Prime Day

Amazon returns to the fray with a whole week of offers on tablets and graphic tablets that we want to share with you so that none of these bargains escape you.

For two days we will see a daily trickle of new sales so save us in your favorites so you can see the discounts that are available every day. Below is a selection of the best Prime Day 2023 deals on tablets:

Best deals on Huawei tablets for Prime Day

Huawei has become one of the favorite tablet brands for many. In addition to the hardware, the fantastic connectivity, and the quality of its designs and finishes, it also stands out for having quite competitive prices. Even more so if you take advantage of Amazon's Prime Day to acquire one of these, since there will be discounts that can range from a few euros to 20% or more.

If you are looking for a tablet that will not disappoint you, with great performance, an updated operating system, and with bargain appreciation premium details, like your sound system, your screen resolution, or the quality of your camera, etc.

Best deals on Samsung tablets for Prime Day

Prime Day is approaching, and all users with a subscription to this Amazon service will be able to get a Samsung tablet with a good percentage discount. A great opportunity to buy one of the models from this South Korean firm that ranks as one of the best alternatives to the Apple iPad.

Samsung stands for advanced technology, powerful hardware, updated versions firmware and Android, a good technical service and a multitude of compatible accessories with which to complement these devices, such as external keyboards, the S-Pen digital pen, wireless speakers and much more.

Best iPad Deals for Prime Day

Apple has one of the best tablets on the market, with remarkable reliability, fantastic performance, optimized software, the latest technology, extreme quality in terms of its camera, sound, screen and finishing materials, as well as one of the best autonomies that you will find. However, the iPad is one of the most expensive devices.

That is why you should take advantage of Amazon Prime Day, since you are going to be able to find offers on these devices with discount percentages that will transform them into one of the best opportunities of the year to get one of them.

Best deals on Xiaomi tablets for Prime Day

Xiaomi is one of the most powerful Chinese brands, and with more sub-brands and branches that span a multitude of areas, from mobile devices to household items. Now you also have their tablets available on Amazon.

And the positive thing is that Prime Day will bring them to you for much less, with discounts of up to 20% in some cases.

An opportunity to acquire your Xaomi tablet to make it much more affordable. And don't hesitate, get yours now to enjoy the digital summer with these tablets...

Best deals on Chuwi tablets for Prime Day

The Chinese brand Chuwi has managed to position itself as one of the most sold thanks to its low cost, careful design (they look like Apple clones), and the quality of its finishes, as well as some very remarkable details of this type of tablet. In addition, you can also count on some models that move away from the ARM-Android binomial and bet on x86-Windows 10.

With Prime Day you can find these teams even cheaper, even those that come with the entire accessory pack included (external keyboard, stand, and digital pen).

Best deals on Teclast tablets for Prime Day

Teclast is another of the Chinese firms that are achieving better sales figures in stores like Amazon. And they not only stand out for its low price, they have also gained popularity thanks to their good quality, performance and robust design.

On Prime Day you will have a wonderful opportunity to get an even cheaper Teclast tablet. So you will be equipped with a device that has an IPS panel, powerful 8-core processor, updated Android operating system and, best of all, LTE connectivity (something you will not find in others with such low prices).

Best deals on Surface tablets for Prime Day

Microsoft has also wanted to compete against Apple and Samsung, becoming a benchmark for the most powerful tablets with functions and features that make them also ideal for business environments. They stand out for having high-performance hardware even for gaming, a magnificent battery life, and great reliability.

All that seasoned with the Windows operating system 10, which implies being able to install all the software compatible with this system, as well as access to a huge video game catalog. Obviously, these tablets usually have a high price, given everything they offer, but the Prime Day discounts will mean that you do not have to give up this jewel of technology.

Best deals on Amazon Fire tablets for Prime Day

Of course, Amazon also has its cheap tablets line. The Fire HD are among the best-selling models for their low price, their perfect integration with the services of this platform (Alexa, Prime Video, Music, Photos, Kindle,…), updated FireOS operating system, and quite decent features.

And if they already have attractive prices, on Prime Day they will throw the house out the window with very prominent discounts on all its technological products, allowing you to purchase one of these tablets with discounts that can reach up to 45%.

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Remember that many of these offers will only work for a limited period of time so if you are interested in any of the products that appear on this page, buy it as soon as possible to ensure the reduced price.

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What is Prime Day

Prime Day is a commercial event in which Amazon, one of the most important online stores in the network, offers us thousands of products at a reduced price. Offers are available only for Prime users, what were previously known as "Premium". Among the items with a cut price we can find anything, such as electronic products, clothing or related to sports and health. The offers are "flash" type, which means that they will be available for a limited time, so it is worth keeping an eye on what is new that appears.

When is Prime Day 2023 celebrated?

This year 2023, Prime Day will be celebrated on October 10 and 11. In those days we will see many offers on tablets but only on this page you will find a selection of the best.

How long is Amazon Prime Day?

Last year lasted two days, so if they do not make changes to the 2023 promotion, Prime Day will last two days. So we can confirm it with the official date of Prime Day.

Of course, some of the offers announced during Prime Day may also last several more days, so we recommend that you take a tour and review if all have expired or are still in force to take advantage of the discount.

Is it a good time to buy a tablet on Prime Day?

Yes it is. Prime Day is an Amazon event as important as, for example, Black Friday. There is no maximum or minimum discount, but there are cases in which we can find a tablet at half price or with a discount of 40%. I would not like to excite anyone but, taking into account that items are offered with an even greater discount, the possibility of finding a tablet with a discount of 60-70% cannot be ruled out.

Among the tablets that we will find on offer we will have famous brands, such as the iPad (Apple), Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi or Sony and also others of "white label". It should not surprise us that the percentage of discount depends on the brand and model of the tablet, and by this I mean that it is difficult for us to find a last generation iPad with a great discount, but it is easier if the tablet is Huawei or the mentioned white label. In any case, if acquiring a tablet is not something urgent, it's worth waiting for Prime Day and see what they offer us.

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