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With the inclusion of tablets in our daily lives, it has only been a matter of time that they occupy a place in our free time. The tablets to play will help us to watch movies or do multimedia activities that some cheaper options they can't give us. In this article we present the best options for those who have tighter budgets but prefer a tablet to play for its portability and versatility and not video consoles that make us be in the same space and not have so many games at hand.

The best tablets to play

Below you have a table comparison with the best tablets to play that you can buy right now:

Huawei MediaPad SE

While many Android tablets can meet your gaming needs, there are some tablets to play that are designed for it. There are many devices on the market that offer high performance and are priced within many budgets.

This tablet has a eight core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 at 1,4Ghz. Also, to get closer to a more realistic experience incorporates four speakers to enjoy a much more pleasant experience when watching movies or enjoying the best games.

Of course, we also have the option of incorporating some controller via bluetooth to be more immersed in playing. And all this for a very contained price that most pockets can afford.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9

La Microsoft Surface Pro 9 is an impressive and versatile tablet that combines the power of a laptop. With a 13-inch display with HD resolution, the Surface Pro 9 offers exceptional visual quality with vivid colors and sharp details, perfect for enjoying multimedia content and working on demanding tasks. Its elegant and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and use anywhere.

Equipped with a powerful processor Intel Core and Intel EVO technology State-of-the-art, the Surface Pro 9 offers exceptional performance, allowing applications and programs to run smoothly and quickly.

with options of expandable storage, the user can store a large number of files, documents and multimedia without worrying about space. In addition, it features a pressure-sensitive stylus and a detachable keyboard, providing a precise and comfortable writing and drawing experience.

The Surface Pro 9 also stands out for its versatility in terms of connectivity, since it has USB-C and USB-A ports, as well as a microSD card slot, which makes it easy to connect peripherals and transfer data. Its long-lasting battery allows long use without interruptions, and its Windows 11 operating system provides an intuitive and familiar interface to perform tasks and make the most of the device's capabilities.

Best tablet brands to play


Apple is currently the most important company in the world at a technological level. His iPad marked a before and after in the world «post PC»Since, although what they originally launched was like a large iPhone, it showed that you did not need a computer for everything.

Over the years, the iPad has gotten better and better, distancing itself from the iPhone to the point that it now uses its own operating system called iPadOS. The Apple tablet is the one that most interests users, but its price, higher than those of the competition, prevents everyone from buying it.

If you are looking for a tablet to play with, the iPad is the quintessential model for which you are willing to pay what it costs.


Samsung is a company that has been in our lives for approximately eight decades. It manufactures practically any article related to electronics, among which we also have accessories and components such as storage memories and RAM, processors and batteries. Your tablets They are the best with Android operating system, but some users are not very fond of its interface because it is somewhat heavy.

As a counterpoint, the options offered by Samsung are difficult to match, such as support for its S-Pen and special options that are launched from the brand's same stylus. They are a good option to consider, but the most powerful are not too attractively priced.


Huawei is a relatively young company, at least if we compare it with the one above these lines, but it has already managed to climb to the third drawer of the podium of technology companies worldwide. They began to expand from China to the whole world and gained popularity when they began to manufacture smart devices, such as smartphones.

Their tablets are the best value for money, since they offer powerful devices for prices that are hard to believe so they are great options to play for little money.


Microsoft is the company that develops the Windows operating systemBut it also makes and sells hardware, such as mice, keyboards, or even its own hybrid computer called the Surface.

It is not a 100% tablet, but a convertible computer, but considering that we can remove the keyboard and that Windows has even the most demanding games available, they are a great option for those who want it all. Of course, its price is not for all pockets.

You will have to bet on a Microsoft tablet if you are looking to play titles developed for Windows.

How to choose a tablet to play

tablet to play

You may have noticed that they are the high-end models and it is that as with computers, if you want a gaming tablet you will have to buy one of the most expensive.

In return you will receive a screen of higher quality and higher resolution, so games will look sharper. You will also get much more powerful hardware to improve fluidity and be able to take advantage of the device screen. There are even models that can be connected to the television together with a Bluetooth remote and become a real console.

Logically, if you buy a mid-range or poorer quality tablet, you will be able to play these games but it is likely that the graphics will get worse, the fluidity will be diminished at certain moments of the game and you will not be able to enjoy all the advantages they give. the gaming tablets that we have linked to at the beginning of this article.

Processor power

The processor is like the motor of some electronic devices. Along with the GPU, is what will allow a game to move with ease, so, if we are thinking of playing with our tablet, we have to look for one with the best possible processor. A heavy title played on a tablet with a discrete processor will cause us to experience cuts and, probably, unexpected crashes.

