10 inch tablet. Which one to buy?

This time we present you a comparison so you can choose the best 10 inch tablet. We have reduced the options to several models that focus exclusively on the 10 ", in this way, we present to you those that have been the most purchased throughout the year, those that have a more adjusted budget range for your pocket, and the most powerful in case you want to buy a tablet with these characteristics.

10-inch tablets comparison

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Although you can click on each of the reviews of the models that we list below and below we will talk about the individual characteristics of each of the models so that you have it in summary mode and do not have to enter each tablet analyzed.

When choosing a 10-inch tablet we find many models, from various brands. This means that there are all kinds of prices available in this sense. Something that can make the choice process not always easy for consumers. Which is better, a high-end or a cheap one?

Of course, it depends on several factors. The user must always be clear about the use that he intends to give said tablet. For a person who is going to use it very frequently, it is better to pay more money and bet on a 10-inch tablet that is powerful and you know that it will last for several years. In addition to maintaining good operation over time.

We have classified you the best 10-inch tablets in order, telling you the good and bad things about each one of them.

Huawei MediaPad T10s. The best

By way of conclusion We put it as the first position because on the subject of price quality It is one of the best on the market, for this reason it is also the winner of this section. Today for around 160 euros we cannot find many options. However, this 10-inch tablet offers us fluency and autonomy to be able to use it during hours in normal tasks. It is also an affordable device for several tasks at once if we do not squeeze it a lot.

Some bad thing we can say since no device is perfect is the fact that some changes could be made to the video system to cover more formats. However, the compatibility is great and we can use it in all kinds of situations. For those buyers who want a large tablet of about 10 inches this is undoubtedly the best device that we can recommend right now, perfect for tighter budgets.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8. of the most complete

By way of conclusion We can say that it is an outstanding model, not only for its specifications. Also for its very attractive design. It is a tablet from the Samsung house that stands out compared to the rest because it reminds us of the direct competition of the iPad, in terms of shape.

Some positive characteristics Apart from the structure and shape that we have already mentioned, it is the fact that it is not that only apparent quality, but that the materials that have been used to make this Samsung model are of quality, perfect so that we do not break the first time if, for example, it falls on the ground.

If we have to say something that we like a lot, it is perhaps the screen, yes, it is one of the rather large (10,5 inches) and the color reproduction is outstanding, although we also say that you have to pay attention a lot since thanks to its panel.

Huawei Mediapad T3. The cheap option

This model is the ideal for those on a budget and therefore what they are looking for is a cheap 10-inch tablet without having to sacrifice many quality elements.

One of the things positive that the Huawei Mediapad T3 has, is that stands out for its audio quality. The speakers that this tablet has has the potential to make it a perfect mobile device that ironically is great for being at home and giving it multimedia use. Apart of this

If we have to name an aspect negative It would be your camera, which doesn't give your best. Although this is a characteristic that is constantly repeated in those tablets baratas ya whether they are 10 inches or not. If the price can be lowered, it almost always starts with the camera, so it doesn't surprise us much either since it is a very good model.

Huawei Mediapad T10s

To conclude this tablet comparison We recommend the Huawei Mediapad 10.5, another 10.5-inch model that you should definitely consider when buying a tablet.

If you are thinking of renewing your old 10 inch tablet Getting a high-performance model, powerful, with fluid performance and, in addition, you do not want to invest too much money, the new Huawei Mediapad in its 2022 version is precisely the tablet you were looking for.

Introduced by the Chinese company just a few months ago, the Huawei tablet Mediapad T10s is at the top of the ranking of mid-high-end tablets, with more high-end features than mid-range.

First of all, it stands out for its large IPS screen of 10,1 inches with 2K resolution which is ideal both for viewing multimedia content, as well as for reading or daily work. This display is perfectly complemented by its four Harman Kardon speakers, two located in each of the smaller side frames.

Inside it has an eight-core processor supported by 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage, depending on the model you choose, and which in any case you can expand by using a microSD card. Furthermore, thanks to the efficiency of its processor and its 7250 mAh battery, the Huawei Mediapad promises hours and hours of autonomy and entertainment.

