, it has very well built and well made sides as well as sealed.

Technical characteristics: In its entrails we have the powerful processor Mediatek A22 Quad-Core 2 GHz, which is accompanied by a 2GB RAM. These two factors already allow us to navigate without pauses and in a fine way. We can do use the most demanding games and load applications quicklyeven when there are many applications open secondarily. In this 8-inch tablet you have a 1280 × 800 pixel screen, which It is more than enoughAlthough some competitors of some 8-inch Samsung tablets such as the Tab A or the iPad Mini 4 have larger resolutions.

Use the Android 9 version with a custom interface from Lenovo that brings us some interesting editions to the menu.

Conclusion: The Lenovo Tab M8 does be a pleasure to work and play in it. Although some argue that there are better tablets at a lower price, some features such as water resistance and being able to see our Google Play games on it.

Huawei MatePad T8

The Huawei MatePad T8 comes with a really improved design that supports a multitude of view modes. At first glance what we can say is that this 8-inch tablet model seems a bit simple and less portable compared to other tablets on the market today. However, when we start using it we already see that it is comfortable and well built, giving a good feeling of materials. Will not break easily, insurance.

Design and display: Although it is mainly made of plastic, with a polished and silver coating on the finishes, it feels quite premium in the hands. Has a 1280 × 800 resolution what produces clear and sharp images, although the color accuracy is not the best in the tablets on the market.

Technical characteristics:. All the latest games and applications will go without any problem thanks to the processor it has, a 1.33 GHz Mediatek quad-core and 2GB of RAM, not bad for the price it has. We also have 16GB of internal memory, which we can expand with the use of a microSD card. Like any camera on most of these 8-inch tablets, on the MatePad T8 we recommend using it for a few photos from time to time.

Conclusion: Although it is somewhat heavier than other similar tablet models, the Huawei MatePad T8 receives a good rating from us for its excellent performance at a good price, along with a loud and clear sound and good battery life, more prominent than most from your competitors.

Amazon Fire HD 8

*Notice: Amazon has recalled all Fire HD tablets from the market.

Another option at your fingertips is a model somewhat superior to the previous one, although it shares many of its characteristics. You can also find it both with or without advertising, and with an internal memory that ranges from 32GB to 64GB. That is not the only thing that has been improved in this model, since the screen has grown to 8 inches.

No products found.

It also has a powerful processor Quad-Core 2Ghz, 2GB RAM, and microSD card slots to expand the internal flash memory up to 1TB. Its battery has also been boosted to last up to 12 hours of reading, browsing the Internet, watching video, or listening to music. In addition, the battery is fully charged in about 5 hours, so you can fully enjoy it.


The 80-inch TECLAST p8 tablet has a 8-core processor, 8GB of RAM and 64GB of storage that we can expand using microSD cards. This tablet can be bought at a good bargain when compared to other tablets in the same range of features, but to some people it may seem slightly more expensive than looking at the other 8-inch screen tablets on the list. Still we believe worth it for its superior hardware, the latest version of Android 12 as an operating system and a battery life above average.

Even so, for about € 99 more we could recommend you look at the previous tablets that we have mentioned that may have a better screen or even a processor. So ignoring some details we think that the Lenovo TAB4 is a device that is well built with a lot of features, as well as offering a formidable development for the price.

How much does a 8-inch tablet cost?

Within this segment of the 8-inch tablets we find all kinds of models. So there are high-end devices, others that have much more affordable prices. In short, a bit of everything. Although they can be seen in categories, which we will talk about below.

The cheapest

Within this category, the cheapest can be placed below 100 euros. In some stores you can see a few tablets for less than 100 euros. There are also others with prices between 70 and 80 euros. Although it is a more limited selection. But they are presented as a good option for users with a reduced budget or who are not going to make intensive use of their tablet.

Good value for money

An essential aspect when buying a tablet, also an 8-inch one, is to look for a good value tablet. So it gives us good specifications but without having a high price. Logically, for each user it will be different, depending on the use or the specifications that are seen as necessary in said tablet.

En este sentido, They could be tablets ranging from 150 to 250 euros. In many cases you can see very complete models, with good specifications and a good design, so that it is possible to make good use of the tablet without having to pay too much money for it. Although for each user what they see as a good value for money may vary.


The high-end of the tablets is undoubtedly the most expensive. In it we can find prices from 300 or 400 euros onwards. There are fewer brands in this field, many being from Samsung or Apple. Therefore, in this sense, the offer for some users may be more limited. But we can expect the highest quality within this selection of models in the high-end 8-inch tablets.

In some stores, especially if you consult online, you can see models of up to 1.000 euros in price. But the reality is that for most users it is not necessary to pay that much for a tablet. There are very good models in this market segment with prices of about 400 euros. Especially if you want to be able to use it for leisure, study or work.

