Cyber ​​Monday tablets 2023

Taking advantage of the fact that you buy from your smartphone or your computer, you can take a new last generation tablet or a new high-end mobile device as you have never imagined before. It's your moment, it's Cyber ​​Monday.

Here is a selection of the best tablets that have greatly reduced their price on this year's Cyber ​​Monday:

Cyber ​​Monday 2023 on Tablets

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Tablet brands that we can buy cheaper on Cyber ​​Monday


It's hard to believe that a Chinese company with just over 30 years old has already risen to the podium of the world's leading technology companies. And that is what Huawei has done, partly thanks to the last ten years in which it has immersed itself fully in the world of mobile telephony and other types of smart devices.

Their tablets are very popular and during this Cyber ​​Monday we will find them with prices that are difficult to reject, especially considering that they are already very tight during the rest of the year.


The apple company started by manufacturing computers, but for a little over a decade it has been more famous for being the one behind the iPhone, the smartphone that set the new course.

His tablet is the iPad, which also set the trend, and we can find it with sales during Cyber ​​Monday. But beware, Apple is not cheap and its discounted offers are usually not as important as those of other brands.


South Koreans have been a benchmark in the world of electronics for many decades, although at first we knew them more for home appliances.

Now, in addition to everything they did, such as computers, PC components, cameras and others, they are also responsible for some of the most important Android terminals, and these will be available in many stores during Cyber ​​Monday with sales that will be around or beyond 20%.


Lenovo also comes from China, a company with which many, especially the little understood, are not fair. And it offers very discreet products with very low prices, which is why some believe that it is a bad brand, but this is not the case; it also makes higher-quality, more expensive items.

Among them we have mobiles and tablets, and during Cyber ​​Monday the good prices they offer will be even better.


It is also hard to believe what Xiaomi has done, but not so much if we consider that it has followed practically the same path as its Huawei compatriots. They have also gained popularity for offering products with good value for money, and it has also helped somewhat that their products resemble those of Apple, because of the controversy.

Their tablets are very similar to the iPad and during Cyber ​​Monday we can buy those "iPad with Android" with discounts that can exceed 30%.

When is Cyber ​​Monday 2023

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We must know that Cyber ​​Monday is a day that follows from the famous tradition of Black Friday. Thus, it is a lesser known day and one that has been celebrated for much less time. In fact, it is quite recent, but this does not disappoint users and consumers, but rather it is gaining followers and fans. It will be similar, but it is not the same, and buyers know it. To be able to take full advantage of its advantages and benefits and know how to enjoy all its splendor in the front row. And the best thing is that you won't have to get up early to take the car and go to a shopping center, nor go out in search of shop windows and shops, we will do it from our sofa. But when will Cyber ​​Monday be? Your date may vary from day to day, as it is not a fixed number that repeats itself over time. However, it is always celebrated three days after Black Friday, since it is on Monday, and in turn, Black Friday is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving. Thus, This year Cyber ​​Monday is celebrated on November 27. And Black Friday will be celebrated on November 24.

Two dates that you should not forget to write on your calendar, because when they arrive you will have to be ready, have informed yourself of the best stores in which to enjoy the offers and not get lost in anything. Many quick and fleeting offers will hit websites like Amazon, Fnac, Mediamarkt, and more. If you doubt too much, perhaps they will go away and you will not be able to find them again. To renew your computer equipment, acquire that product that you have been waiting for so long or renew your wardrobe and wardrobe, this day you should not fall asleep.

Black Friday vs Cyber ​​Monday

We all know that there is one day a year that comes to bring us the best offers and the most succulent discounts. That day is only one month from Christmas, and it is known as Black Friday, also called Black Friday in Spanish. But that day is not the only one that we can take advantage of to benefit from offers and discounts. Many businesses and many stores decide to expand the time limits throughout the weekend, even reaching Monday. However, Monday is not just another day of the year nor is it the last time to have discounts. It is a unique celebration that was born to help consumers and customers to trust in the advantages of digital purchases and to accustom them to the environment of applications and company websites. That celebration is called Cyber ​​Monday and it is characterized by bringing all the advantages of Black Friday once again, limiting them or focusing them in another way to the digital environment.

In Spain, Cyber ​​Monday or Cyber ​​Monday is not as well known as its predecessor, but many businesses and stores are already beginning to incorporate it into their calendar. Customers and consumers who know this day benefit from its offers and discounts, without having to get up from the sofa or even from bed. From home, seeing the products and all the information for this day, you can also take the products you want at unbeatable prices. From doing Christmas shopping to buying something special for a family member or friend.

We have already discussed what these dates mean for the market, companies and consumers. But it does not end there, as there are several differences to take into account. The main one is that it will not be the same purchase method in both cases. That is, the Black Friday It is the great day of shopping, that is a fact, but those purchases are mainly directed to the traditional market, to locals, businesses, physical stores and establishments. It is the day in which everyone goes en masse to the large shopping centers and pulls the card to take all the purchases of Christmas gifts, birthday gifts and other celebrations that are close. The savings are significant and sometimes quite a bargain. Top brands at prices never seen for them. Undoubtedly the best claim for any consumer, whether they have a high or medium purchasing power, even for those with a medium-low purchasing power, as it allows them to buy those products that seemed impossible a priori, but that once a year are within reach. hand All of this is Black Friday, which is why most people love this day. On the other hand, Cyber ​​Monday, although it maintains all those advantages, is limited when it comes to winning, or rather, it focuses on the field of online sales.