As an operating system we find Android 10 under the EMUI 10 customization layer.

The Huawei Mediapad tablet also has two cameras with 8 MP sensor each with a fingerprint sensor on the front that supports gestures for navigating the system interface and apps, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, pre-installed Microsoft Office 365 apps, and optional LTE for those who want it.

Best 10-inch tablet quality price

While the selection of 10-inch tablets today is wide, there is one model that stands out above the rest, which we have already mentioned a couple of times before. It is a tablet that leaves us with the best value for money on the market. We talk about the Huawei MediaPad SE.

It is the latest generation of the Chinese brand. Has a 10,4 inch screen size, with a Full HD resolution. So you can see content very comfortably in it. Inside it we find a Huawei Kirin processor, which comes accompanied by 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage.

The battery of this tablet is 5.100 mAh, which will give us great autonomy. Sound is an aspect that stands out in this tablet, thanks to the presence of two stereo speakers in it. They assure us a good audio experience. As an operating system it has Android Oreo, which provides a lighter interface, which allows a better functioning of the tablet.

In addition, this tablet has a very slim design, which makes it easy to carry with you at all times. It is also light, weighing less than 500 grams. Therefore, it is easy to carry it in a backpack without any problem. A good tablet, which can be used to consume content, browse, study or be used as a tablet for children. Very versatile and with a great price.

For all the above, we are facing one of the best quality-price tablets as can be seen in the product sheet. This particular model has a score of 4,5 out of 5 and more than 283 positive evaluations by users, so it is a safe bet.

Measurements of a 10-inch tablet

10 inch tablet measures

Today most 10-inch tablets (which are typically 10,1 or 10,5 inches in size), they usually have a 16: 9 screen ratio. Like the one we have on smartphones. Also the 3: 4 screen ratio is common. Also, with the arrival of models with very thin frames, we are starting to see some that will arrive with the 18: 9 ratio. Something that allows you to take advantage of the screen more, without the size of the tablet being greater for it.

The dimensions or measurements usually vary depending on one model to another, especially depending on how the front is used with the screen. Some tablets like Huawei's MediaPad T5 measure 24,3 x 0,78 x 16,4 centimeters. While others like Samsung's Galaxt Tab have measures of 27 x 16 x 5 centimeters.

Normally, a 10-inch tablet is between 22 and 30 centimeters in length / height. The width is something that is usually quite similar in most models, between about 15 and 17, in the best known today. While the thickness usually varies quite a bit. Although tablets are getting thinner. So in many cases we see a thickness less than a centimeter, in the most current models.

The weight is something that also depends on the model. Depending on the materials used, as well as the size of the battery, there may be notable variations from one model to another. Although around 500 grams We can see that this is where most 10-inch tablets are today.

Best brands of 10-inch tablets

Currently, all the brands out there with some 10 inch size tablets use Android as an operating system. So the choice is pretty straightforward in this regard. Within this segment there are some that are worth taking into account, since they leave us with some high-quality tablets.


Korean brand is one of the most important in the tablet segment. They have to their credit a wide range of models. In addition, the vast majority of the models available in its range have 10-inch screens, in some cases 10,1 or 10,5. But they are perfect for what you are looking for. Models like the Galaxy Tab S or Galaxy Tab A are known to users.

Therefore, they have a large selection of tablets, which stand out for their quality. The good thing is that there are models for everything, so if you are looking to work or looking to consume content, there are good options available. Regarding prices, Samsung is not the cheapest, but it is a guarantee of maximum quality at all times.


Huawei is another brand that has bet on the tablet market. The Chinese brand, as with their smartphones, leave us with a good selection that stands out for its good value for money. They have models available in this size, which have good specs and a very good price. Although this is the constant in the brand's tablets.

Therefore, they are a good option to consider if you are looking for a quality model, but without having to pay too much money for it. Models like the MediaPad T5 are possibly the best known for the vast majority of users.


