Tablets to give at Christmas

This Christmas, finding the ideal gift is easier than ever, and it is that telephones and computer equipment are the most attractive and the most interesting thing to acquire and give away on these dates when it is common to see sales and offers. In addition, technological products are something that everyone likes, from children to the elderly, who are beginning to understand mobile phones and computers better, beginning to use them.

Both for young and not so young, these types of products are interesting and everyone can take advantage of the advantages and benefits that they can bring to their life. Whether for studies, for leisure and entertainment, to play, to work or to read and enjoy any type of content. Technology has changed our lives and has revolutionized the market and the industry. In this way, it is common that the best Christmas gifts are those that are related to mobile devices.

Best tablets for Christmas

And within the wide range and sector of mobile devices, there is a product that for years has been highly desired and purchased. During this time, companies have continued to develop their capabilities and functions, as well as integrating better components and making them more practical. We are talking, as it cannot be otherwise, about tablets. And it is that there are so many and as varied as brands in the market of technology companies. Each company has options with a series of specifications and a diversification that is usually divided between tablets for general use and tablets for professional use. On this scale, and taking into account the different prices and options, we will see below the 5 best tablets on the market that we will find this Christmas and that will be the perfect gift for a friend, a relative, our partner or even ourselves, who we deserve it.

Let's see the 5 best tablets to give at Christmas, with different operating systems and from different brands. And the first that we will analyze and comment on will be the BQ Aquaris M10.

A Galaxy Tab

This 10,1-inch tablet has all the experience of tablets in an inexpensive and powerful model, bringing curious and interesting specifications in a medium-sized tablet with a simple and attractive design. For starters, it brings a 10,4-inch screen, resolution 2000 × 1200 pixels with the 16: 9 format and a body weighing 476 grams, which is not much for a tablet of this size, with dimensions of 24,76, 15,7 x 0,7 x XNUMX cm, that is, it is practical and handy, very portable and easy to use for any user, whether they are children with small hands or an average adult, they will have no problem using it naturally.

In terms of power, it has 2 GB of RAM, which is very good in this type of tablet, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor at 2Ghz, which, although not the best on the market, will give a good performance and a good satisfying user experience. Finally, we must know that it has the Android operating system, and a price of about € 200. Also, you can choose between this tablet model with more capacity and even with 4G + Wifi, instead of the version with only Wifi, which would be the basic one.

Huawei Mediapad T5

This tablet is not as big as the one we have seen in the previous paragraph, although it is not far from it either. And it is that it brings 10,1 inches, which is quite good for this size of devices. A positive point it has for its screen is that the frames are a little smaller than those of the BQ Aquaris M10, so it gives the feeling of having a larger screen, even if it is not, and it becomes more comfortable to use. and a little less heavy. Its dimensions would be the following: 23 x 0,8 x 16 cm, with a weight of 458 grams. That is, it is very similar to the previous one, obtaining a slightly lower weight and a slightly smaller size. You will not notice the difference in terms of lightness, but perhaps in frames and screen. If we talk about power and performance, we talk that it brings a Quad-Core Kirin 659 processor up to 1,4 GHz, accompanied by a 3 Gb RAM. In this sense, it is a more powerful than the BQ model that we have discussed .

Its screen has a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, that is, somewhat higher than Full HD resolution. In this sense, it is a point above the BQ Aquaris 10, although being a screen with much higher resolution, the resolution is more pleasant and better. Finally, we comment on its operating system, which is also Android, worse in a higher version more updated. The Huawei Mediapad T5 10 tablet includes Android 8, which offers better performance and superior news than version 5 that the BQ Aquaris brought. For all this, it seems to us a better option to give this Christmas.

Lenovo Tab M10

We are facing a very different tablet from the previously seen and from the very concept of a tablet that we have in mind. And it is that, although it does not include an integrated keyboard, it can be connected to one, like many other tablets, it has a foot with an extra camera that allows not only to make video calls and record, but also to support the tablet easily and handle it more easily. Its screen is 10,1 inches and its dimensions are 24,3 x 0,8 x 16,9, with a weight of 480 grams. In that sense, it is slightly heavier than the previous ones, but its battery and performance are interesting. It promises up to 18 hours of use and includes a Qualcomm Snapdragon 429 processor

The interesting thing about this tablet is that it is easy to adapt or turn into a laptop if you connect an external keyboard via bluetooth or USB. However, it does not have enough power for certain professional or advanced tasks, for which it would be necessary to have a higher level and range tablet. Therefore, now we will take a leap in price and performance of the tablets and we will see other options that, although they are not very expensive, have a higher price and bring improved and more advanced specifications.

Huawei Mediapad T3

This Huawei tablet offers us a 9,6-inch IPS Full HD screen, for a more pleasant user experience, both to use apps and social networks and to consume content, watch videos and enjoy the tablet, or even work . You can choose between the Wifi model or the Wifi + 4G model, to enjoy a wireless connection anywhere. Its operating system is Android Nougat 7, and it has a front and rear camera, the latter being 5 MP.

Its processor is an Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon up to 1,4 GHz, being similar to those seen above, only that having 2 Gb of RAM presents better performance. It weighs no more than 458 grams and is no more than 17,3 centimeters, so although it has a nice big screen, it becomes pleasant to use and does not become heavy or annoying. It has an easy grip and comfortable use. It is a highly recommended Android tablet at a lower price of approximately € 120

Now let's see the last of the list of the best tablets to give at Christmas.

Apple iPad Air

It is the last due to its high price compared to the rest of those named and because it is the only one on this list that does not include the Android operating system, but rather iOS. We are talking about Apple's mid-range tablet, which ensures great user satisfaction and a complete experience in terms of battery, performance, design and use. The 4th generation iPad Air, also known as the 2020 iPad Air, is a 10,9-inch tablet with the classic Apple design and its own operating system that allows you to use several apps at the same time, watch videos in the background and much more.

A tablet that, although it is not aimed at the professional sector, has enough power to work with it and play any game or perform any action. Its software and hardware are tightly integrated for the full experience. In addition, it is updated from time to time including security and functionality news, as well as design changes. A highly recommended tablet that has one of the most attractive prices seen in the iPad by Apple

These are the 5 best tablets to give at Christmas. A safe and practical gift that always works and that everyone loves.

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