What iPad to buy?

If you are thinking of buying an iPad, you have come to the right place. Although on this page we talk about cheap tablets, we have thought about developing this small article for users who want to buy an Apple tablet. Better than about information that is not missing.

Which iPad to buy

First, it is very important to consider what features are you looking for in a tablet, which ones you need, which ones will make your life easier and which ones - no matter how good they sound - don't need and / or don't want to or can't afford.

Obviously, each series of iPads has different characteristics. Here we analyze the best of each to help you decide between buying iPad Mini, buying iPad Pro or buying iPad Air.

The iPad Air, the king of the house

It may have been released a year ago, but iPad Air  It is still exceptional. Is incredibly thin (6mm) and light as a feather, outperforming other iPads without breaking a sweat. More importantly, in fact, it is fast. Super fast. Inside there is a M1 processor. In addition, it has 64-256 GB of capacity.

But that is only the tip of the iceberg. IPad Air has a 10,9 inch laminated screen with great color reproduction and deep blacks. Has the 12 megapixel rear camera and the fingerprint sensor touch ID. Your battery lasts 10 hours and, crucially, it will be able to withstand all iPadOS 15 multitasking features, including the Split View.

I must add that the Air comes without shortcomings, it is one of the best tablets on the market right now without any doubt. The speakers are amazing, for those who want to use it to play games or watch videos.

The Air is basically for the user who wants it all- A gorgeous big screen with great power and eye-catching multitasking capabilities. All of that comes to a rather high price, but if money is not a problem, the Air 5 is the best iPad.

Most regular Apple users, in fact, have a quick and clear answer when you ask them which iPad to buy: go for the Air before buying the iPad Pro.

The iPad the powerful and affordable

El 2022 iPad is an innovative and powerful technological tool that combines functionality, versatility and performance in a sleek and lightweight design. Its 10.9-inch display with Liquid Retina technology offers sharp, vibrant image quality, with accurate colors and high brightness, ideal for enjoying multimedia content and performing creative tasks.

In addition, it has the True Tone technology, which automatically adjusts the white balance based on ambient lighting, providing a more natural and comfortable viewing experience for the user.

Equipped with the powerful chip Apple A14 Bionic, ensures exceptional performance, capable of handling even the most demanding applications and games smoothly and quickly. With its expandable storage capacity, the user can save a large number of files, photos and videos without worrying about space. In addition, this model features support for the second-generation Apple Pencil, allowing for a precise, pressure-sensitive writing and drawing experience.

The iPad also stands out for its versatility, as it offers the option of connecting a smart keyboard, making it an ideal device for working or studying. Its long-lasting battery and its Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity ensure that the user can be connected and productive anywhere. In addition, it has a high-resolution rear camera, perfect for capturing special moments or making quality video calls.

iPad Pro

At the end of last year the most recent model in this range was presented, the iPad Pro. A device that Apple has renewed in every way. A new design has been used, in addition to introducing new specifications, better than those of previous generations. A very complete model to consider.

The company has launched 11-inch size models manufactured using Liquid Retina, which is an improvement on conventional LED panels. A technology that gives a great quality. The company already uses it in some of its iPhone, such as the iPhone X. A screen with thin frames has been used, in addition to the removal of the Home button from it. There is a front camera in it, which allows you to use the facial unlocking that has been seen in the firm's iPhones, the well-known Face ID.

Also, in this case, Face ID can be used with the iPad both vertically and horizontally. It will work both ways with complete precision. Which allows a much more comfortable use of it at all times, regardless of the way in which the user holds their device.

The design is new, but there are also changes inside. An M2 processor designed by Apple itself. It is a very powerful processor, which gives great performance, in addition to allowing multitasking on this iPad Pro. There are several storage combinations, with up to 1 TB. So that users can choose the most convenient option. There are versions with 64, 256, 512 GB and this one with 1 TB.

For the cameras, Apple has used True Depth cameras. This allows you to make use of selfies in Portrait Mode in addition to assuming the arrival of the Animojis to the iPad Pro. The rear camera is 12 MP and also allows you to record video in 4K, something that is maintained compared to the previous generation.

In general terms, it is a model that represents an important renovation for this range, in terms of design and specifications. A leap in quality, in addition to launching into a more premium segment. This iPad Pro is launched for professionals, so that you can work, carrying out activities such as design without any problem in it, but that it can also be used when consuming content, with a large and quality screen.

Therefore, We can see it as the best iPad model available nowadays. It promises good performance, in addition to having a renewed design that many users may like.

The 12,9-inch iPad Pro, the one that's hard to overlook

The iPad Air has been overtaken by the iPad Pro as the largest tablet. The new iPad takes this crown easily, with 12,9 inches although there is also a smaller 10,5-inch version. It is enough thick and robust, also, with some 6,9 mm thick (6,1 mm on the smaller version of the iPad Pro) - a bit thinner, but heavier, than the original iPad.