Definitely, Lenovo has made the leap in a big way in the world of tablets and offers us several 10-inch models that are also worth taking into account since they have a great value for money very adjusted.


Another smartphone manufacturer brand that also has tablets. Xiaomi phones have become popular worldwide, also in Spain, because they have some good specs and much lower prices those of your competitors. Something that also carries over to the manufacturer's tablet models.

Their tablets are not known like those of other brands. Although we have some available models of interest in your catalog. All of them with compliant specifications and accessible prices, which make them an option of great interest.

How to choose a 10-inch tablet

cheap tablet 10 inch

Screen quality and resolution

Size isn't the only thing that matters when it comes to display. Since the resolution and quality of it. This is something that will gain importance depending on the use that you want to make of the tablet. For users who want to be able to watch movies on it, it is something of greater importance. Because it directly affects the user experience.

Of course, the most expensive models are those with better screen resolution and image quality. There are quite a few tablets that They already arrive with 4K resolution. Many in the mid-range segment are also introducing 2K. It is something that should always be taken into consideration. Although it will be the use that you want to make of the tablet that will prevail when looking for a higher or lower image quality.

RAM and processor

The processor is something that should be consulted at all times. Most tablets on the market, especially those that use Android as the operating system, use the same processors that we find in smartphones. So it is easy to know the range to which they belong. The most powerful are Snapdragon 835 and 845 nowadays. So the models that have it are high-end.

RAM is an aspect closely related to the processor. When looking for a new tablet, it is common that users do not give as much importance to RAM. But it is something that must be taken into account. Especially for those looking for a tablet to work with. As more RAM will allow more actions to be carried out at the same time, it facilitates multitasking.

Therefore, the use that you want to make of the tablet will determine this. To watch videos or simply to browse you do not need the most powerful model or with the highest RAM. But for users who want to work or be able to use it in all kinds of situations, about 4 GB of RAM would be correct.


Storage is something that should not be something you obsess over when buying a tablet. Although it is something of importance, the most important thing in this regard is check that the desired model has the possibility of using microSD, which can allow us to expand said storage space. Since many tablets do not have this possibility.

There is usually everything in terms of storage. A tablet with 32 or 64 GB is usually more than enough. Although for people who are going to browse and download apps, 32 GB will be enough at all times. But for a more varied and extensive use, that is going to be used both at work and at leisure, it is better to bet on something of 64 GB and that has the possibility of expanding space.


Connectivity is a section that covers several aspects. On the one hand, you want that tablet to have an Internet connection. Although all models They already arrive with Bluetooth and WiFi. So this is not going to be a problem. The Bluetooth version may differ from one model to another, as well as the WiFi compatibility. Ideally, it should be 802.11 a / c. The presence of NFC is not something really important.

On the other hand, we have to take the ports into account. It would be ideal, and may be necessary for many users, to have a USB port. Also the possibility of having a slot for SD or microSD is essential. What's more, in many tablets there is no headphone jack. Although if you plan to consume content in it, then you must make sure that it has it.


As with smartphones, we want you the tablet battery will last long enough to be able to use it as long as possible. Although, depending on the use to be made of this 10-inch tablet, then it has a greater or lesser importance for said user.

For people who will use the tablet on a daily basis, both for work or study and for leisure, then the battery is more important. Therefore, they should bet on tablets with large batteries. A minimum of 7.000 mAh in this sense should be enough for a good autonomy. Especially in the latest models it is something that you will meet.

Users who will not be using their tablets as often, it may not matter as much. But it is not that you should bet on models with a small battery. In these cases models with 5.000 mAh can give a good performance, and last all day too.

Where to buy 10 inch tablets

When you are already clear that you want a 10-inch tablet, it is time to consult places where you can buy one. The reality is that it is relatively easy to find tablets on the market. There is a selection of shops in which possibly the selection of models is somewhat wider, or provide better prices.


