Connect tablet to TV

It is possible that on occasion you want to connect the tablet to the TV. In this way, you can see the content on the screen of said tablet on the television. It can be a good option to take into account when wanting videos or photos, which will be seen in a better way with higher resolution on the television.

For users interested in achieving this, there are a number of ways available. In this way, said tablet can be connected to a TV without too many complications. The way will depend on the two devices. We tell you what options are currently available:

By WiFi (without cables)

The first of the ways can be used is through WiFi, so it would not be necessary to use any type of cable in this process. Smart TVs currently arrive with WiFi for the most part, which allows them to connect to the Internet and access applications in this way. It is a method that can be used in this case. What you have to do is install the TV app on the tablet. On the website of the manufacturer of your television there is always information about it.

So when you want to connect this device, to see something on the TV screen of the tablet, you just have to open the app. This will allow you to send the desired content to the TV screen without too much trouble. If there is no official app, you can use third-party apps, such as Miracast or DLNA, which can be downloaded to an Android tablet without any problem.

In case the TV does not have WiFi, it can be achieved with devices like Chromecast. Since these types of devices make the TV smart. Having then the Chromecast app on the tablet, with which to control the device, you can send the content you want to see on the TV screen. So it will depend on whether or not you have a television that has a WiFi connection. Although the vast majority of current models have.


Another of the most classic ways in this sense is to use an HDMI cable. In this case, you have to check that the tablet has a micro HDMI type connector. Since if it does not have it, it will not be possible to use this method to connect it to the television in question. If you have it, you will only need to use a cable that will allow you to connect the two devices.

In many electronics stores, both online and physical, is possible buy this type of cables. One header is the HDMI, which is to be connected to the TV. While the other side is the micro HDMI, which has to be connected to the tablet. In this way, when they have connected, it will be possible to see everything that appears on the tablet screen on the TV screen.

Although it is a method that works perfectly, in addition to being very simple, there is a negative aspect. Since most of the tablets currently on the market they do not have such a micro HDMI connector. It is rare to see models with the same. So it is an option that has a limited scope. But if you have a tablet that has it, don't hesitate to make use of this option.


Lastly, we can make use of a USB cable when connecting a tablet to a TV, in the case that it is a Smart TV. What has to be used in this case is a cable that has a USB connector, either USB-C or micro USB at one end, to connect to the tablet and at the other end an HDMI, so that it can be connected to the TV.

You can easily find these types of cables in stores like Amazon. Although for it to work, the tablet has to be MHL compatible. It is a standard that allows you to send the audio and video signal to the television. In this way, you can make use of this cable, with which you can connect the TV and the tablet.

In the specifications of a tablet it usually appears if it is compatible with MHL. The cables that are USB on the one hand and HDMI on the other hand are always MHL compliant. So in this sense they are not going to have problems.

To old TV without HDMI

mhl to vga and hdmi adapter

This is the same situation, in case you don't have a Smart TV, you have to use a cable to connect the tablet to your TV. You have no other alternative in this regard. Although it is common that there are old televisions that do not have HDMI. Which forces you to look for new methods. It is a somewhat more complex process, but it can work in most cases.

If the tablet is compatible with MHL, which is discussed in the next section, an MHL to HDMI adapter would be needed. So that such a connection can be made. Also then said HDMI cable would have to be connected to the VGA, since the television, being old, does not have an HDMI connector.

The process in this case would be a bit more complex, although it should work. There is another way that we can also use in this regard. What we have to do is:

  1. Connect the end of the cable with microHDMI to the tablet and the HDMI end to the converter / adapter.
  2. Then connect the RCA cable to the converter according to the order of the colors (red with red, white with white and yellow with yellow).
  3. The other end of the RCA cable has to be connected to the TV, which should have this connector. In case you don't have it, you have to use an RCA scart adapter for it.
  4. Finally, connect the converter via microUSB to a power outlet. It can be a DTT that has USB or a video that has an input for it.

You can see that it is something more complex, but it will allow you to see on the television what is on the screen of the tablet at all times.

How to connect tablet to Samsung TV

connect tablet to samsung tv

The best or most reliable way to connect a tablet to a TV is by middle of a wire. The part of the cable that connects to the tablet will depend on the model of the tablet, but on the other part there is usually an HDMI connector. What we have to do if we want to connect our tablet to a Samsung TV by means of a cable is to look at the type of connection we have on the tablet and TV, buy a compatible cable and connect them physically. Later, on the TV we will have to choose the correct input, which can sometimes be AVx and sometimes HDMIx, in both cases the "x" being a number. In this way, what we will see on TV is everything we see on the tablet.

On the other hand, we can also connect our tablet to a Samsung TV without cables. One option is to buy a device like the chromecast from Google, which is a device that, among other things, will allow us to reflect part of the activity of our tablet on television. This will not be necessary if our TV is a Smart TV with an operating system that includes a similar function. If the Samsung TV uses the Android operating system, it already includes the Chromecast function included by default and to reflect our tablet on it we will only have to use compatible software and touch the chromecast icon to submit the content. If, for whatever reason, it fails us when sharing, one option is to install the application on TV Airscreen, which is compatible with wireless sharing systems such as Miracast, Google's Chromecast and Apple's AirPlay.

