what is a tablet for

What is a tablet for?

It seems that everyone has decided to buy one but you are still not sure what a tablet is for. Here we explain it to you!

WhatsApp on tablet

Do you want to install WhatsApp on a tablet? We tell you how to do it easily and quickly so that you can enjoy WhatsApp on your tablet and on your mobile at the same time

connect tablet to tv

Connect tablet to TV

Do you want to connect the tablet to the TV in a simple way? We tell you 4 ways to do it with or without cables so you can decide which method to use. Do you know them?

my tablet does not turn on

My tablet does not turn on What to do?

Do you know your Android or Tablet well? Then you will know - perhaps too well - that it has very few buttons; There is only one way to turn it on, and that is to press the power button (obvious, right?), but this is not working. Don't panic! Android devices or other operating systems sometimes refuse to turn on ...

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update android tablet

Update Android Tablet

When you have a tablet with Android as the operating system, you have regular updates. In addition to some security updates, there are updates to the operating system. Although many users do not know very well how to update their Android tablet. It is not something complicated, but it should be known at all times. Since it ...

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how to format a tablet

How to format a tablet

We explain step by step how to format a tablet with Android, iOS or Windows so that you leave it from the factory and erase any fault it may have.

best tablets

What is the best tablet?

If you are going to buy a tablet but you have doubts, this is your article. In it we tell you which is the best tablet for you. What offers are there today?