My tablet does not turn on What to do?

Do you know your Android or Tablet well? Then you will know - perhaps too well - that it has very few buttons; There is only one way to turn it on, and that is to press the power button (obvious right?), but this is not working. Don't panic! The devices Android or other operating systems They sometimes refuse to turn on or illuminate their screen, so your phone or tablet is most likely not broken. There are some very easy ways to make your device turn on again, and with this little guide you can most likely fix it.

My tablet does not turn on

If our tablet does not turn on, most likely it has a hardware problem. In other points of this article there is more information about it, but if our tablet does not turn on we must carry out the following checks:

  • The first thing we will try will be force a reboot. Personally, I would not bet that this was the solution, but it is a possibility. With bad luck, what we have in front of us is a locked tablet, which will cause neither the LED nor the screen to show any activity. What we have to do is look at the instructions of the tablet how to force a restart or, if that information is not there, we can always look in Google.
  • Does it have a battery? These types of questions seem silly, but they are not. If we are clueless, it is not crazy to think that we are trying to turn on a device that has zero battery. If this is the case, no matter how much we press the power button or try to apply other solutions, it will not turn on. Do not insist. What you have to do whenever a device does not turn on is to make sure that it has enough energy to do so. The first thing we will do is connect the tablet to a power outlet to start charging. Depending on the brand, we will see activity immediately or after several minutes.
  • If we have tried to force a restart, we have connected the tablet to a power outlet and it still does not work, you probably have a hardware problem, so it is best to take it to a specialized center to have it repaired, although you should read the rest of this article first.

My tablet won't turn on or charge

my tablet does not charge

In the previous point we have explained some reasons why a tablet might not turn on. But what if neither load? We must check the following:

  • Does it load or not load? That is, that we believe that it is not charging does not mean that it is not really charging. Every electronic device has different components and one that could be failing is the screen. With this explained, we can try to find out if the screen is what is failing, for example, trying to turn on the tablet and touching the buttons that, in the case of our tablet in particular, would cause it to show an audio warning. For example, in tablets with a virtual assistant, we can launch it to see if it speaks to us. Another thing we can try is, whenever possible, connect the tablet to a monitor. If we see something, it is likely that the problem is on the screen of our tablet.
  • If our tablet does not turn on and does not show any sound, it may be that it really cannot be charged. It is more than likely that Mini-USB / HDMI port is broken, which prevents power from reaching the battery. This is somewhat more common than we would like and is one of the reasons USB-C was created.
  • Another option is that the battery is deteriorated, something that is solved by replacing it. If the tablet has a replaceable battery system, this is something we can do ourselves. If not, we must take it to a specialized center to have it replaced.

That a tablet stays in the logo may be the best news among the problems that do not allow us to access the device. Staying at the logo means that the screen is working, has a battery, or that the battery is working and most likely there is no hardware failure. In other words: we are seeing the logo because something in the operating system has failed and cannot start. If the fault is software, we will fix it by repairing the software.

What we must do will depend on the brand and operating system, so we must go to the support page of our tablet and follow the instructions provided there. Usually what we will have to do is download the operating system and install it from a computer. Each company can offer us a tool for this, so it is important to follow the specific instructions of the model of our tablet.

My tablet does not turn on the screen

my tablet does not turn on

If we are manipulating our tablet, we hear activity and the screen does not show anything, we may have a software or hardware problem. We will carry out the following checks:

  • The first thing to do is turn up the brightness. It may seem silly, but with the number of tablets on the market and taking into account that this article is general, the possibility that we have a tablet whose minimum brightness shows the screen completely black cannot be ruled out.
  • If the tablet offers the option, we will force a reboot. In Apple tablets, they solve 80% of small problems, and this could be a "small" problem that would be fixed in a minute if the screen is failing due to a bug. If our tablet does not have the option to force a restart, we will force it off and then turn it on again. Many electronic devices will turn off completely if we press its power button for several seconds, sometimes there are 8, sometimes 20 ... We just have to hold it down for a while and then press it again to see if it turns on.
  • If forcing a restart does not solve anything, it is best to restore the operating system. Each tablet can be restored in one way, but almost all of them can be restored from a computer with a tool provided by the same company.
  • If we have restored and the tablet still does not show activity on the screen, it is most likely that it has a failure in the video system. The best thing is to take it to a specialized center to have it repaired.

My tablet does not turn on, it just vibrates

This point is very similar to "My tablet won't turn on the screen." The only difference is that this time it does not play any sound either, but yes it vibrates. In this case, what we have to try is to activate the sound. If our tablet has a virtual assistant, we can try to launch it, since these assistants usually speak to us even with the tablet in silence. If you speak, we return to the point that explains what to do if the screen does not turn on.