Justifying its size, Apple has been calling it "Desktop level", for superior performance and features, and our impressions confirm them. IPad Pro has a 2.732 x 2.048 pixel display that takes your breath away, besides being Higher in resolution than any of the other iPads. If you opt for the 10,5-inch version, the screen resolution will be 2.225 × 1.668 pixels, thus maintaining the density of 264 pixels per inch.

It is driven by a M2 processor, a reinforced version compared to the classic A-Series. It's well endowed externally, too - the Pro has a set of four speakers, a sensor with FACE ID for facial unlocking, a 12 megapixel camera, 802.11ac Wi-Fi y LTE connectivity. A multitasking monster.

Something other iPads can't have, something that would justify buying the iPad Pro for the amount of money it's currently priced at (because, let's face it, not a cheap iPad) are his accessories - that's where their real value lies. There is the Smart keyboard a iPad case with QUERTY keyboard integrated, and there is the much more interesting Apple Pencil. It is Apple's first attempt at creating a stylus, and the company is already showing its superior efficiency compared to competing pens (for example in pressure sensitivity, as it can differentiate between lighter and heavier pressures). What's more, its battery is 12 hours.

In short, the Pro could be the ultimate iPad. Certainly exceeds in performance, and extras like dual stereo speakers and Face ID are the icing on the cake. But it is not for everyone. Besides being the most expensive of all iPads - with a base price of 1000 euros –, its immense screen is a marvel. And the productivity accessories that really make it shine, The Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil do nothing but raise the price, and not a little (with a price of 100 and 160 euros respectively).

There Apple is trying to hook a very particular market, with the Pro: users of companies and corporations that, if not for the Pro, they would use a computer equivalent, such as Microsoft's Surface. That doesn't mean that other users can't appreciate it, but unless they're up for the inconvenience of its size and price, they should consider a more portable option.

Finally, in the following table you can buy the main features so that you can purchase an iPad according to your budget and the features you need. You will see that in the following comparison all the iPads we have reviewed apparently have the same characteristics. Do not get confused! As this is a page of cheap tablets, we have added to each column the same specifications as the tablets that we usually value, but if you click on view deal you will see that each one is different internally.

Why buy an iPad and not another tablet

Cheap iPad Pro

IPads are known and highly valued in the market. For this reason, many users prefer them over other options that are currently available on the market, for example, within the sector of tablets to study. There are a number of reasons why this happens and they are so popular with users


iOS is the operating system that we find in Apple iPads. For many consumers it is a really comfortable operating system to use. It has a clear design, as well as providing many possibilities. So many prefer this system over Android.

The truth is that it is a very complete system. Especially when it comes to wanting to work with said iPad it is very comfortable and provides many tools. Something that undoubtedly makes it ideal to work with an Apple device.

App Store

The App Store is the application store available on iOS devices. In it you can see many apps that are on Android. Although many applications are exclusive to this store. So you have access to some that otherwise is not possible. What's more, it is a very safe store, in which it is very exceptional that there are security problems as in Google Play.


One of the advantages that iPads usually have is the fluidity of use. The operating system works very well, it has an easy-to-use interface and the combination with the processor and the rest of the components allows a very comfortable use. There are hardly any interruptions or problems in using it. Something that is especially important when using this device to work.


iPad Pro with Apple Pencil

An iPad can be a great option for people who already have other Apple products. So that you can get the most out of the ecosystem of the company and have a good synchronization between these devices at all times. This is something that many users do, have all their Apple devices, since an ecosystem can thus be created at home, which has many advantages of use.


Lastly, we can not forget the quality that these iPads have. Both the design and the materials with which they are manufactured are of the highest quality. A quality finish, retina or OLED screens as in the most recent model, in short, a premium design, which in the end means a higher price.

Where to buy a cheap iPad?

When buying an iPad we have several options. In terms of price, the reality is that the normal thing is that there are no price differences between stores. Since usually Apple does not usually do promotions. So the price of their devices remains the same in all establishments. Although for users who are looking for a new one, it can be bought in some well-known stores, so there are surely some in the area. In addition to being able to buy them in official Apple stores, there are other points of sale:


buy cheap ipad on amazon

The popular online store sells us many iPad models. It is not always possible to find them all, but we have a good selection. In addition to always having the guarantee of the firm's shipments, and the return that is simple. Therefore, it is always one of the best stores if you are looking for a new iPad.

