How to format a tablet

When you have a tablet, there is probably a specific time when it needs to be formatted. The reasons that cause a user to have to format their tablet can be varied. But it is important to know how this can be done, if necessary.

So that know how you can format a tablet. Whether you have Android or another operating system. The steps may be different. But below is the way in which it is possible to do it.

When to format a tablet

how to format a tablet

There are some situations in which you can be convenient to format a tablet. Although it should be said first, that the fact of formatting it supposes that all the data that is in it is eliminated. Therefore, it is important to have made a copy of this data first.

May you want to sell said tablet on a certain moment. Therefore, it is convenient to erase all the data that is in it, so that the person who buys it does not have access to any information from the previous owner.

If there are malfunctions with it, formatting may help to resolve them. Since when this is done, the tablet returns to the original state, with which it left the factory. So the problems cease to exist. This can also be used in case there is any virus or malware that is causing problems in its operation.

Also if it turns off constantly or has been completely blocked, formatting can be a way to get it back to the original state and working again. Although there are cases in which it can mean the loss of the data that is on the tablet itself.

Format a tablet, how do you do it?

Below are the steps to follow to format a tablet. You may have one with Android, an iPad or one with Windows 10. The steps to follow in both cases are explained.

Format Android tablet

format android tablet

In the event that what you have is an Android tablet, there are two ways to carry out formatting in the same. Although it depends on whether or not you have access to it in a normal way. Because there may be cases where the tablet cannot be used. What makes the process different.

In case the tablet can be used normally, it is necessary to enter the settings of the same. Within the settings on an Android tablet there is usually a section called factory data reset. It depends on the model or version of the operating system, since in some cases it is seen directly in the settings. While on other occasions you have to enter a section.

By selecting this option, everything on the tablet will be deleted and it will return to its original condition. When it starts up again it will be as if it came from the factory.

If you do not have access to the tablet normally, you have to enter the recovery mode, as in the case of Android smartphones. What you have to do is keep the power and volume up buttons pressed. There may be tablets in which it is the volume down button, it depends on the brand. When doing this, after a few seconds a logo usually appears or the tablet vibrates. You have to keep pressed still, until a menu appears on the screen.

It is the recovery menu, where we have several options on the screen. One such option is Factory Reser / Wipe Data or restore, it depends on the language and the model. It assumes that everything in it will be deleted. You can move between the options with the volume up buttons and thus select that option. The tablet will then be fully formatted.

We recommend that once formatted, proceed to update Android tablet to get the latest enhancements and avoid any glitches.

Format iPad

format ipad

As in the case of Android, with an iPad there are two ways to be able to delete all the data. Therefore, users can choose the one that suits them best, depending on their particular situation. As with Android, the advice is to have a backup of the data on the tablet before starting the process.

The first one is the simpler of the two. You have to enter the iPad settings and then you have to enter the general section. Within this section, among the available options, one of them is to reset. In this section you must then click on the option to delete contents.

This begins the process of formatting the device. In some cases, before starting the process, asks for the password or Apple ID code. So you have to enter it to be able to format it. If not, it is not possible.

The second way is using the computer. To do this, you have to have the most recent version of iTunes installed on it, otherwise it is impossible. Then, open iTunes on your computer and connect the iPad to it using the cable for it. There are cases in which the message Trust this computer? or ask for the code. In any case, you have to accept or enter the code.

Then select the iPad in iTunes. Normally, the program detects the device and its data appears on the screen. On the screen, where the iPad data is, one of the options is to restore, on a blue button. You will then be asked to confirm if this is really what you want to do.

Therefore, you just have to give it to accept and the formatting process will start. So all the data on the iPad will be deleted. Returning in this way to the same state with which it left the factory.

Format Windows 10 tablet

format windows tablet

Finally, if you have a tablet with Windows 10, the process is identical to that carried out on a computer. Since you have to enter the configuration of the tablet. There we get a few sections. Must enter the so-called Update and security.

Then there is a menu on the left side of the screen. One of the options in it is called recovery. We click on this section and the PC reset options. Then you have to click on the button on the screen.

One of the advantages of formatting the tablet is that if it is due to a malfunction, formatting is allowed but without deleting the data. The user is asked at all times which method he wants to choose.

If you plan to format a tablet to leave it at the factory because you are going to buy a new one, do not hesitate to visit our website to buy cheap tablets because we advise you to choose the model that best suits your needs.

How to format a tablet by brand

reset tablet

At format a tablet and leave it without personal data, or settings, apps, etc., as when it came from the factory, you can follow these steps depending on the brand you are using:

  • Samsung: to format a Samsung tablet you must go to Applications> Settings> General> Backup and reset> Factory data reset> Reset phone> then enter your PIN or password and press Continue. Finally, it will ask you if you should Delete everything, accept and the process will begin. When finished it will restart.
  • Lenovo: With your tablet turned on, go to Settings> Factory data reset> it will show you a warning> Reset tablet> and it will start the process and end up restarting when complete.
  • Huawei: to reset this tablet you must enter Settings or Settings> Privacy> Factory Data Reset> then the formatting process begins and it resets to the factory settings.
  • Amazon: for this brand you can go to Settings> Device options> Restore default settings> Reset. Now the process starts and once reboot, FireOS will be completely clean.

Before proceeding, you should make sure you have a Backup of the data that you do not want to lose.

Can you format a tablet with the buttons?

format tablet with buttons

If possible format using buttons. This is advantageous when the operating system is unresponsive or settings cannot be accessed for some reason. In that case, you can use this other procedure:

  1. Turn off your tablet, if it was on. If you see that the screen is not responding and has been frozen in black, you can hold the power button for 10 seconds to force it off.
  2. Press the volume up button and the power button at the same time for a few seconds.
  3. Wait until the logo appears on the screen.
  4. Release the power button and keep pressing the volume up button.
  5. Then the Android recovery system menu will appear. Release the volume button, you can now use the volume +/- buttons to move through the menu.
  6. Select the Wipe Data / Factory Reset option and validate with the power button.
  7. Finally, wait for your tablet to restart to its factory state.
  8. Now you will have the tablet formatted and ready to use. But you will have to configure, install the apps again, etc.

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  1. How do I format an Android tablet as if it were Windows, it's understandable, I want to reinstall the system because I think it's a virus that drives her crazy at times. And I've already tried all the methods and none of them work. Thank you

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