GPU power

Although most mobile games are very simple, and as an example Candy Crush and some similar ones are worth it, not all of them are. There are titles that are much more demanding and, depending on the hardware of our device, it can show better graphics or decide to show less good ones that our equipment will support. For that reason, and if we want to enjoy the games with the best performance and also graphics, we have to try to acquire a tablet with the best possible GPU, to which is added the previous and the next point on this list. A good GPU will be able to show more details and do it without feeling resentful.


ipad air 4

RAM can be important in some tablets, but it is not a figure that we have to go crazy about. In fact, Apple has always "scratched" on this component on its iOS devices and the performance has always been good, showing that not always more is better. But the truth is that nobody is bitter about a sweet and, especially if we choose an Android tablet and we want it to play, a medium or high RAM memory will offer a better user experience.

Rare are mobile games that require more than 2GB of RAM, but, whenever possible, we have to acquire something with more memory than we originally thought. I comment on this because yes, okay, today we have a tablet that performs well with the current titles, but what happens if they release something six months later that has better graphics and has to process more information? It is true that here we also have to take into account the points prior to this, but, if we can, it is better than not missing.


tablet games

The screen of the tablets is an important point, so much so that companies use them as a claim and mention their characteristics to get our attention. There are screens with different sizes, the mini ones being approximately 7 inches, normal 9 to 10.1 inches and the large ones between 12 and 13 inches. Regarding the size, I think it is important to keep something in mind: if we are going to play with the tablet in our hands, what interests us is something medium or small, but if we are going to play with a controller, we may be interested in one with the screen as large as possible.

On the other hand, we have the Screen resolution. If we want to see the games as clearly as possible, we have to look for a screen whose resolution is at least FullHD (1920 × 1080), but we must also look at its density (PPI). A good figure in the latter can be one that exceeds 300ppi. But be careful, there needs to be a balance; the best screen with a bad battery will make the autonomy plummet.


Autonomy is something important to take into account in any device with a battery. A good one will allow us to be anywhere for a longer time, while a bad one of a few hours will make us glued to an outlet. In tablets, a good autonomy is around 10 hours of use, while a mediocre one is one that lasts 3 hours or less. There are few tablets that offer autonomy that lasts a whole day's work and if you are going to play, especially outside the home, autonomy is one of the speciations you have to pay attention to.

All-in-one tablets

Sometimes we do not look for tablets to play that specifically have all the best, but rather have everything enough. These types of tablets have to keep up a little with the daily demands while still having enough features to see with ease. Game of Thrones before going to sleep. They have to hold out long enough to pass it on to children, and light enough to wear all day. With all this in mind we have two good options. We have covered the best tablets for students, the best for children here and we've just covered the best ones to play with. But what if we want a tablet with which we can do a little of everything? This will be covered in the next article 😉

Which tablet has better games, iOS or Android?

tablets to play

Many questions are easy to answer, but this one is not so easy. In a question like this, I am forced to take a look back in time and see what has happened and what usually happens in terms of landings in the Apple / iOS App Store and the Google / Android Google Play. But before that and talking about some examples, let's go with the theory: tablets that have one of the two most popular or extended app stores virtually all mobile games are available. And now we have to talk about other things, like deadlines and restrictions.

Apple's App Store puts more restrictions. The Fortnite vs. Apple, where the former tried to skip the percentage that those of Cupertino ask for in purchases made from their store. The end of the story is that Fornite was expelled from the App Store, but not only from it. Google also removed it for the same reason, trying to bypass the rules of Google Play. So do we have a tie? No. Android allows us to install apps from other storesEven from unknown sources, Android tablet users can go to the game's official page and download it from there. It would not be a draw, but a 1-0 for Android.

Cloud gaming services are also gaining popularity. At first, Apple said that they violated the rules of its App Store, to later back down and say no, that they could be played from their iOS devices. I comment on this for a reason: Apple's restrictions are dangerous and sometimes we can find some unpleasant surprise, such as not being able to play Fornite (although there is already a trick, precisely thanks to cloud services) or that they take something new and decide not to allow it. 2-1 for Android, but the iOS point may come weeks late.

The issue of exclusives is no less important. In general, developers make more money from the App Store than from Google Play, so their preference is the Apple store. There have been many times when a developer has brought his game to iOS before Android, but, over the years, rare is the case of the game that does not also reach Android. There are, so 2-2.

So in the end, which tablet has better games? The answer would be that they usually have almost the same ones, that they arrive on iOS before and that iOS has some exclusively, but Android has fewer restrictions and even the titles they reject can be played in the official store. The issue of exclusives would make the balance fall to the side of iOS, but for some it will be more important that there are fewer restrictions.

If you have come this far, it is that you still do not have it very clear

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