Measurements of a 8-inch tablet

8 inch tablet measures

Although the tablets we are talking about all have an eight-inch screen, the size of the tablet itself can vary significantly from one brand to another. The reason this happens is that there are tablets that have screens with thin frames and others have wider frames. Something that affects the size of the tablet.

For example, there are models that have measurements of 21,1 x 12,4 x 0,83 centimeters, as happens in a Lenovo tablet. While another, also with an 8-inch screen, measures 192 x 115 x 9,6 mm. The differences are not many in this case, but we can see that one is more elongated than the other, but that there is one that is less wide.

Each brand decides this based on the design, in addition to the desired screen ratio. For this reason, some opt for an elongated screen, vertically, while others opt for a slightly wider one. 8 inch tablet

Weight is also somewhat variable. It depends on several quite important factors. On the one hand, there is the material that is used in the tablet, since if it has a metallic body or a hard plastic one, the weight will not be the same. Each brand uses its own designs, so the materials change from one to another. Also the size of the battery will have an influence, if it is larger it will weigh more. They can go from a tablet with a weight of 300 grams to others of more than 400 grams.

Furthermore, the material of the panel can also influence the weight. Some brands use IPS-LCD others an OLED panel. But the protection of glass, like Gorilla Glass, which makes it wider and stronger, can influence this and give it a few extra grams. Although it is not an aspect that will have too much influence.

Top brands with 8-inch tablets

When it comes time to buy a tablet, we find various sizes available in stores. One of the most common sizes is tablets with 8-inch screens. of size. There is a fairly wide selection of models with this type of tablet. Next we will tell you everything about this type of tablets.

In this market segment we find many brands available. Although there are some of them that stand out above the rest due to the good quality of their devices. These are some of the best brands in this segment.


8 inch tablet Samsung

The Korean brand is one of the most important in the tablet segment. They have a very wide collection, with devices of all types. The interesting thing is that they have models of different ranges, which adjust to the budget of each type of user. They also have 8-inch tablets in their catalog, which stand out for their good quality and performance.

Here you can see all Samsung tablets.


8 inch tablet Huawei

The Chinese brand has managed to transfer its popularity in the smartphone segment to the tablet market. They have to their credit a catalog with quite a few models. Among them we have some with an 8-inch screen. One of the advantages of the brand is that they tend to have lower prices than many of its competitors. What has made them a very sold option.

If you want to see more models of the company, these are the best Huawei tablets.


tablet 8 inch apple

The range of Apple iPads is quite wide, in addition to being renewed every couple of years. Among the models that the Cupertino firm currently has under its belt we find some 8 inches. So if you want a tablet other than Android, with great quality, it is always an option to consider in this regard.

Here you can see the full range of apple tablets.


tablet 8 inch amazon

Amazon is a brand that also has some tablets available today. Between they have an 8-inch model, which stands out for its HD screen. Therefore, it is presented as a good tablet to watch movies, series or read content on it. So that it is comfortable for the user's eyes at all times.

Where to buy a cheap 8-inch tablet

When buying an 8-inch tablet we can find many stores. Although users seek to have the best price or access to a greater selection of models, there are always some stores that should be considered in the process of buying these types of devices.

  • Amazon: The popular online store has possibly the largest selection of tablets on the market. We can find models of all brands in it. Also a lot of 8-inch tablets. Many brands, many different prices, so it is very simple to find one that is of interest. Possibly the most complete option in this regard. In addition to being always very comfortable the purchase process in its entirety from the website.
  • Media Markt: The store also has a large selection of tablets. What's more, they usually have promotions on a regular basis, so that you can get this tablet at a much better price. One of the advantages it gives us is that they have both physical and online stores. So, if you want, you can see the tablet in the store, so that you can see the materials or the way it feels to use it.
  • El Corte Ingles: In this store we have a good selection of 8-inch tablets available. Prices are usually somewhat higher, because they have a selection that tends to focus on somewhat more premium models in many cases. Although with the passage of time it has expanded a lot. In addition, there are also usually offers or discounts, so that you can save on that purchase.
  • Carrefour: The well-known chain of hypermarkets has a good range of electronic products, so that we can buy 8-inch tablets in it. In terms of prices, there is a bit of everything in it, from very accessible models to more expensive ones. So in principle it is usually possible to find one that fits what you are looking for. In addition, it is always possible to see them in the store.
  • FNAC: The electronics store has many tablets, both in store and on your website. They are usually in addition to one of the stores in which to buy Apple iPads. But they have many brands. Therefore, it is always a good store to consult if you are looking to buy a tablet. In addition, for members they always have a discount, in addition to having frequent promotions.

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