El Corte Ingles

buy ipad with a discount in the English court

The well-known chain focuses on the segment of premium tablets. Therefore, we have a good selection of iPads available, both in physical stores and online. The advantage of the physical store is to be able to test the device and see if the screen size is adequate for what you are looking for.


buy discounted ipad on mediamarkt

As in the previous case, the well-known chain of electronics stores allows us to buy said iPad both in physical store and online. So users can always go to the store to see it on site and test its operation. So it is another good option to consider in this regard.


buy cheaper ipad in carrefour

The hypermarket chain has a wide selection of electronics products. It is possible to buy iPad in them. The selection of iPads they have depends on each specific store, although they usually have some recent models, in addition to the best sellers. So they can also be purchased here.


buy ipad in installments

In some cases, such as in Apple's own store, it is possible to buy it in installments. You can choose for the financing, if the price is too high but it is something you need for work. There is always this possibility in case the Apple Store is used, so it is important to know if there are any near where you live.


buy cheap ipad at fnac

Lastly, the store is one of the best known in Spain for its selection of iPad. It is possible to buy them online and in store. The advantage of the store is to be able to see its operation, design, finish and size. In addition to having advice in case you do not know very well which model to choose.

How much does an iPad cost?

With discount Apple 2022 iPad 10,9...

The price range in this regard is quite wide. It depends largely on the age of the model. For example, the newer model, the iPad Pro, tIt has prices ranging from 879 to 2099 euros. It depends on the storage, in addition to whether you want the 4G / LTE version or the one with WiFi. This greatly influences the price.

The rest, most models They are between 300 and 500 euros in price. It is possible to see some of the first iPad models for less than 200 euros. Although these have already been somewhat outdated in many cases. But the margin mentioned above is the most frequent.

So you already know at least the budget you have to have in general. Even if will depend as always on each individual model. Those in the iPad Pro range are always more expensive.

Conclusion on which iPad to buy

what ipad to buy

I can't remember when was the last time Apple made choosing an iPad easy.

Last year, the introduction of a new and improved device led to an overwhelming number of models in store - the iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Air and iPad Air 2. Apple has already received much deserved criticism for its complexity. of the Tablet portfolio, and this time around focused on the differences - or lack thereof - between iPads.

But that was before the iPad Pro. With the gigantic new Tablet to the top of Apple's catalog, the iPad hierarchy is much simpler these days: sorted according to the size, that now is directly proportional to its price - The 12-inch iPad Pro is worth € 800 and is the most expensive, the 2-inch iPad Air 10 occupies the middle position and is at 500 euros, the iPad Air and the new iPad Mini 4 are going down in size and price to The 400 euros, and the iPad Mini 2 occupies the last place, with 260 euros, which could be considered a cheap iPad.

Still, just because the new iPad series is more clearly differentiated does not mean that choosing has become less complicated. Establishing specializations is one thing, but contextualizing those specializations is another. Let me explain: what good is a 12-inch screen if portability is what you value above all else? And why pay for a high-end graphics chip (no high, sky high) if you only play games eventually?

In an attempt to answer these and other questions, I have evaluated each iPad pragmatically - to identify the most specific uses for each model, and thus answer the question of which iPad to buy. Obviously, this is not a guide to the perfect iPad - there is no such thing., after all - but it will help you choose which iPads to consider and which to avoid.

Like the rest of tablets, an iPad is portable, allowing you to take it wherever you want, check emails, search the internet, do everything from the comfort of the kitchen or the sofa, etc. but what stands out about this device is its simple and clean style. . It goes without saying that the price is not for all budgets, which is why we ask you if you want to buy one of these devices.

If you want a tablet but you don't care about the brand or model as long as it works, we recommend that you take a look at cheap tablets on our page. If you have already decided that you want to buy it yes or yes then keep reading.

As we said in the beginning, there is no perfect iPad- The iPad Air 2 lacks the support for Pro accessories, as well as its great sound quality and faster processor; the Pro, in turn, ends up being too expensive and cumbersome to carry, although it's easy to miss thanks to its impressive features; the iPad Mini 4 has some very good hardware but it balances it with its size; the iPad Air is just plain old-fashioned. But there are iPads that just work for some (better than others). Do you want a cheap and relatively functional iPad? You don't have to do more than buy iPad Mini. Do you want a high-performance tablet that can fit in your wallet? Opt for the iPad Air 2.

And finally, a written guide is not a substitute for experience. Your purchase decision should really be based on testing sessions. Probably my best advice so far: go to the Apple Store, explore the iPads they offer you, test their strengths and also their limitations. They aren't a cheap investment after all, so take it easy. Weigh your options carefully.

So buy your iPad and give it to others.

IPhone or iPad?

Although some people use their mobile as their main computing device, it is better to buy an iPad because of its power and its large screen that at the same time feels small to carry from one place to another. If you are used to working with your phone you will love to see all the additional features that an iPad can offer you. Yes, surely you will not type as fast as on the computer, but I assure you that you will go much faster than with two fingers on the mobile.