The online store is possibly the most popular option among consumers. No wonder, because they have the widest selection of tablets on the market. You will be able to find all the 10-inch tablets in which you are interested in the store. They have many makes and models available, making it easy to select one.

In addition, prices are usually low. There are also usually offers on a regular basis, as there are new discounts every week. So it is likely that you will get such a tablet at an even lower price.


The well-known chain of hypermarkets stands out for having a wide selection of 10-inch tablets. In your case, we find models from the main brands, as well as others with much more accessible prices. Therefore, it is a good option for users looking for something cheaper. Since the prices are usually generally accessible.

They can be purchased both in store and through their website. The good part about the physical store is that allows the user to hold the model in their hands, so that you can see the quality of the screen, how it feels to hold it, and thus be able to decide in a better way.

Media Markt

The well-known electronics store is another of the best options when buying 10-inch tablets. They have a great selection of models, of all brands. Therefore, it allows you to easily find something that is of interest to the user. In addition, by having stores, you can see and test these tablets in real life. What helps to determine.

One of the great advantages of MediaMarkt is that they have many promotions. Although prices are generally low, with these offers and promotions, which are renewed every week in store and online, it is possible to buy a tablet with an even lower price.

Final conclusion, opinion and assessment

10 inch tablets

These are our recommendations, taking into account that a 10-inch tablet gets used to giving a rather domestic or office use, We think that to buy a tablet of these characteristics the factor that must be taken into account more is the price. In this comparison we have put you the best with this type of screen, so it will depend on your price range to choose one.

It is clear that the more we pay, the more improvements we will have, but with none of them will get stuck if you use it to surf, internet, social networks and also.

Of which more have been bought last year you have the first 3 which are also the ones that appeared at best quality-price tablets, and if we have to choose one of the three, we recommend the BQ M10 tablet, which has soaring sales and good evaluations of the clients and users who have acquired it. You can see a complete analysis of this on our blog in case you want to know more.

When buying a tablet, 10-inch models are usually an ideal choice For the users. It is a good screen size to view content (videos, series, movies), as well as allowing you to work on that screen with total comfort. Although many users do not know what other aspects must be taken into account.

Therefore, you have to have certain aspects under consideration when you are going to buy a 10 inch size tablet. In this way, the process will be simpler and the model that best suits what the user wants will be chosen.

If you have come this far, it is that you still do not have it very clear

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  1. Hello Pau,
    Congratulations on the blog! Very interesting and complete.
    I am looking for a 10-inch tablet that can handle a high work rate and have good sensitivity for taking notes and working with a digital pen. I am a teacher and I need it to work with the students, prepare reports, work with multi-windows. I don't have a budget for an ipad pro and I don't think I need that much quality, but I'm not looking for a mid-range tablet that loses steam after months.
    For a minimum guarantee I have no less than 2GB of RAM (I need speed and power to work with several open applications, keyboard and pen), I do not need 4G but I do need a connection for projectors and other devices, good battery, a minimum quadcore processor (I have a lenovo a806 octacore 1.7ghz mobile and after a year it works much slower after giving it many hours of use at high performance (multitasking with drawing, text, image and video editing applications); I don't know if the comparison is good , but I'm looking for a little better performance but for tablet format and I think this description can help) I have a budget of around € 500 for the tablet, keyboard, case ... What would you recommend? Surely you have more idea of ​​what models can meet these needs.
    Thank you very much for your help and encouragement with the blog! Good job!

  2. Hi Miguel, thank you for the detailed comment and also for the work you do. Indeed, the comparison is more intended for people who have a tighter budget, but I intend to expand it and put a section for the most demanding. If you do not want an iPad, I can tell you, as you have told me well with the tablet that I have been thinking about, it has been with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (here you have a good offer) which is one of the new versions that I have also talked about in my Samsung comparison. If you look at the characteristics you will see how smooth it goes, I was quite impressed when I tried it, and in the same way, for users who have used it a lot, they are very happy with how long the battery lasts although it may charge something slow, but you will not have fluency problems and it will definitely last you a long time. I think it will meet your expectations well, greetings!

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