Cyber ​​Monday will bring us very good offers, just like Black Friday, but it will be from applications, platforms and the websites of stores and businesses. Perhaps some store matches those prices in physical stores, but what makes sense of this day is the growth of online sales. The idea is to accustom consumers to buying from home and purchasing products online. Eliminate the doubts, insecurities and fears that an online purchase may pose for the user and normalize this method that is more and more widespread every day. And without a doubt it succeeds, because its prices and conditions are great.

There is not one day that is better than the other, but there is a day that has a different purchase method than the other. If you prefer to buy in the physical store, maybe Black Friday will compensate you, but if you want to buy from home and enjoy exclusive offers, Cyber ​​Monday is your day.

Cyber ​​Monday on tablets

Cheap tablets at Cyber ​​Monoday

Of all the products that can be purchased this Cyber ​​Monday, there is one category that wins the first prize year after year: computing. And who says computing, covers the entire field of computers, tablets, smartphones and the various accessories that accompany them. From smart watches, sports watches, virtual reality glasses and game consoles. All this translates into quite expensive products that, when accompanied by a significant discount, become very attractive and even more accessible to consumers. Often a user is not convinced to renew their computer or tablet because of the price, but Cyber ​​Monday brings discounts and offers so positive that it seems that what is impossible is not to buy it, because sometimes it really pays to go for a new one . We are talking about offers that can be even 21% on tablets and computers, that is, the VAT percentage in our country. An unmatched discount.

And perhaps saying that it is 10 or 20% is not very striking at first glance, but we are talking about products that can range from € 400 to € 1200 in the case of Apple's iPad. A product in high demand every year both on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. We can save from 40 euros to 200, depending on the offer, maybe more. Everything will depend on the business in which we acquire the product and the offer that we follow. The most recommended for technology in Spain can be Fnac, Amazon and others such as PC Components.

Cyber ​​Monday iPad and Apple

As we have said, it is the day of online shopping. For this reason, the most demanded products are those of computing, technology, smartphones ... And it is that the most advanced users in these categories are those who best know this day of offers and those who have the advantage when it comes to adapting to online purchases already buy in applications. This has led the same companies to highlight technology products above the rest.

And companies like Amazon or Fnac give us very good offers that invite us to renew computer equipment or acquire the latest tablets on the market, which already allow us to work as if they were computers. If you've always wanted an Apple iPad or are thinking of making the leap to the new iPad Pro, this date is the ideal one for you. You buy it from your home and it will come at a price never seen before. More affordable, cheaper, more savings. Apple tablets may seem expensive, but there are models for all audiences and for all types of budget. If until now you thought that it was not within your reach, it is because you have not seen it with the different discounts of the websites that take advantage of Cyber ​​Monday.

Next Monday, November 27, stay tuned to your favorite shopping websites and don't miss this opportunity.

Where to get tablet deals for Cyber ​​Monday

cyber monday tablets

  • Amazon: Many of us know Amazon for its hyper-famous online store, but it is also popular for its cloud. In any case, the interesting thing here is your eCommerce, probably the most important in the world. In it we find all kinds of articles, without any special one that stands out, such as mobile phones and tablets. As for the latter, we can find all kinds, from Apple's most powerful and expensive iPad, through Android tablets with the best value for money and ending with those for children with parental controls. All of them will be on sale during Cyber ​​Monday, especially those of brands that already have a good price during the rest of the year.
  • El Corte Ingles: this chain of stores stands out for its fashion section, from where it gets its name. But it also offers other products, such as those that are related to electronics. Available in huge stores in cities and in its online version, El Corte Inglés has smartphones and tablets in its catalog, some that will have a better price during Cyber ​​Monday.
  • Worten: It is not as famous as some other specialized store, but Worten is a great option when what we are interested in is buying an item related to electronics. They arrive from Portugal, and operate in the neighboring country to the west and throughout Spain, which includes the islands. Their specialty and practically their reason for being is electronics, and everything they offer they do at a good price. That price will be even more interesting during Cyber ​​Monday, where we can find tablets of all kinds with discounts that will be difficult to refuse.
  • Media Markt: Have you ever heard or seen the slogan "I'm not stupid"? It is the one that Mediamarkt uses to convince us that buying in their stores is a smart move. They come from Germany and are specialists in electronic articles, so in their catalog we will find televisions, computers, vacuum cleaners, household appliances and others, to which are added the nowadays so popular smartphones and tablets. All this will be even better priced during Cyber ​​Monday, with discounts that, depending on what is chosen, could be cut to half.
  • Carrefour: from the neighboring country, but in this case the one we have to the north, Carrefour reaches us. Formerly known as Continente, they are department stores or hypermarkets where we can find practically any product, including food that we can buy any day. The prices it offers are usually good throughout the year, but they will be especially interesting in electronics items during Cyber ​​Monday, when and where buying a tablet will be a safe bet.

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