Another possibility is that there is a software problem that is difficult to explain if we do not see anything on the screen. To eliminate all software problems, the best we can do is restore the tablet. If we restore it and it does not improve, we must take it to a specialized center to have it repaired.

My tablet does not turn on and heats up

Watch out. Yes, it is relatively normal for a device such as a smartphone or tablet to get hot when we are playing a demanding title; it is what ever thinner devices with more powerful components have to create. What is no longer so normal is that it heats up without turning on. That is to say: if it is stopped and we notice that it is heating up, the matter does not look very good. Most likely there is a battery problem, which is in bad shape.

A bad battery it's dangerous. There have been cases of famous brand phones where their phones would start to smoke and even start fires. If our tablet gets hot for no apparent reason, we can remove it, whenever possible, and clean it, especially the part where it connects to the tablet. If that doesn't fix anything, I would personally say "don't be the hero" and advise you to take it to a specialized center to have it repaired.

Other methods you can try if your tablet won't turn on

the best tablet

Press and hold the power button or remove the battery

It is possible, and also common, for Smartphones, Tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices to get stuck in the off mode. In such a state, the power button will not work - because the device is basically frozen. Currently, the most popular solution is to remove the battery, wait a few seconds, and reinsert it, then press the power button again.

This deprives the device of all energy and is a well-known and widely used practice among people who have or have had problems when turning on their mobile. It is better known as “disconnect and reconnect” in Spain, but in English-speaking countries it is known more as “energy cycle”. If your device has a removable battery, try this. It may solve your problem.

Of course, your device may not have a removable battery. IPhones are known for such features, for example. Still, luckily, there is an effective way to use the "power cycle" technique as well. You just have to press the power button of your device for about 10 seconds. If this doesn't work, try holding it down for a longer time. I know, very recurring. But it works in most cases. In addition, although 10 seconds is usually the time to turn on many devices, there are some that need around 30 or more.

"My Tablet won't turn on even after using the 'power cycle' technique?" Read on. It is not common, but do not think the worst yet.

Charge your device

"My Tablet does not turn on when I press the power button." May not have battery. Plug in your device and let it charge for a while before trying to turn it on again.

If your device's battery was completely drained, it may not turn on immediately after you turn it on, which will make you think that it does not even load. Be patient, leave the device for a little while, maybe a few minutes, before trying to turn it on again. After letting your tablet charge for a while, it should turn back on normally.

In some cases, you may have to combine the first and second method: Let it charge for a few minutes, then press the power button for about 10 seconds.

Perform a Factory Reset

If your device starts to turn on as normal, but is interrupted - perhaps the process fails, the device freezes, or immediately reboots or shuts down - there may be a problem with your device's software. In that case, pressing the power button for a while or charging it won't help. The first two methods only help with an unresponsive tablet or phone.

There is a somewhat hidden way to factory reset your Android device when it doesn't turn on the way it should. Note that This method will erase all the content of your Android device, restoring the settings it had when you bought it and thus returning to its standard state. I think that it should be used only in the worst case, when your device is unusable due to software that freezes or hangs every two by three, since you will lose everything that is not synchronized with other devices.

Keep reading to see more in detail how to solve. This is a small video showing the kind of screens with problems.

First, you will need to access the "recovery mode" of your device. Turn off the device completely, and then turn it on using any of the following button combinations:

  • Hold down Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Button.
  • Hold down Volume Up + Home Button + Power Button.
  • Hold down Home button + Power button.
  • Hold down Volume Up + Camera.

The combination will vary depending on device. If none of these work, try searching the internet for your device and "recovery mode" to find the correct combination. All devices have one - be Samsung o Bq - for security reasons. Give thanks to AndroidCentral for your info that we have translated.

Once the correct combination is used, your Tablet or mobile will light up with a screen with different options. Once you have them, use the volume buttons to move up or down through the menu and highlight "recovery mode." To select it you have to press the power button. Most likely, you will get a screen asking for confirmation that you want to restore the data. The procedure is the same: use the volume keys to scroll up and down through the different options and press the power button to select them.

With this method you will be doing the same thing that happens when format an Android tablet. Once restored, we recommend that update the tablet to avoid future mistakes.

"My Tablet does not turn on even trying to reset the data." If the third option does not work, it is most likely a battery problem. If you don't want or can afford a new device, you can always try to buy a new battery: I deduce that you want to keep the data you have in it.