It is true that many people prefer to work on a computer but yes. You can use a Bluetooth keyboard for your iPad with all the advantages of a computer and a tablet. What people do not quite like when they think about acquiring it is the idea of ​​tapping the screen from time to time to change tasks.


It goes without saying that the applications that iPad offers are of a very wide variety. Last time we checked, there were over 5000.000 apps for this device. Surely you are not thinking of buying it only for the applications but this is a very great advantage, because in any need you can find the application required in each situation. The Apple store is huge and as its users grow day by day so do its applications.

iPad or other tablet

what ipad to buy

You can basically do the same things. Read books, write a blog or diary, organize your life and archives, make video calls, surf the internet ... But for those who think of getting hold of one they already do it because of their style and because they know that passing through the window of any electronic store They will no longer see that it is new (unless it is an iPad) because they know they have the best on top.

Apple has always been valued for the design side it offers with its products. We talk about that if you think about buying one, you do it thinking about the style of the device but also for all the music creation or design software like your Mac computers.

If you have the budget To buy an iPad we recommend that you give it an opportunity that you will surely not regret. But If you have to tighten your belt to buy it, there are very valid options on the market de cheap tablets.

Other iPads to consider

As Apple has released many iPad models and their renewal is practically annual, in this space we are going to gather all those Apple tablets that we recommended in the past but that we no longer do because they have stopped selling or become obsolete.

The iPad Mini 2, the affordable

Why do we no longer recommend it ?: The iPad Mini 2 is no longer sold.
Which model is better instead ?: The iPad Mini 4 at a similar price but with better features in all aspects.

What do we write about it?
The iPad Mini 2 may be two years old now, but thanks to tireless support in the form of continuous software updates (iOS 9 on September 16) and price drops, it is now considered the cheap iPad par excellence and continues to sell regularly. If you don't have a list of all the features you want and are wondering which iPad to buy, this is the simplest, well-functioning and very comfortable to carry, as well as affordable.

One of the two smaller Apple iPads, at just 7,9 inches, the Mini 2 is the lowest price barrier to pass. There is a simple explanation: on the cons list, have a processor that goes out of date (the same A7 found on the iPhone 5S), it has a lower spec camera than their more expensive equivalents and Apple's Touch ID sensor is missing fingerprint scanning; on the other hand, on the list of pros, has a retina display, high resolution, And a stereo speakers, and its battery is able to last 10 hours on on a single charge.

What does all that mean in more practical terms? If you prefer a smaller and cheaper iPad, and you are not involved in photography, or play the latest games, or use apps that are extraordinarily demanding in battery consumption, the Mini 2 will be the one for you.

Es comfortable to hold (has a width of 7,5 mm), and enough good for more casual wear (read, watch series and movies, check your email, and use the most common applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook ...). There is nothing that prevents any kind of productivity, of course - some companies even sell Aftermarket keyboards for the Mini 2 - but the Screen "missing" and multitasking ability they're pretty big impediments to really substantial productivity. That is why this iPad, no matter how good it is, It falls short compared to the others. Even so, if your main objective is to buy cheap iPad, the Mini 2 is yours.

It is difficult to find many faults in the Mini 2 at its again reduced price of 260 euros. It is the cheapest that you will find without going through the second and third hand market first. If budget is your priority, the Mini 2 is the obvious winner. If it isn't, but you still want a screen that fits in your pocket, buying an iPad Mini (for example, the Mini 4) is the smartest thing to do.

The iPad Air, the largest Mini 2

Why do we no longer recommend it ?: The iPad Air is no longer sold.
Which model is better instead ?:  Currently you can buy the iPad Air 2 which is faster and compatible with the latest versions of iOS.

What do we write about it?

The iPad Air, like iPad Mini 2, can no longer be considered new. The two were introduced in the same year, 2013, and its hardware reflects it: the Air is basically a 10-inch version of the iPad Mini 2, with the same processor (A7), The same resolution camera (5 megapixels) and a retina display. Even the battery life is the same - around 10 hours.

Why buy iPad Air if we already have the iPad Mini 2 then? It just has a much larger workspace. It's great, even great, for watching movies, checking email, reading, and casually playing games. But it won't multitask. Thanks to the older processor in the Air, does not have support for the Split View of iOS 9 that the Mini 4 does.

As far as I'm concerned, the Air is an anomaly. It is not only the iPad that offers the worst performance per euroBut it also lacks the one quality that would make you redeem yourself: multitasking. The choice between buying the iPad Air or its price equivalent, the Mini 4, is easy for me. Even if if you're willing to sacrifice performance and features for a bigger screen, the choice depends on your priorities. Choose the Mini 4 if you want a compact iPad that doesn't make you feel like you've wasted money.

If you have come this far, it is that you still do not have it very clear

How much do you want to spend ?:


* Move the slider to change the price

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