How to connect tablet to LG TV

connect tablet to tv lg

As with any TV, the best or most reliable way to connect a tablet to an LG TV is using a compatible cable. What we have to do is check the tablet and TV ports and buy a compatible cable. Later, on TV we have to choose the correct video input, which can be AVx or HDMIx. Once in the correct entry, what we will see will be everything that appears on our tablet, which ensures that we can see all kinds of content without restrictions. The problem, of course, is that we will not be able to manipulate the tablet remotely.

If we don't want to use any cables, we can connect a tablet to our LG TV without them. Google's Chromecast is a small «dongle» that connects to an HDMI port on our TV and allows us to send certain content from our device to the TV. If the LG TV has an Android operating system, the option to send content (Chromecast) is included by default. Sending the content in this case is as simple as using a compatible app and touching the «Chromecast» icon. The content will be reflected in an instant. As we have explained previously, if the official system fails us, we can also install the AirScreen application.

connect tablet to tv

There are also LG smart TVs with the operating system webOS. This operating system, much less powerful than Android TV but much better than others such as Opera, includes by default support for Miracast, so we can connect our tablet to the TV using this protocol. For this we only have to:

  1. On TV, we choose the app «Screen Share».
  2. On the tablet, we open the Miracast-compatible app.
  3. Also on the tablet, we choose our TV and choose «Connect».
  4. On TV we have to accept the connection. In some cases, it will ask us to enter a PIN on the tablet or TV. The most common is that we have to enter it on the tablet.
  5. Finally, we send the content. As soon as the television detects that we are sending content, it will show it without us having to do anything else.

Another option is to download the Video & TV Cast for LG app on the tablet and on the TV Cast TV and synchronize following the simple instructions.

Connect tablet to TV as a pendrive or external memory hard drive

To use the internal memory or SD of your mobile or tablet like a pendrive or external USB memoryWhat you should get is a USB cable compatible with the socket on your tablet, which must be microUSB or USB-C if it is one of the latest models.

The other end of the cable should be USB-A male, and connect it to one of the empty USB ports on your TV.

Thus, a message should appear on the screen recognizing the memory so that you can access the gallery of photos, videos, or music on your tablet to view it on the screen. Even on some televisions, such as those based on Android or Android TV Box, they can also allow you to pass apps to install them through the apk, store data, etc.

Connect iPad tablet to TV by AirPlay

connect ipad to tv

If you have an Apple device, such as an iPad tablet, you can use AirPlay technology to transfer or share your screen on your TV (both iPad and TV must support AirPlay). The procedure Step by Step it's simple:

  1. Connect the tablet and the Smart TV to the same WiFi network.
  2. Search for the video or content that you want to view on your iPad.
  3. Now, once you have it playing, play AirPlay. In many apps it is visible, it is like a screen with a triangle. In others, like Photos, it will be in the Share menu.
  4. Then select the Apple TV or Smart TV you want to send it to.
  5. It will start to display the content on the big screen. And to stop streaming, just tap the AirPlay icon again.

In case of simply wanting mirror screen, and not transmit, the steps are:

  1. Connect the tablet and the Smart TV to the same WiFi network. Both must be AirPlay compatible.
  2. Open the Control Center app on your tablet.
  3. There, look for and touch the Duplicate screen option, which is an icon like a double screen.
  4. Now select the Apple TV or Smart TV from the list.
  5. If you see an AirPlay code appear on the TV screen, enter the passcode that you use on your iPad.
  6. It will start to display the content on the big screen. And to stop sharing, just go back to the Duplicate Screen icon in Control Center and tap again.

App to connect tablet to TV

There are some apps to connect to a SmartTV compatible, usually by Bluetooth. There are also mobiles with IR that can be used as a remote control. Some of the most common existing apps can be LG Remote Control, they accept voice control from Alexa or Google Assistant, etc. If you have an Android-based TV, you can also use the tablet as a BT control with numerous Google Play apps.

Of course, you also have other wiring connection systems making use of certain converters, specific cables, etc. To do this, you should meet the following requirements:

  • That your tablet has USB or HDMI connection on your tv.
  • Support for MHL both on your TV and on your mobile device. MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) it is a link technology with which to visualize what is happening on your tablet screen on the TV.
  • Have a cable for the link. It can be from microUSB of the mobile to HDMI for the TV (compatible with MHL), or USB to HDMI. In any case, the connection is extremely simple, you connect the two ends of the cable, one to the tablet and the other to your TV to the correct port, and the content of the tablet will begin to be seen on the TV screen.

Some modern tablets include additional ports such as microHDMIIn that case, you can use a straight cable with a microHDMI end and the other HDMI for your TV.

There are even other connectivity technologies such as Apple AirPlay. This protocol was created by Apple to allow the exchange of data between devices such as the iPhone, iPod, or iPad and a television or stereo that supports it. This technology works with WiFi and is easily activated from the control center with the option Screen mirroring.

As an alternative you will find Google Chromecast, which is a device that you can connect to your TV to send content from your mobile, tablet or PC. For example, if you are playing a video game or watching a video, you can “share” (Send my screen) the screen of your mobile device with the TV to see it larger.

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