What to do if my tablet does not turn on depending on the brand


galaxy tab s5, one of the best tablets

If our Samsung does not turn on, we will try the following:

  • We tried to force a reboot. Samsung has many tablets and it is likely that some will not restart in this way, but the normal thing is that we can force a restart to a Samsung tablet by pressing the volume button up and the off button for a few seconds, we wait for the logo to appear in screen and then we release. If the volume up + off combo does not work, we must press the off button for a few seconds to see if it turns off completely.
  • We restore the operating system from the PC. The system may vary depending on when you read this article, but the tool to carry out this type of procedure on a Samsun tablet is Choose. What we have to do is install the software AFTER connecting our tablet to the computer through the USB port, click on "Recovery Guide" and follow the instructions that appear on the screen (from the PC).
  • If with the above we still do not solve the problem, we must take the tablet to a specialized center to have it repaired.


Lenovo Tab4

If our Lenovo does not turn on, we will try the following:

  • We tried to force a reboot. Lenovo has many types of tablets on the market and among them we have some with Windows operating system and some with Android. In both cases, it is best to press the off button for 20s, release it and, after a few seconds, turn it on again.
  • We restore the operating system from the PC. This company's PC tool is called Lenovo MOTO Smart Assistant and we can download it from this link. We must connect our tablet to the PC, start the tool, go to the section of our device, choose the option to restore and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
  • If we restore and our tablet still does not turn on, we must take it to a specialized center to have it repaired.


If our iPad does not turn on, we must try the following:

  • Force a reboot. IOS devices work very well, but they are not bug-free. It is not the most likely, but an iPad not turning on can be due to a software problem and the first thing we have to do when we experience any failure is to force a restart. This is achieved by pressing the start button (or the volume down button if you don't have one) + the off button until you see the apple. At that moment, we release it and wait for it to start. If we don't see the apple, we move on to the next point.
  • We reinstall the operating system. We connect the iPad to a computer (in Windows and previous versions of macOS you must have iTunes installed. In Windows it is available from the Microsoft Store) while pressing the start button or the volume button down if we have an iPad with Face ID. The computer will detect that we have an iPad connected, will put it in recovery mode and offer us to restore it. We follow the indications that we see on the screen (of the computer).
  • That an iPad does not allow us to restore it and does not turn on is something very strange and unusual. If this is the case, it is best to call Apple so that they can give us the solution, which is probably to take it to a specialized center to have it repaired.


Asus ZenBook Flip

If our ASUS tablet does not turn on, we must try the following:

  • We will force a reboot or, in this case, a shutdown. We will press the power button for about 20s to make sure that the tablet is completely off. We turn it on again and see if the problem has been solved.
  • We reinstall the operating system from the PC. The tool of this company to restore your touch devices is called Asus Flash Tool and we can download it from this link. Once the tablet is connected, we start the software from the PC, go to the "Backup / Restore" section and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
  • If we restore the operating system and our tablet still does not show any activity, we must take it to a specialized center to have it repaired.

Maybe it's broken

tablet finder

The last and inevitable option if none of the above works is this. Nobody likes to hear it - or read it in this case - but if your device refuses to turn on even after everything, even after pressing the power button for a while, removing and replacing the battery and even with a new one, or charging it - or if it turns on but still does not work properly after Reset - is that it is spoiled.

my tablet does not turn on

What options do you have? We recommend you look at this guide in which we help you to know what tablet to buy We hope that the information is useful to you and that you have been able to solve the problem.

If you have come this far, it is that you still do not have it very clear

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  7. Hi Emilio,

    Have you tried all the solutions to this problem that we propose in the post? Tell us more and we will help you.


  8. Hello, my tablet is only 3 months old and I was using it and suddenly it started to turn off and turn on, turn off and turn on and it did not respond to anything and it turned off and it did not turn on any more than I do

  9. Hello Rosalía,

    It seems that it is a problem with the battery that is not able to store a charge. That is why it turns on and off continuously until it has definitively failed.

    You will most likely have to change the battery.

  10. Hello, my tablet does not allow turning on the camera, it appears. «The camera application has been stopped» and only leaves the option to accept.
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  13. Hello Sarai, if your tablet does not turn on and you bought it so recently, it is best to get your money back and buy another or replace it with another.


  14. Hi Martha,

    Does your tablet turn on when it is charging or not? If it is able to charge while it is connected with the cable but when disconnected it turns off, that means that the battery has completely died and you would have to change it for a new one.


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  17. Hello, I accidentally lowered the brightness of my Samsung tablet to zero and I desperately tried to restore it to factory settings through the buttons since there was nothing on the screen due to its vibrations, I knew that it restarted several times and it got very hot, then it turned off and has not reacted again, not with the charger, the laptop or the buttons, what can I do?

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